Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With friends like these....

I have some of best friends a girl could ask for. (well she could ask they all move to Boston but it isn't likely...)

Easter this year happened to fall on the week my grandfather died unexpectedly. Easter is always at my grandparents house and there is always an egg hunt. We had Easter, I cooked it in fact! But that is where it ended. I hate to sounds childish and whiny. I am in my 30's I don't need candy for goodness sake. But you know... I really missed it. Dave and I didn't even do anything and we usually make each other Baskets (well I made him one later in the week and stupidly bought him gluten filled candy. Which cemented my head was elsewhere.) I don't why I expected life would be normal but sometimes we are feeling a bit selfish.

In an off hand comment directed at someone else Megan saw I missed out on Easter. Her being the amazing girl she is sent me, Dave and the kittens a box of Easter goodies. Know what is better than Easter on Easter? Easter on a random Wednesday when you are home with a RAGING migraine!
There was all kinds of goodies in there!
A ring
A little bunny toy for the girls. Waffle has been carrying it around in her mouth.
And in typical Waffle fashion. The fun didn't last long before she took a flying leap onto Daisyboo. I caught her red handed. Brat.

Seriously though what did I do to deserve friends like these. I feel terrible I have a box that I have been meaning to send to Megan for weeks that Waffle moved into there is a flat iron in there that she has been sleeping on for weeks.

Thank you Megan! XOXO!

OH you need to check out Megan's blog and the awesome post she did helping me to wear my grandfather's shirts.


Brooke said...

What an incredibly sweet friend!!

I love the ring and the gorgeous coat - and the kitty gifts!!

I'm sorry about your grandfather :( I hope you're doing alright.

Lorena said...

How sweet and unselfish :9
It's sooo good to find those people still exist...
now I want candy too.

Suz said...

Oooh! What a good surprise! And P.S. loved the nail polish from your last post.

Lisa said...

How lucky you are! Everyone needs good caring friends like that. She even thought of the kitties, how sweet!

I saw her post about your grandfather's shirts. I loved the outfits she put together and can't wait to see your take on them!