Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Morbid The Merrier ETSY shop Part Deux

Remember how I told you how much I loved my solid perfume from The Morbid The Merrier a few weeks ago? I was so impressed with my last order I placed another one! I had also read on the owner's blog she had lost her job so I thought it was the perfect time to get some things I had been eyeballing and support small business at the same time.

purpledress 220

I ordered 3 perfume samples in 5/8 dram in:

*Harlot Lip Balm in the flavor Funnel Cake

*Dessert Absinthe solid perfume oil in limited edition packaging.

The total with shipping was $20.30. Totally and insanely reasonable! She also included a bonus Harlot Lip Balm in Caramel Apple. Dude SHUT THE FRONT DOOR it is so yummy.

Lets do this in order. The perfume samples.

purpledress 225
I did have a slight issue with one of the samples leaking. It was so well wrapped that it didn't get on anything else but it did make the label sticky become, well not so sticky.

Described as "Sugary, spiced black tea, infused with mint and lemon, on a base of musky polished wood." Yes I agree. It is so hard to pin point. But seriously she is so good at describing her scents. I would be going "umm yeah so it's light but dark yeah ummm smells nice" I see this more as a confident day smell. It has that slight twang that says "I am BAD ASS but you can't define me, so just stop, no really stop. OK I mean it. I can hear you thinking!"

I think this is one of my favorite descriptions "I've been hesitant to let Winter go. I mean, I'm a bit tired of the rain, but not the cold air and smell of winter. I think Athelia was born of my hesitation to move forward to Spring. It's the blackest fig, accompanied by spice, wood smoke, earth and moss... softened and sweetened with lotus flower.
This one is definitely a love it or hate it. I can't decide where I fall. I know goes against my love it or hate it definition huh? OK so I LOVE it but I can see there being a day where I would smell it and hate it. It has a woods smell to it. Pineesque without being pine. It smells like how I imagine Waffle would smell if she walked around in late fall and stepped on pine needles and came back into a house with a fire going. Sweet and woody.

I saved the best for last. Barnum is described as "My tribute to the man himself. This is what I imagine a great showman like PT would smell like! A refined and dangerous blend of tobacco, musks, woods, and earth. Sensual, sexy, dark, but slightly sweet. " I gotta be honest. I first read Barnum and all I could imagine was circus animals, sawdust and sweat smell. (last time I went to the circus all I could think about is how sweaty all the performers costumes must smell. I get fixated) But after reading EVERY SINGLE scent description to Dave he picked this one out. I didn't tell him my mental picture. I was surprised because usually you say the word musk and Dave makes a face. You know the face, the "did someone fart?" face. I think this is honestly my new favorite perfume on the entire planet. DAMN I SMELL GOOD. I can't stop sniffling it. It is sweet but dark and exotic but not overwhelming or strong. I feel like I have smelled it before. I can't place where or what it reminds me of. I don't really care because it smells like wonderful. I plan to email her as soon as I am done and ask if she is gonna make it in a solid because I need this smell on me at all times. It makes me instantly smile.

purpledress 224

Harlot Lip Balm in Funnel Cake
Now I gotta be honest I am on the fence with this one. I honestly think because it smells like sugary fried food. I KNOW I KNOW it is named after a fried food what did I expect? I think the reason I am unsure about it is because it massages the "I WANT TO EAT DEEP FRIED GARBAGE" part of my brain I work so hard to shush. That said I applied it at least four times today and could be found with my lip up sniffing it at my desk at work. I am sure it was cute.

*Bonus* Lip Balm in Caramel Apple
Yes. Caramel Apples. Delicious. Yummy. I want a caramel apple. Like now. NOW NOW.

Dessert Absinthe solid perfume oil
Described as "I took my usual absinthe perfume oil and softened it with cream and sugar and soft citrus. Upon opening, the first notes are lemon, sugar, and anise - very reminiscent of a lemon sugar cookie. After wearing it for just a few minutes, however, the bottom notes emerge... woodsy, earthy, mysterious, and alluring. I created this perfume for those who prefer something softer and more feminine than traditional absinthe."
I have never had absinthe despite it's intense appeal because I am a baby and am convinced one sip would send me into a Van Gogh mania. My parents didn't need to give me the scared straight talks I freaked myself out enough as a child. I bought it because of two words.... LEMON SUGAR
I honestly didn't pay attention after that and completely skipped the word anise. I don't like anise to eat. But I do like to smell it apparently. I live in an Italian neighborhood filled with bakeries only filled with Italian confections. Each and everyone smells EXACTLY like this perfume. I love the smell but I don't like the taste. I have been fooled so many times by the pretty pizzelles only to take one bite, spit it out and hear Dave say "I told you, you don't like anise" The smell tricks me. Now I have the smell without the awful taste! Score. Also it is a solid so you can throw it in your purse without worry for spillage. It glides on and is nonsticky. The scent last a few hours. It does fade over time. Which just gives me a reason to reapply and hope someone sees it and says "why are you rubbing chapstick on your wrists?" Also $4.50? Can you beat that? No you can't so just buy it already.

In summary of my thoughts of The Morbid The Merrier, (I know world's longest review huh?) I am a VERY big fan. The quality is top notch and a great deal. The packaging is so awesome and is like unwrapping a little candy. (Everything was in papers but I ripped it all open before I thought to take a picture!) She also throws in candy! There was 2 more pieces but I had already nommed it by the time I got a picture.

So go check her out!

I was not compensated for my review and she doesn't even know about it. I am just a fan and believe you should support and promote small artists! (My mom makes her living as one! It is one of the hardest jobs running a small business)


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I hope they smell as good as they look


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great review and so true about supporting artists!