Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Round Up

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I hadn't been doing week in reviews for awhile. First I broke my computer than I haven't been home the past 4 weekends. I like Thursday the best. I felt a fool on Monday. I was a little hot in the tights and no one was wearing any in the city.
I think it was Beck who mentioned she liked when I posted the 5 photos together so you can see if there was some sort of theme. This week blue dominated my palette. All the outfits were comfy too because fashion is not on my top list of priorities right now. Today was first day I combed my hair since Thursday.( I washed it daily but I just let it hang on friday and sat and sun I just threw the knot ball in a pony out of the shower.) Someone asked me to post more of my inspiration and the reason I don't is I don't have anything to post. Mostly I make it up as I got along. The rare occasion I have been inspired by another picture or person I have posted it. So sorry I got nothing for you on that.

This weekend I went to Gram's house. Saturday we took a little day trip to a "Made in NH" expo in Manchester NH. My inlaws had a booth there. (They own Little Bay Baking a gluten free baking company)
We ate our way through the expo. Bought somethings. Maple cotton candy! Macaroons made from a Nun's 17th century recipe. A few presents, oh and pumpkin whoopie pies.

Sat night I tried stamping gram's nails and I just didn't have the right polish to do it. She decided to try my purple and stamp that. She kept saying "I LOOK LIKE A WITCH WOOOOO"
To all you who says "OH I CAN'T " she is 81 and paints her nails with no problem!
Finished nail
she said she feels like a witch. She tried my purple polish. She normally is a mauve wearer
My uncle and dad said some teasing things about them. I told her she looked like me so how could that be bad. Next week I'll bring more colors. Now I don't ever want to hear any of you going on "I can't paint my nails I make such a mess.. wah" My grandmother is 81. She has arthritis and she is a cancer survivor and is on some hormones that make her a little shaky. She can do it. So can you! Go slow!

Yesterday my cousin's 22 year old friend came and worked on my car. Good news it was an easy fix. Bad news I need a new car by July and that's if the frame doesn't break until then. GAH. Pop at 83 bought and fixed up the car last August (less than a year!!) That's why I asked this guy because Pop always fixed the cars. Good guy. He even tried to not charge us. I said NO WAY DUDE you don't even know me! CHARGE ME!!! He used to come over and help Pop on cars. He and my cousin go way back. My cousin is off in the air force though. It's nice to know there are still good people out there. Willing to help you out in a jam. It is nice to see people who are as comfortable around gram it speaks volumes to the kind of person she is. He sat with us and ate breakfast and even called her gram.

Oh and Saturday I woke up to gram cookie Gluten Free crepes
Gram made crepes for breakfast
Some people grew up on pancakes. I grew up on crepes. YUM. No recipe. She wings it by how it stirs up.

I showed her what an ebook is as well
Now she is all excited about it. ha. She also helped me in my scrabble games on my iphone I was playing because I AM TERRIBLE AT IT. She has a little slip of paper of funny words her sister tells her about. QI for example.

How was your weekend? What did you do?


LisaJ said...

I like the week in review-it's funny how you don't realize you followed a "theme" for the week but then you can see it when all the pics are lined up. I loved the blue dress on Wednesday-so cute. I also see you have a Nook-how do you like it? I have been debating the Nook vs. Kindle thing for awhile and want to purchase one soon.

Jess said...

Your Gram is soooo cute. :-) I love her bright purple nails!

I had a really awesome weekend, which was much needed in my life right now. I took Friday off and lazed around, got my bangs cut and then had a great date night with my husband. Saturday I went to a knitting festival with a friend and then had lunch at this amazing *gluten-free* restaurant in my 'hood, then went to hang out with friends that night for a birthday celebration. Sunday I started a yoga class and then relaxed all day watching Bones. I was sad to come back into the office today after all that.

hillary said...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. Oy. I haven't slept in my own bed on a weekend in 3 weeks. I haven't gone to bed before midnight in 3 weeks. I haven't slept past 7:30am in 3 weeks. IAMSOTIRED. we've been on the road and doing things for family. Did I mention I am tired?

Kelly said...

I like the weekly reviews too!

Your gram's nails are lovely!

For a while I memorized little two letter words that I could use with Q or X. People get actually mad when I pull them out. They tell me to use it in a sentence. I say that I don't have to, I just have to put it on the scrabble board and find it in the dictionary ;-)

This weekend was OK. Friday I went out, Saturday I woke up ass early to go to some silly Mary Kay thing with a friend. Then I cleaned all day and fell into a pooped pile on the couch and scarfed down pizza. Sunday I grilled out with my family.

Emily Kennedy said...

Maybe one of the biggest reasons I wish I took a pic of the day would be to see themes in what I wear. It's crazy fascinating when you do it! I loved Thursday's look the best.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I'm not sure if there's another Beck who said it too but yay thanks for showing your round-up! I really liked your blue dress from wednesday.

That expo sounds like fun, I like any event you can "eat your way through", and Pumpkin whoopie pies are awesome.