Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am burning up the sun just to say good-bye

(those are shorts, fancyish shorts)
I think this is a case of it is better in person.
Boyfriend Blazer Gap 2006? (no longer available)
Sailor shorts (they have those buttons up front) Ann Taylor Loft 2007or8 (no longer available)
Shirt Ann Taylor Loft 2008 (no longer available)
Marc Jacobs Sandals 2009 DSW for 80% off. Retailed for $425. (no longer available)
Ring Girlprops


Even at the $90ish dollars I paid these sandals were a bit spendy. But they are also work horses. I wore them most of last summer and since I put them away every night in a box they still look brand new. The quality on them is tops. These are something I feel will work in wardrobe for years. They aren't a trend and they are things I have consistently loved for years. Patent, hardware, wedge. I have only paid full price for one Marc Jacobs clothing item. It was a purse. Everything else has been minimum of 70% off. Hit up Gilt, Saks (they are a gold mine) DSW, RueLaLa all places to score designer on the cheap. For example these are VERY similar to mine at Yoox. (my heel is taller) OR you can set up a sale alert for a particular item you are waiting to go on sale here at Shop it to me.
marc jacobs black sandals detail of footbed

I stamped the Gold polish by Milani, I wore and reviewed here over a blue and I love how it came out.

After WEEKS of my mom telling me about them I finally got the goody spin pins. She would IM me the link to the video every few days. My thoughts? eh. I have done it 4 separate times and every time they fell apart. I think my hair might just be too heavy for them. Today it is soaking wet so I know it is hella heavy. I dunno I will keep using them but I don't feel comfortable telling you to go get some.

How is your week shaping up? It was nice to hear what other people do for skin problem. More people suffered from it than I thought. I guess they were like me and silently suffered. Here is another one for you. What do you do for your legs when you shave? I have tried literally everything on the market and every razor it always burns and leaves me with rashes. I have talked to aesthetician (sp) asking for suggestions and I just can't find the magic product. My legs are INSANELY sensitive. I can't even put anything on them the day I shave or it is like hot raging fire. Organic, commercial, conditioner, olive oil you name it I probably tried it. After 21 years of shaving my legs you think I'd know what the hell to do. I also cut my knee EVERY SINGLE TIME


Work With What You've Got said...

Oh!~ And I exfoliate with a sugar scrub RIGHT before I shave and then use conditioner as shaving cream that the MACH 4. That's the only combo of things that does not give me razor burn.

Work With What You've Got said...

I have fine hair, and the Goody Spin Pins are like magic for me. They work perfectly every time. But I can totally see they might not work on thick hair.

Heather said...

Super sensitive legs over here too. The best result I get is when I exfoliate my legs with a body or facial scrub or a rough face cloth. I then use mens shaving products - Gillette shave cream for sensitive skin with aloe and then I use the MACH blades - can't remember the number...usually three I think and it has a little aloe strip too. My legs get a bit of rash after this anyway but I find if I do my legs the night before and slather on a super thick cream (I've used cold cream but I usually have good luck with the Vaseline line) then by morning they are all soothed. Of course my sheets are usually gross from the cream but whatever.

hillary said...

I found the men's stuff to be like firey chemicals that physically burned me. BAD. I have one of those fancy men's shavers too and a woman's and an electric... I even tried organic unscented recently same damn result. URGH I can't go without because I apparently my 1/4 greek is stronger on my legs. :)

hillary said...

Erin I am thinking that is it because you're the third person who loved it and self described as fine hair. Not only is each hair I have thick I have a lot of them. My mom has normal hair but a lot of it. know what i mean?

Moni said...

I also get irritation from shaving, though mine is more related to ingrown hairs. I've switched to chemical hair removers, which work better. My leg hair grows fairly slowly and is reasonably close to my skin color, so I can get away with only doing it 1-2 times a week.

Rachel said...

LOVES the nail art. Great color combo!

I too use men's razors - I like the Gillette Fusion 5 blade b/c I get really, really bad ingrowns & shaving bumbs ***so embarrassing*** and it produces such a smooth, ingrown free shave. Have you tried men's razors for sensitive skin? I can understand the burning w/ the shave cream and moisture strip - but maybe the aloe strip on the sensitive skin kind would not burn???

I also use conditioner or body wash to shave with - try Dove conditioner or body wash since it is so soothing. I use Dial b/c of the antibacterial properties (again, ingrown hairs UGH) but I really think that would irritate you.

Or maybe Aveeno? Have you tried them? I use their oatmeal soaks during allergy season to help sooth awful skin allergies and their stuff is really good.

Lotion afterwards! Cerave is really good for sensitive skin issues. I'm using that new Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion and it's done wonders for irritation.

I also agree that exfoliating b/f shaving can help. I use an exfoliating scrubby since sugar scrubs are too rough on my skin.

Hope one of us helps you!

hillary said...

I find that dove it VERY harsh on me. I get red chemical looking burns. I should take a picture so I can bring it to a doctor because literally everything gives me a rash it seems. Dave uses dove though and it is soothing on his very sensitive skin. (eczema as part of his DH which is tactal celiac)

Aveeno has gluten in it. I have to be careful about lotions and lipstuff. I can get away with me using wheat in my hair and not bothering him but that is about it.

Ally said...

I have super sensitive legs but for some reason, I can shave with just water when I use Schick Quattro for Women razors.

I discovered this on vacation and can't do it w/any other brand.

Also, look for shave gel for bikini line/underarm areas. Skintimate used to make one - it came in a yellow can. It worked really well for me.

I like the Schick Intuition when I can catch it on sale and w/a coupon.

C Lo said...



hillary said...

This is what I use right now and it is the least pain inducing.

What did I do in college in highschool I can't remember if this was an issue then....

Ally I um go to have that taken care of.

Ally said...

No no, I mean use the bikini stuff on your legs. It's always really a mild formulation and it won't irritate your leggers :)

hillary said...

ally you so just gave me an idea! Asking her how she would treat red irritated legs! I mean it is what she does for a living.

spygrl1 said...

I used to get issues from shaving drying my skin out (I have low thyroid, so I tend to have dry skin anyway). I use the heaviest lotion I can get -- usually a generic Eucerin. Which is kind of a drag because it's not yummy smelling, but it keeps me from getting crazy itchy and red.

Lorena said...

Leg shaving is an issue I hateeee!
Seems like leg hair grows more than any other hair around !
I usually put on lotion the night before (Palmers Cocoa Butter) and I shave them while I shower.
Then you can apply aloe. Real aloe. Get a plant.
It also helps for burns and rashes.

Melissa said...

You so super professional in this outfit! I LOVE the ring, too.

I wish I had some shaving suggestions for you, but I usually just shave with water and moisturize afterward. My skin has the raised red bumps but doesn't get any more irritated than that and I'm too busy (read: lazy) to do much else.

meltbanana2 said...

I was blog surfing and I stumbled upon this question about your legs. I have CRAZY sensitive skin. It got so annoying that I gave up shaving all together for years (don't worry, I'm blonde, it wasn't too obvious). Then Nair came out with their Sensitive Formula, and it is the first thing that doesn't burn like crazy or leave any redness!

I highly recommend it, but as always test a little spot first because what works for some people doesn't work for others (and the shower formula itches like crazy on me, I can only use the regular formula).

Also, you are super cute, love the red hair, and are a nail polish addict like me! I am so adding your blog to my rss reader.