Monday, April 12, 2010

What if I'm not the hero?

Oh shush.

Dress Target 2010. It is even cotton! It is MUCH more green in person. MUCH.
Boots Clarks 2008
Necklace Banana Republic 2008
Earrings from the "Made in NH" expo this weekend.
People were staring so I gave them something to stare at.
With life the way it is right now. I haven't been washing my hair in special color safe shampoo for 3 weeks and it is taking on it's own new hue. I need to dye it really bad. Also my bangs are FINALLY starting to look normal after I hacked them in February.
I tried to compensate for the tired with blush. I MIGHT of been a little heavy handed.
photoClarks Jan 2008 Got for a STEAL!
We got outside today and I didn't have the chip in my camera! arg! So you get iphone pics because damn if I didn't want to show you how matchy I can be!

OH have you seen the Cynthia Vincent shoes at Target? I got these yesterday and they are HELLA HOT.


Sal said...

I love you matchy. Especially in that greeny teal.

C Lo said...

I've been eyeballing that dress. Love it.

Rachel said...

Dress is cute on you! I tried it and was not flattering, but looks really good on you!

Chelsea said...

this matchy matchy look is fabulous... I love it!

Lorena said...

That green dress is beautiful... looks fab with your hair (I see nothing wrong with it in the pictures)
I followed your link to Target and those shoes are HOT.. burning HOT!

Kelly said...

"People were staring so I gave them something to stare at."

BWAHAHAHAHAA you are fantastic

Emily Kennedy said...

I don't think the Cynthia Vincent's are at my Target yet. Although I was there twice this past weekend, I will admit that I didn't look closely at their shoes. Because their shoes usually suck. They are evil cute designs and evil painful to wear. But the Cythina Vincent's are BEYOND evil cute. They are some next level of wrong cuteness.