Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Roundup

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First roundup of last weeks outfits. I did obviously did have a theme going at first. Bright wrap dresses. Then Thursday I had an appointment in the morning so I didn't get a shot and Friday it was VERY cold and pouring so I dressed for that instead. Also for a few hours in the car. The problem I have with the black dress. I love it but I am torn on it. Someone suggested it was too big. NO WAY it is actually very tight in the waist. It just has a full skirt and turned under balloon sleeves. Someone else suggested shortening it but it is actually above my knee but at a downward angle it looks a bit longer than it is. It is also silk multilayer and I could never afford nor attempt myself to shorten it more. I was just having a rough day and taking it out on my dress. Also it looks like hell with the flats. The DVF pink dress is my favorite. It has a full skirt which is my favorite look on myself.

Today is a made up Massachusetts holiday. Patriots/Marathon Monday. The city shuts DOWN. Which is great because I doubt I could get to my work if I tried. I went to my grandmother's again this weekend up in New Hampshire. It poured all weekend.
Saturday we went out for coffee and TJ Maxx with gram.
Then in the evening a bunch of us went out to celebrate Gram's 81st birthday. The pictures from dinner were unflattering for most involved. I stamped Gram's nails later that night. She painted them Mouse by American Apparel a putty grey brown because she loved it on me. (I gave it to her when she kept saying "Oh I REALLY like this color" which is code for Gram I WANT THAT.) I stamped little green trees.
On Sunday we went out for breakfast with Gram's brother and sister in law. Gram is one of 15 kids. Her little brother and his wife were very close to Gram and Pop and Sundays was breakfast and going for a drive and this was Gram's first Sunday going out without Pop. I think us being there helped her out. We all then went for a drive along the water through Kittery, York and Ogunquit Maine. My aunt J is so hilarious. She was telling us stories of her and her friends raising hell. I got to see my dad for a few hours when we got back before we headed back to the city. My dad and I stood in Pop's workshop and it was just so surreal trying to guess his reasoning and system to everything. Dave took a bunch of Pop's clothes and it's hard seeing him sitting there in Pop's shirt but at the same time it looks like it was always his. They were alike after all.
My grandfather and my husband. You can kinda see me in the back. (pics my cousin took at family reunion)

Now today I am sitting on my bum doing NOTHING of value. I am getting in lots of kitten snuggles. (I miss them so much over the weekend! I swear Waffle grows while we are gone) But we did spy on them lots on kitten cam!

What did you do this weekend? and most importantly what did you eat?!

I got cupcakes yesterday on the way home. shh don't tell Gram! She'd say "OH HILLREEEEEEE"


Anonymous said...

So, last night I went to this bar that has this old timey theme with a southern influence thing going on and I had this amazing fried chicken in panko crust and with it was FRIED MAC AND CHEESE. OMG it was one of the best foods I've ever eaten. Ever. My favorite food groups are 1)Fried 2)Bacon 3) Mexican.

I had a SUPER busy chaotic crazy weekend which I will blog about when I get a chance today.

mamichan said...

I love that you and Dave go see your Gram so much!
Didn't work on Friday so I lazed around watching Arrested Development (yay Wii Netflix streaming!).

Saturday I worked out and then went on a playdate with 2 friends and their kids, followed by wine and snacks in a friend's backyard. Oh! I met futurelint on Saturday! She was selling her Ts at my workplace :)

Yesterday was the best. Some friends and I went to the VIP fashion show at Cliche, shopped, then went to brunch where we sat outside. Went to a friend's house (Aaron biked over) and drank wine in the backyard till dinnertime. Then we fed Chinese takeout to their kids and went home.

Lisa said...

Your Gram is adorable, and I'm jealous of her nails.

I mostly slacked off this weekend. I've decided to try and eat vegan for the next week so my weekend eating was experimental. I just ate a ton of junk b/c I've been hanging around my apartment watching the marathon.

Emily Kennedy said...

That is so cute about Dave wearing your Pop's old clothes, and your Gram loving your nail polish color.

This past weekend I ate... well, it was a wedding weekend, so there were lots of pork products, which would make more sense if you knew the groom. And afterward, I ordered nachos from room service. And after that insanity I ate super light on Sunday: fruit, rice, and lentils. It wasn't a super great food weekend all in all.

Beck, At Her Best said...

Your weekend sounds like a fun time! All your adventures visiting your gram make me miss & remember mine. Breakfasts are such a fun routine - when a bunch of our friends are in town we always go to the diner on the reservation near us b/c they have great food. We did that on sunday because everyone was in town to get tattooed on saturday (yep, even me!)