Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put hillary back together again

tre dramatic. eh?

Dress Banana Republic 2008
Leggings Target 2009
Purple no seeum socks Target 2008
Shoes Clarks 2010
Earrings I made 2009
Necklace and bracelets all gifts over the years.

Two pictures showing the same thing. I know. I just don't think either one stood alone as a good outfit representation. This dress is a shift but it is more fitted in my bum and looser in the waist so it bunches a little. Last time I wore this dress a friend said it made me look like I had a pooch. (Can you tell a man said that? A woman wouldn't dare tell another woman they have a pooch. Would they? I wouldn't that is for damn sure) Well you know what? I DO have a pooch. I am not flat bellied in the least. I am curvy. I hide it better some days than others but one thing I will never be is flat bellied. I USUALLY don't have a problem with that but when it is pointed out to AS IF it is a trait I don't want or is a bad thing well then I get uppity.
purpledress 250
Hillary made
purpledress 256

I was mad about it for a VERY long time about it. Longer than is acceptable too I think. What did telling me that solve? Nothing except make me insecure because I was CURRENTLY WEARING THE DRESS and make me walk around sucking it in all day hoping no one saw "the pooch"I am not asking that people don't feel free to speak their mind. But......

be constructive with your feedback *cue music*

Think about what you say. Could it be interpreted bad? Does saying it achieve anything? Will this be hurtful to someone? Am I just saying this to hear myself talk? Would I want someone to say this about me?

For reals ask yourself those questions. I am not saying "only say nice things to me because I am so self absorbed that I only want to hear good." **ahem** I am just saying think before you speak. You may have free speech but I also have free reign to tell you to zip it. :)

How is your Tuesday shaping up? What did you have for dinner last night?

Mine is BUSY. I also don't have internet at home so I had no access from Friday until now. I have photos and reviews to post today when I find some time.


Jess said...

I really like your eye makeup today!! It looks really good. And those bracelets...man, do I love a big pile of silver jewelry all worn together! I need to get some more.

My Tuesday is busy too...lots to do for work and I really need to try and find the energy (I have NONE) to clean when I get home. There is a dust bunny in one corner big enough to be a baby Coco.

We had dinner with friends last night and they made steaks, rosemary potatoes and broccoli...it was sooooo good, yum.

Lorena said...

I like this dress!
Sometimes I have to admit I don't have my "filter" on and I do not think before speaking. I am trying to get better.
Last night I had Franken Berry Cereal and tons of chocolate.
I think that is part of why I am soo sick today.

Andi B said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and this is my first time commenting. I really like reading your blog and I enjoy your reviews.

I also love your eye makeup today.

A few years ago, a woman I work with actually said something to my face about how my butt had gotten bigger since I had started at the (office) job (I think her terminology was something like, your butt has really grown, something nasty like that). What is the point of that, other than sheer nastiness? Ugh. Some people don't understand that there is a filter between your thoughts and your mouth and you don't have to voice every thought you have. Some people just suck.

Chelsea said...

curvy girl, this dress looks sensational on you! in my mind a sheath would make a curvier gal (like you or I for example) look bigger, but this dress in reality just looks dashing and flattering and oh so fun! I love the whole darn look.

and it's mean to tell someone something about them looks bad. if you asked the dude, "hey, do you think my tummy is more noticeable in this?" and he said yes, that's one thing. but unsolicited and nonconstructive "advice"? mean, wrong, end of story. I would have felt the same exact way as you for a long time... insecurity around our bodies is ingrained in us from a young age for fuck's sake!

okay end of rant, but you look just gorgeous.

my tuesday is aight so far... I forgot my work key this morning so had to wait for 45 minutes in the unseasonably cold morning in my inappropriate for the weather outfit for my coworker to arrive. right now I have my space heater on full blast pointed at my feet and am drinking hot coffee... finally starting to warm up :)

last night I made shrimp and white bean pasta and steamed some humongous artichokes... the pasta is a weight watchers recipe so it's healthy and nutritious and friggin' delicious if I do say so myself! looking forward to leftovers for lunch :)

damn, this is way too long for a comment, eh? hope your tuesday is going well!

Clare said...

Yes, yes, yes! THINK before you speak! I think some people just don't understand that there are real people, whose real feelings can get hurt when you say shit like that.

In any case, the pattern on this dress is beautiful, and the color looks spectacular on you. I love it!

Tina said...

My personal philosophy about "bad" wardrobe comments is that (1) you can make them to your good friends so that they don't embarass themselves in public IF (1a)it's something that isn't just a personal style choice (ie they are punk and you are a prep) and if (1b) it's something they can fix (if everything makes their butt look big, then there is no point in telling them that, but if normally their butt looks one way and then this particular skirt make it look twice then size, then you tell them!). But you DO NOT give these comments to strangers, coworkers, people with sentive feelings or body issues. And here is the main part of my philosophy (2) YOU DO NOT TELL THEM ONCE YOU ARE IN PUBLIC!!!!! sheesh. nothing can be done to change anything at that point, so why in the world would you make them uncomfortable??? It's not helpful. It's not "cruel to be kind." It's just mean and rude.

Anyway, that's my thought about it.

You look lovely as always!

hillary said...

Thanks everyone! He totally tweeted the comment which just made me angrier thinking everyone saw I had a pooch. No worries I let him know how I felt.

Chelsea Not too long! I totally agree it is one thing if I asked him.

Andi B welcome! thanks for coming by I appreciate it.

Tina I emailed you. It is SO instinctual to me to hit reply I didn't quite realize I emailed the comment to you until you replied. Dude I need a nap.

Clare here here!

Lorena I think I have the same problem. But I am WORKING ON IT.

Jess pass over the potatoes.

janiece said...

My first time commenting too.
Yes, i think unless it's an absolute disaster (skirt tucked into kickers after loo visit, nipple showing, etc), then people should keep those kind of comments to themselves if unsolicited - and certainly not tweet them!! As someone who has always had a 'pooch' (as you call it), even when i was a rake-thin teenager, i don't need to be told about it, as if i'd never noticed it myself.
I certainly think you look cute in that dress.
It's Wednesday here (Australia); i made a lazy pasta last night and am having the leftovers for lunch at work right now.