Thursday, May 06, 2010

My redneck past is nipping at my heels.

dressshirt 019dressshirt 002
I like the first photo for outfit better but my hair is better in the second one.
Dress shirt I think is too skimpy to wear as dress H&M 2007
Skirt I think was meant to be tube top H&M 2010
Red lace tank H&M
Necklace and bracelet Tiffany's
Shoes Marc by Marc Jacobs 2008
Earrings Craft Fair
dressshirt 018
marc jacobs red patent shoes

I gotta say I am not loving this. I am at work freaking out right this moment. I want to go home and change. I feel nakedish.

How do you calm yourself down when you already left the house in something you don't like?
Also what is for lunch?!

(ps. I am SO not nor ever would be considered a red neck. I am WAY too much of a yank. BUT I was listening to Ben Folds while writing this.)


Farmgirl said...

Your a Yankee Doodle Doll~ Just saying

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!!!! The red lips are the kicker- You look AWESOME!!!!!!

Distractedly Yours said...

I like that outfit. All the red touches are great!

I know what you mean about leaving the house in something you don't feel comfortable in though. Puts me in a bad mood.

Lunch is leftover chicken stir fry that I made last night. Nothing too exciting.

What lipstick are you wearing? It's pretty!

Jess said...

I actually love this look...I think it's really polished and somehow kind of old movie star-ish (not just because of the red lips either). I really, really, really love those shoes too. I hate that we don't have a Marc Jacobs store here in Dallas, it makes no sense to me.

I have been known to buy a new outfit at lunch if I hate what I am wearing THAT much...often times, though, I will just throw my favorite cardigan on over what I am wearing and that somehow comforts me enough that I calm down.

Lunch today will probably be cheap, something I pick up on the way back from buying the Dirty Dancing Keepsake Edition on Blu-Ray at Target!!! I cannot wait to own that.

Emily Kennedy said...

OH WHEW. I was like, *I thought she was British?!* Anyways.

Let's see. Mostly when I'm having a freakout moment at work about what I wore, I take many deep breaths and try to call to mind that I have an awesome wardrobe, a cute shape, and pretty excellent style. Just like YOU. You did not make any wrong choices here. You look completely adorable. Don't give into the anxiety voices. They're just talking crazy right now.

mansionmogul said...

I love this! It's so cute and your hair looks great!

hillary said...

You don't need a store.

distractedly Russian Red by MAC

thanks everyone. I need to turn my thinking around. Sadly it hasn't happened yet.

Lorena said...

You do not need to go back home and change.
Are you kidding ?! I think this looks great, it's just not what you would probably go to as a first pick :0)
For lunch I brought food from home: chicken, green salad and beans.
SInce I work in the financial area everything that surrounds us is super expensive...

D'Et said...

Is it the lack of leg covering that's making you feel nakedish? I think you look very pretty. You're totally rockin' it. I do know how that feels. I'm a weenie and only live, like, 4 minutes away from work so I actually do go change sometimes.

I like your hair today, too. The slightly wavy look totally works.

C Lo said...

Wow I really really love it. Really.

Lauren said...

Usually when I feel cruddy in an outfit, I remind myself that I bought the pieces of the outfit for a reason - because I thought they looked good on me - and I go about my day.

You look cute and put together. No worries here. :]

Chelsea said...

I LOVE this outfit on you, but I totally get feeling uncomfy in something all day and how much it fucking blows. Usually I just bide my time until the day is over, and then make up for it tomorrow. But for what it's worth, you look completely clothed, and adorable!

david said...

you look so nice in your pretty outfit. i totally get what you are saying but i completely disagree

Rachel said...

You do not look nakedish - you look really cute! Love the idea of a tight skirt under a shirt dress. Have been trying to figure out how to wear one that I love that my wonderful, helpful husband accidentally threw in the dryer and I think this idea will work so thank you for trying this today, even though it's made you uncomfortable.

As far as stopping the anxiety: You do not need to go change, read all these comments and realize that everyone else thinks you look great! If you have a cardi with you maybe throw that on and you'll feel more covered. Sounds silly but I always run my outfit's by my husband b/c he has excellent taste and will tell me if I'm inappropriately dressed so that I can avoid situations like this. Maybe call Dave and just say "was my outfit ok this morning or am I naked?" ***smiles***

Lunch is mozzarella sticks that are supposed to be baked in the oven but I'm gonna attempt to microwave *finger's crossed*

hillary said...

I run every single outfit past Dave he also takes all my pictures. I don't trust his judgment after the cleavage incident with the family reunion.

Kelly said...

I hate that you don't love this because as soon as I saw your picture I thought "that is totally adorable!!" because it is.

hillary said...

I think it has to do with it isn't "me" I remember last time I wore this "dress" two years ago I hated it all day.

Clare said...

Sad that you don't love this. I ADORE it. Seriously one of my faves. I think it's the color combo that I love so much, so maybe you could try it sometime with a different dress, since that seems to be what you don't like as much.

Sal said...

I'm with everyone else. I think this totally works and I adore it. But it's all down to your comfort in the end.

LaShaune said...

had the nekked issue on Tuesday - dress was WAAAAAY too short to be appropriate for work. Almost turned around 3 times to add tights - never did because its 90 degrees here. So I drove to work to avoid riding the bus with the greasey folks and I sat in my office almost all day.

The dress is now at the back of the closet.

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

You look great! But I think we all feel weird in outfits that actually look good sometimes. I sometimes ball up a pair of tights/leggings and put them in my bag if I'm wearing a short skirt or dress that I'm not sure about. But I have occasionally bought new clothes to change into (like the day I was wearing too tight jeans and they started riding up - eep!).

Cara said...

I think the problem lies in shirt dresses themselves! I have one that I always feel naked in, even when layered. All the skirts, slips and tights in the world don't make me feel any better about it.
And lunch today? It's a blustery just around freezing day here, so I threw my salad in the fridge at work for tomorrow, and grabbed a hot bowl of chili!

spygrl1 said...

wow, that is super-gorgeous! LOVE your hair!

When I feel uncomfortable in an outfit I: A) remind myself that no one else really cares as much as I do; B) remind myself that it's just one day and I will be home in pajamas soon; C) vow to never wear something again, honestly. I wore a shirt a couple of days ago that I think emphasizes my tummy bulge, and I feel so much better now that I have put it in the "to donate" stack. It is banished!