Friday, April 16, 2010

Your love is my remedy

Shirt Ann Taylor loft 2009 for under $4
Sweater Target 2009
Denim Trousers Gap 2010
Cowboy boots from western store. Gift from my mom 2007
Giraffe earrings Marc Jacobs 2010
IMG_9170pop belt
cowboy boots gift mom
I am very glad it is friday. We are heading up to NH again this weekend. 4th weekend now. I love it but I am very very tired and want to sleep in my own bed until 11am. I sleep to maybe 8 or 9 when I go there but Dave is always up at 6am or so to work on homework and he will go out and get gram and me Dunkin Donuts coffee before we get up. Last week not only was there coffee the crepes and bacon were done! Can I just say how much I love having a French gram again? Yesterday was her birthday. I bought her a Dolce and Gabanna set of light blue. I wore it once about 7 years ago to her house and when I walked in the door she yelled WHAT DO YOU HAVE ON? It has been her scent ever since. I forgot how expensive it was! oy!

I know I asked this in the past but there are new people and I am always up to hearing again or new ones.

What smell do you wear?

I flip flop between over 20 smells. My favorites are ones with vanilla, coconut or musk tones. The ones I reach to the most are any from the Philosophy line ( I have all but one) or Beach by Bobbi Brown. I also have a custom Vanilla, Musk, Ginger, Coconut oil I had custom made at a perfumerie.(?? that doesn't look right) I LOVE Jovan white musk too. It's funny you tell people you wear that and they go EWW gross. But every single time I wear it someone comes up to me and says "you smell so good" I also wear the Bonne Bell Skin Musk (its SJP favorite too!)
I am also obsessed with oils. I buy a ton on ebay for cheap cheap.

This photo is 2 years old, but you get the idea
Let me explain
Most were gifts. My mom and dave love to get me stinky things. Dave cause he likes to smell it mom because she hopes I tire it and give it to her. Many here have since been pushed onto mom. I am allergic to lots of smells too. So I don't have much with floral because those are the ones that end up makes me stuffy.

OH and I might have to pick another Giveaway winner. Lisa of Knit Teach Ride never got back to me. I contacted her on Sunday. I will give until tomorrow and it will of been a week then sorry but I need to pick a new winner. If you enter a giveaway it is me doing something for you. I shouldn't have to hunt you down and keep contacting you.


Erin said...

I tend to forget about perfumes, but am also really excited by them. My collection includes:
-Amber Oil
-Elizabeth Arden's Gardenia
-Hanae Mori (my mom wore it)
-Estee Lauder's White Linen (esp. in summer)
-White Musk from the Body Shop
-an oil called China Rain I have bought for years from a little boutique in Marina Del Ray, CA.

hillary said...

I have white musk and china rain!

Gram wore white linen before Light Blue. that is HER smell in my mine. If I sniffed you I'd probably say oooh gram.

Ann said...

Yeah - I still have a shot then!!!!!!!!! That is a lot of perfume!!!!!!! LOL!

Distractedly Yours said...

I kind of go back and forth on scents. Sometimes (like recently) I don't wear anything except maybe a scented lotion. I think that all of the stuff (shampoo, shower gel, hair gunk, etc) will be competing scents, and I don't want to be one of *those* girls who is a cloud of scent! I am a fan of citrusy scents. One of my recent faves is the DKNY green apple scent.

Jess said...

Those earrings are SO ADORABLE. I absolutely love them!

I wear a few different usual rotation is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Burberry Brit, Prada, and Lolita Lempicka. VERY occasionally I wear Chanel No. 5 because I love it, but it's really my mom's scent so I kinda feel weird about wearing it.

In college, I got a custom mixed fragrance at Garden Botanika in the mall (I guess they still have online orders!) that was apple-melon, floral musk, and pear. Sounds like a weird combo to some but it smelled SO pretty and fresh, and everyone knew it as my scent and mine alone. I should get it mixed again!

Rachel said...

LOVE the giraffe earrings!!!!! I am *slightly* obsessed with giraffes, but I'm very picky about them - they must be unique, interesting or outright strange to be added to my collection - these earrings fit the bill - where in the world did you find them???

Great perfume collection. My "signature scent" is Stacked Style's Empress Lily, a lovely Jasmine Water Lily, Lychee, Vanilla, Amber, Musk & more scent.

I typically change my scents based on the season - warms weather is Empress Lily, Banana Republic Malachite and B&BW Wild Honeysuckle amongst a mix of beachy and tropical scents. Cool weather will be Kat Von D Sinner, Dior J'Adore, Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible and B&BW Black Amethyst among other heady, dark scents.

hillary said...

Rachel. At the Marc Jacobs store on Tuesday.

hillary said...

looks like saks has the gold ones in stock.

Kasmira said...

What a great casual Friday outfit! I love the subtle western vibe. These jeans are so flattering on you!

Work With What You've Got said...

Love this outfit. That is a truly great belt buckle.

I like the same types of things. Vanilla. Coconut. Musk.

I wear Jovan musk, the oil, and Jovan Skin Musk. And I just got a tiny bottle of Jessica Simpson Fancy Love at CVS and it is AMAZING. AMAZING. I love love love it. I have trouble finding scents that I like that dont give Nathan a headache and this one passes so I'm really excited about it.

Emily Kennedy said...

Your perfume collection, much like your make-up and nail polish collections, is a thing of awe.

I wear Glamourazzi, which can be obtained at Kohls. And that's the only perfume I own!

Beeks said...

Here's my long-ish list of favourites when it comes to perfumes (I'm not very good at describing scents but I'll try):

- Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. This is probably my all-time favourite. It smells like flowers and vanilla and TRUE LOVE.

- Angel. In case you're one of the rare few that doesn't already know this fragrance, it smells like a strip joint that produces fine chocolates on the side. The 1st 20 minutes is hell, but then it warms up into spicy, sweet, comforting goodness. On my skin, anyway. I've smelled this on many people, and I can safely say that body chemistry impacts this fragrance more than any I've ever known. On some people it smells like garbage and patchouli. But it smells good on me! Yay! (Oh god I bet all the "garbage and patchouli" people run around thinking it smells good on them, too...)

- L by Lolita Lempicka. It's vanilla and... something else. Something that smells the way salt tastes, almost. Which sounds horrible, but have you ever tried salting an orange, or putting pepper on watermelon? The contrast of flavours only serves to heighen the overall deliciousness of the fruit itself when you do that. I suspect the Something Else in L serves the same purpose of creating a contrast, which highlights the vanilla in turn.

- Betsey Johnson's eponymous perfume. I think this one is discontinued now. You know that line in Mean Girls, "You smell like a baby prostitute"? This is my baby prostitute perfume. It's exactly the sort of thing I would have worn to a club in my early 20's. A brash, nondescript sort of sweetness with just enough powderiness thrown in that it doesn't smell like baked goods.

- Narciso Rodriguez For Her. Love the EDT; notsomuch the EDP. I enjoy this one because it smells different each time I sniff it... and I don't mean each time I wear it, I mean each time I catch a whiff, I smell something different. Super floral and super musky all at the same time.

- Marc Jacobs' Daisy. Not my usual thing, but I like it for springtime. It smells like generic shower gel and fresh cut grass and pure innocence. I'd wear this one to court if I was trying to argue down a traffic ticket.

- Lolita Lempicka. Not to be confused with L. This is the one that comes in the purple apple. It smells like violets and anise and something very vegetable stem-y, like the scent you get on your fingers when you touch a tomato vine? It's a very moody perfume and I tend to reach for it when I'm sad or if it's raining outside. The major caveat with this one is that it gives me a monster headache.

- Vintage Vanilla by The Gap. I love this fragrance and would've bought tons if I'd known it was only a limited edition! I have the little perfume oil rollerball. It's a straightforward baking vanilla kind of scent. My eternal quest is to find a perfume that smells just like it, that won't be discontinued within 2 weeks of my purchasing it.

Hope you like long comments, ha ha!

hillary said...

My mom and I wore Angel when I was in highschool. We called it vanilla dipped in cigars.

I am allergic to most flower based perfumes but I tried the Narciso one and OMG I thought my head would explode I had been obsessed with the sample card but once I had it on I couldn't get it off fast enough my throat was closing.

I put straight up vanilla and coconut extract on my skin. I just walk to the baking cabinet and dab them on. Makes dave laugh every time.

Kelly said...

Hee I love your earrings!

I think I've been using VS's Dream Angels Heavenly for about four years now. Last year I started alternating it with Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves. I like the smell, but I'm not sure I like it as a perfume if that makes sense. But Erik goes nuts over it. I'm really itching to find a new signature scent but I must be super picky because it is taking me forever to find one that I like.

D'Rae said...

I LOVE Ange Ou Demon Tender by Givenchy.

spygrl1 said...

That orangey-red AT blouse is very pretty on you! You seem to be able to wear a wide range of colors -- I tried on a yellow striped sweater last night and decided, nope, not gonna work. I love yellow, but it wants to make me consumptive.

Anyway, for the scent question ... Chanel No. 5. That's been my signature scent since high school. I've strayed away, but I always come back. But I'm not an everyday perfume person. For every day, I just use fruity cleansers. My shower is like a fruit basket. The face wash is grapefruit (people think you are younger if you smell like grapefruit, that's science!), body bar is cranberry, shampoo is pomegranate, and conditioner is grapefruit.

Sammie said...

I was never a scent person, I think part of it is decision making... I tend not to be so good at that. UNTIL i came across Kat Von D's Sinner... my husband is obsessed with it and I just want to smell myself all day! Anyway, now I'm hooked!

Lisa said...

Hillary, I am so sorry! I just sent you an email. It's been a crazy week and I didn't read any blogs/check email a lot. I hope I can still be the winner, b/c I never win anything! If it's too late though, I understand.

As for fragrances I used to wear Henri Bendel Jasmine and Tuberose for like 5 years. Then it became discontinued/I can't find it, which seriously bums me out. Maybe I shouldn't try and limit myself to one scent though.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love that red blouse and for $4?!? Amazing!

I wear Dior Addict in the fall and winter and a lighter scent in the spring and summer. This past year it was Kenzo's eau de fleur de magnolia. I still have a little left, so I'm using that up and trying to decide what to buy when it's gone.

Kristen said...

Love the green and red together in this outfit, and that belt buckle makes the outfit.

Sadly, I don't have a sense of smell so I don't wear perfumes.

hillary said...

Thanks fo all the feedback of your perfumes everyone.

This is obnoxious of me to even say but it's a quirk. The shirt is orange. The last time I wore it we called it peas and carrots. Hey at least I'm upfront with my numerous faults. I warned you. ;)

Beck, At Her Best said...

oooh, I'm so shiny-eyed at your perfume collection. Unfortunately I'm living with a lot of perfume-sensitive people so mine is really limited, but I usually wear ck one summer or one of the bath & body works perfumes - japanese cherry blossom or butterfly flower. I really like citrus or vanilla scents.

My favorite perfume is a straight lilac but woe is me - my boyfriends gram (who we live with) is allergic to lilacs.

I think your mix of the ruffled top + jeans and cowboy boots is Totally cute. Like a modern Miss Kitty (from Gunsmoke) on a casual day.