Sunday, May 23, 2010

Milani in I'm Online and Essie in Playa da Platinum

essie milani
I was so fond of my last Milani gold polish in "My Network" I went back for the rose gold color called "I'm Online"because I have a strong feeling they are gonna sell out. They are too awesome not to. Again it retails for about $4.99 depending on where you live and the color payoff is amazing but you are gonna have to trust me because I don't feel right posting a close up of my toes. I look at so many people's feet and think OH NO so I didn't really want to subject anyone else to mine. Maybe tomorrow when I wear sandals so it is just ALL TOES. ifyaknowwhatimean.

Essie Playa da Platinum,a very soft dove grey is part of the Resort Collection. This is a color my friend Megan clued me into. She texted a pic to me and I obsessed for a week until I could track it down. Essie is hard to find here for some reason. I got it at some weird beauty store in the mall. It retails for $8.00 Now I know Essie has great wear but I am continually disappointed that they typically need 3 coats. I am always so pleased with the colors that I tend to overlook the need for so many coats. They just get colors RIGHT.

I combined the above to colors and did a konadicure (you like that? I made it up the other day. Or I saw it somewhere, completely forgot I saw it then reinvented it myself like I am so clever)

I have to say honestly this is my favorite konadicure ever but also the hardest to photograph!

Metallic polishes are hard to show the sparkle and dimension. I was wicked cold sitting in the window trying to take these so I am a bit pruny please pardon that. (If you are wondering what a Konadicure is. Basically it is nail stamping. Check this link where I show you the pieces. Click here to see all my other konadicures. Insanely easy and takes under 5 minutes. Practice makes perfect when it comes to these. If my ADD 81 year old gram with arthritis can do it, you can too. So shush it with your "I have no patience" malarkey. I gotta say I will not approve comments like that. I despise them. The only things you are born knowing how to do........ Click here to see what I mean.) I am not linking you to the company because they pulled ALL DISCOUNT CODES internet wide and I am a bit miffed and don't really want to send them business. Just google for a small store if you want your own set. Or email me and I can link you to one.)

This time Daisyboo was trying to help.
I did get this beautiful picture of her while I was trying to take nail pics and she was refusing to move from my spot.


Kimberly said...

I have this same design on right now - did it last night! I have OPI's My Chihuahua Bites base with OPI's Purple w/ a Purpose in this design (a just purple on my toes).

I am going to have to grab some of these Milani polishes - they look like they work very well with Konad designs.

Kelly said...

bahaha I know what you mean about ugly toes. So many times I wonder "WHY did that person post that picture up here?" so I get super paranoid about posting my own. Of course that doesn't exactly stop me from doing it now and then (like my pink sparkle polish the other day) but I am fully aware the whole time that people might think my toes look weird or gross.