Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

That Dolly she is a pistol. Whenever I feel like I need a little inspiration I just google "Dolly Parton Quotes" they never fail to make me smile.

My photographer had to leave early today. Then I forgot my tripod. So this is a balance on stack of book in the asile deal today.
Dress Vintage gift from friend
Silver belt H&M gift from dad
Moon stone ring little shop in Nova Scotia
Monocle necklace Marc Jacobs
Earrings I made them
Pewter Book Pumps (totally flat. weird name) Clarks
I am wearing it with a H&M sweater at work.
It is supposed to be 86 today! Then 56 on Friday GO NEW ENGLAND!
Pewter flats
For makeup I used a new primer today so I kept my makeup simple. I did a eyewing, coral blush and see through raspberry gloss.

So today lets talk about under things. Do you wear a slip with your dresses and skirts?
I do now. I didn't used to a few years ago. I now own 2 short, 2 long slips, 1 full slip, 1 full suckitin slip, 2 short pettipants and 2 long pettipants. I wear a LOT of natural fibers and when my cotton skirt sticks to my tights it DRIVES ME BONKERS. Especially since I walk a lot and I spend the whole time pulling it down a fussing with it. That is why I just bought the two knee length slips. I get mine on Amazon for $5 a piece. I just got two short cotton pettipants I hope to use this summer for some of those skirts that I fear will catch some air. I find that I can go longer in between washing when I wear slips. It keeps smells off my clothing. It keeps the tights from sticking and I am not always worried about flashing someone and prevent summer chafing. (a harsh reality) But apparently Boston isn't as progressive as say California. A lot of my California friends rock this lace slip hanging out of skirt thing and every time I have tried it 84392748932 people stop me to tell me my slip is hanging out. I will just just a ring of lace and they still say something. GRRRR


Heather said...

People are such knobs sometimes. A little lace showing is lovely in my opinion. I don't wear slips alot because I hate having too many layers - I feel confined. Silly.

Marianne said...

Love this dress on you! The color and fit are really flattering.

Sal said...

Hahaha. I do slips when I'm wearing tights, but generally skip them in summer.

You're making me long for a pair of silver flats ...

Jane W. said...

Beautiful dress and jewelry. Enjoy your warm weather.

Kelly said...

I wear slips a lot. All the time in the winter, and I keep wearing them until the summer gets so unbearably hot that I can't stand another layer. I love them, and have way too many.

The weather in KY sound like it's the same! Ugh!

I love your accessories today. Well really I love the whole thing :)

Work With What You've Got said...

I totally wear slips. Not always, but when needed. I do not get not wearing a slip. I would love to do the slip showing thing, but I dont have one nice enough!~

I love that necklace! And dress!

Also, flats are called pumps in the UK. I do not get it, but they are.

hillary said...

OH THATS WHY! I thought someone fell asleep in the naming meeting or something. OK I thought they were crazy but yes they are a brit company so it makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

I usually wear peti-pants or some sort of very light control garment that looks like bike shorts. Keeps my skirts smoothed down and prevents the chaffing.

hillary said...

heather yes they are! knobknob.

Clo I can't wear those. I overheat. everytime I wore them it almost involved me fainting. I also like to tell people it messes with my chi.

kelly Mine are all cheap ($5) but all them have a lace edge which is what I tried showing.

marianne jane sal
thank you so much!

Sal I kinda hate flats but my back needs them sometimes so I make sure I have comfortable ones!

Kelly said...

Oh about slips showing, I have a funny story. In high school I was wearing a slip that was just a little too long for my skirt. I thought I could hike it up and it would be fine, but it wasn't and kept peeking out the bottom all day. People kept pointing it out to me and I was so embarrassed. Then my German teacher said "just pretend you meant to do it, make a fashion statement!" and I thought she was totally ridiculous. But these days I would TOTALLY do it! Funny how opinions change :)

D'Rae said...

I wear slips only when I need them. (Even though I wear skirts all the time!)

I have been wanting to try a pair of those petti pant things, but the crotch just hangs down sooooo low on me!

Lorena said...

i just have one slip.
i only use it when the skirts are really see through...

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love your dress! It looks great with the grey and silver.

I wear slips with some dresses, but not with skirts though I need to invest in some. In the summer I have to walk between buildings at work a lot and last year I had one too many 'catch air' along the way, heh

Work With What You've Got said...


I like the name so much I'm thinkin' about buying some just so's I can say it!~

Chelsea said...

I love that dress so much! And the silver skinny belt on top? Amazing combo. Oh and the shoes look amazing too!

I don't wear slips because I don't own any. I'm like intimidated by the buying process because I'm not exactly sure what length to get? Or what color? Or how many? But, I've been wearing so many more dresses/skirts with tights this past year that I might go freaking nuts if I keep this no-slip business up.

hillary said...

Chelsea amazon! I paid $4.99 just search slip. Get a knee length and a short. If it's too long hike it up that's what I do! Pettipants are slip shorts also $5 and they are amazing.

Erin it's one of the best words seriosuly.

Beck. More than once the t has come into station and my wrap dress blew open? Arg!

D'rae they are on me too I just hike them up. I wish they came in petite or something.

Kasmira said...

We're having the schizo weather in Cincinnati, too.

Long live slips!

Kristen said...

I don't wear slips much in the summer but definitely all winter with my tights. I was considering a pair or pettipants, now you're encouraging me! I saw several on Amazon...

C said...

So I know my comments aren't always you most favorite-st, but I just had to say that that dress is insanely cute and fun and shouldn't let anything ruin wearing it for you.

hillary said...

C you're reading into things. The first time you asked me if you could critique me was slightly odd. I answered you, end of story. But asking me AGAIN was just downright weird. But honestly I don't know you so beyond thinking it odd I didn't think about it.

I don't know what you mean about letting anything ruin wearing this dress? I didn't say anything to suggest that. I love this dress and I love wearing it. Are you mixing up today's blog post with this one you commented on from a week ago?