Tuesday, April 27, 2010

review interest? and an anniversary.

Is there any review interest in some things I have bought lately and loved? I get a ton of feedback that people want the reviews but then they don't get much traffic so I didn't know if it was really worth it or that people actually do like them.
It is ALL stuff I bought with my own money. (only done two reviews of a freebie so far...)
The stuff I am thinking is from:
And again I don't review things on the blog I didn't like because it makes more sense to me to tell you the things I do. If I think a product is so terrible that I should warn people then I'll do it. You can always shoot me an email too if you are wondering if I tried something and hasn't been reviewed.
byhillary AT gmail DOT com

Oh and by the way... Byhillary turned 8 this week! I found a paper in Dave's old graphic design portfolio from 2002 and it has the original site in there and a "NEWS" page with April 24th(I think, I know it was 20 something) 2002 on the top of it! It looked like this. And if you clicked the icons at the bottom they lit up! I loved the Dave Letterman desk for news the best! I need to take a photo of the thing in his portfolio because I only have this one screen shot on my computer of the old design.
Very first website circa 2000
When it started it was a store and portfolio site. It was punny BUY hillary BY hillary. It moved over to blog format in 2004. The 2004-2006 archives are not on this site. I didn't move them from LiveJournal because it was too much a pain when I went to blogger in 2006.

In 2004 it looked like this.

Then in 2006 it changed to this.

in 2008 it changed to this.
and the design you see now came in Aug 2009!


EvaNadine said...

aww, i think the old layout is adorable! it would be fun to come here one day + see that one. course, i love this one too. :)

hillary said...

oh nelly not going to happen it was all written in 2002 flash! Dave worked way too hard on the new design that is only 6 months old. His eye might start twitching if I asked him to reinvent the first one. (the code is unusable) It was like this over here until 2008 in pinks and greens though.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Congrats on alllllllllllll that writing! I am always interested in reviews, sometimes I decide to try something new.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

LaShaune said...

It's great to see your evolution

naomemandeflores said...

I love all the designs!

Kelly said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for sharing the old designs, they are too cute.

Clare said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!

Lorena said...

For a moment there I thought the old was going to be the NEW.... i think it is soooo cute..
Congrats on BY Hillary turning 8!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm always interested in seeing what other people use and like.

Beatrice said...

Happy anniversary!
I love reading your reviews because I know they are honest, so I will keep reading them!

hillary said...

Thanks everyone! I will pass on the praise to dave because he did ever single one of them.