Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And I don’t want to wait ‘til Wednesday

navy 035
Isaac Mizrahi 2007 dress
Sweater Cynthia Rowley 2010
Clarks Book Pump 2010
White lace cami F21 2009
Glass ring MFA store 2008
Earrings I made
Coat compliments of H&M and Lucky
navy 016
navy 045
green earring I made

Isn't this little coat adorable?
navy 004
Back in March H&M and Lucky sent me a $25 gift card to H&M. It was so exciting I had no idea it was coming and I cam home from work to a fed-ex slipped under my door! It was part of the Alpha Shopper Program I am involved with Lucky.

I am already a big H&M fan so it was easy to find something I loved. This coat in person is a very soft gray. I particularly like the light weight, the tucking on the pockets, slight princess sleeves, the lines stitched down the front and the poofy collar. I was a little nervous about the shape hitting right below my bust line. I actually had this coat on the last time I saw my grandfather. It was pretty hilarious I walked into the house after not seeing him for 3 months and the SECOND I walk in he goes "oh you have a new coat I really like it" I walk past him to hug my gram and she goes "oh new coat! Cute! Let me try it on!"(always her reaction when I get a new coat. She wants to try it on) Neither one of them have ever seen in my closet yet they knew it was new. HA! I explained how I got it for free and they were every impressed and gram said I should ask for more! haa!

Thank you to H&M and Lucky for adorable new spring/summer coat. I see it getting a ton of use in the summer over sundresses. Neither company asked me to review them. I just am because I am a big fan and am appreciative for such a nice gift.

What does your spring/summer coat look like?


Sal said...

Such fun details on that coat!

I've got about 15 spring/fall coats, everything from jean jackets to anoraks. I have to work to squeeze them all in before it's too hot or cold to wear 'em.

Bridgett said...

i really like the coat, and i think it's cute that your gram wanted to try it on!

also, i think i saw your sweater at t.j. maxx.

hillary said...

well that's where I got it. :)

Heather said...

I actually never go into H&M anymore - I get frustrated by how messy everything is. I can't see the gems like this coat for all the crap.

Anyway, for three years I have been searching for a black trench that I can wear for both spring and fall and this year I finally found one I liked!! Black is somewhat boring but I think the excellent tailoring by far makes up for it - it looks slick!

Moni said...

Like Sal I have a collection of spring coats, from the thrift store neutral trench and denim jacket to the fabulous royal blue trench that I got from March's Tulles' Day to my black Cole Haan trench with the removal wool lining (for three season wear). All three trenches have completely different details and fabrics, so they add variety to my spring look.

Emily Kennedy said...

You always look so fabulous in navy and kelly green.

Rachel said...

Love the sweater! Great TJ Maxx find!

Living in FL doesn't facilitate the need to wear a spring or fall coat, but I do have a lightweight midnight blue trench by Mossimo for Target 2009 that I wear on rainy days. I really want a vintage jean jacket, but no idea if it would get any use. It's already in the 90s here.

Sherry said...

I've been a lurker for about a year now on Bloglines and just wanted to say that I love your style, the nail tutorials, the kitty pics, etc.

Keep up the great blogging!


Clare said...

That cardi is great and I'm way stinkin' jealous of the coat! I have awful summer jacket options, and desperately need to remedy that situation.