Thursday, April 01, 2010

Unconventional collectibles Red SHOES

Again not unconventional but it makes for such a great title. CLO of One Smarmy Mama asked to see my collection of red shoes. It isn't terribly big (again I drive home the 300 sq ft apt) I also donated over 50 pairs of shoes in September. Things I just wasn't wearing anymore. What is left is the more expensive red shoes. (Cheapest of the lot of $80) The only pairs currently still available is the Danskos and the Troentorps.

Dansko Sissys I was featured on Barking Dog Shoes wearing these actually! I love the retro feel of them.
patent red dansko sandals

My Marc Jacobs bow flats. Bought at 70% off end of season clearance Marc 2008.
I want red ones, red red ones with a bow

Marc Jacobs Bow heels. There were an anniversary present from Dave. Bought at the 70% off end of season sale January 2010.
red marc jacobs bow heels
(they are much more red in person)

Clarks Oxfords. I got these after I saw them on the 10 cent designer on Flickr. HAD TO HAVE September 2008
clarks red mens oxford shoes shiny

Clarks 2006. I don't wear these much anymore but I save them because I think they would look great with pants. If I could find pants I actually like.
red penny loafers clarks

Clarks boots 2008. I got these for an insane deal. They are a very deep red in person.
Clarks Jan 2008 Got for a STEAL!

Troentorp wood sole, steel toed clogs. Oxblood color. These are some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. WORTH EVERY PENNY.
bastad steel toe clogs

Edited to add.
Oh snap. While checking my stats I came across a blurb from me on the Dansko site! That totally made my year!


C Lo said...

I love every. single. pair.

I think I'm gonna need those Dansko sandals this season.....

Kelly said...

I so love those MJ bow heels. And I never knew the boots were a deep red - they look brown on my monitor. I will keep that in mind in future outfit posts!

hillary said...

I believe they were sold as"cordovan" I seem to remember they came in brown too.

Emily Kennedy said...

YES! Dude, I have been feeling bad because I already have one pair of red shoes and I want another. F it! I should get more!

Andrea said...

what a collection! I love shoes in fun shades :) Secretly I'm wishing I had hit up the thrift store you donated those 50 pairs of shoes to....

hillary said...

It was all crap shoes and dozens and dozens of plastic flipflops and sandals. Payless and crap like that. Things that rubbed and pinched and caused blisters. I'm trying to be good about that stuff now.