Thursday, April 08, 2010

An outfit, a review and a new Konad

People said they wanted; more Konad nails, more reviews, keep asking questions in posts, nail polish color reviews and more old photos of same outfit. Here are all those things at once! OVERWHELM is the name of the game. Lets start with the new Konad. This is attempt 21 I believe. I just got this plate last night. (fyi on that. ALL discount codes are now expired. Konad told all companies to stop giving discounts. Kinda jerky but whatever)
feather china glaze secret periwinkle
I did the little feather on this one. I used China Glaze Secret Periwinkle as the base and Yoga-ta Get This Blue from OPI for the feathers. While I am on the topic.....
secret peri-winkle
China Glaze Secret Periwinkle I picked up this color last week at Sally's. I have to say it is one of the best colors I have ever bought. I am OBSESSED with periwinkle. I love saying it. I love the color. Everything. China Glaze is on caliber with OPI and Essie. It is pretty chip resistant. (well for the 3 days I had it on) and it goes on creamy and at two coats looks great. But 3 are even better. It is really hard to photograph this color. I can tell you that it is the EXACT color of this.

OK now to today's outfit.
April 8th 2010
Dress Ann Taylor Loft 2009
Boots Clarks 2008
Purple lace tank Old Navy 2008
Necklace Dominique Cohen 2008
Earrings I made
Ring Museum 2001
Dress detail
clark boots english saddle
glass ring from museum
Past wearings of same dress
107/365I hope you feel better later on (uh this is a song lyric not how I feel. Infact this is me smiling. I thought I was at least)
Today I want to know what type of "storms" do you get most frequently where you live?
Seems like an odd question I know. Yesterday I was talking to Kimberly of Fab Finds Under 50 and she was telling me about tornado sirens going off. I was totally fascinated. I have lived my entire life on the east coast. Miami, Gainesville, Boston, New Hampshire. We had hurricanes in Florida and we have them up here too actually. We are more likely to get a Nor'easter though. Dumped with feet of snow. I have to say I have a sick thrill when it comes to hurricanes. We moved to the town devastated by Hurricane Andrew a few months after the storm. When they would predict a hurricane my mom and I would get excited. I love the air in the center of the storm. It feels so weird and I get a odd thrill from it. I also love thunderstorms. You'd think I didn't after 9 years of daily ones in Florida. I mean like real thunderbooming ones. I kinda hate rain but I love the flashes of light and booms. I think because it gets my adrenaline pumping. So I want to know about where you live. I admit ignorance about most other states.


Anonymous said...

I live in California. I am well aware that, comparative to other parts of the country, our storms are mild. Usually for a few days in February we get suuuuper windy/heavy rain storms that dump a couple of inches of rain and blow a bunch of trees down and then it's over.

Where I live, I haven't felt any earthquakes in the past 10 years, but I guess there have been some. I've felt a couple in my life. I'm not scared of them at all, but then again I have never lived close enough to the fault line to worry. I always get a little antsy going into San Francisco or LA because you'd hell of feel it there if there was a big one.

Chelsea said...

I really love that dress on you... and your hair is looking particuarly fantastic today!

We get little bitty storms in the Bay Area. It's usually really cold, light rain, lots of wind. We had a few thunderstorms earlier this year, but it's rare. I used to live in DC and I LOVED the Summer thunderstorms there with the warm fat rain and the big booms of thunder.

Kelly said...

Those feather plates are SO cool. Probably my favorite so far.

Also, I was actually just thinking about your bow necklace the other day! Your bow necklace inspired me to wear mine, and I was thinking how I haven't worn mine in a while.

And your ring is badass.

Kelly said...

Oh and the storms - I'm sure our storms in Cincy are like the ones Kimberley has. The tornado sirens go off every once in a while, honestly I don't much pay them any mind anymore. I kind of like the rainy wind, as nutty as that sounds. But then again, the worst damage I've suffered is a tree falling on my car. If I'd been through worse than that, I'm sure I would take the sirens more seriously.

Bridgett said...

i'm living in iowa (though i'm from chicago) and we just had the strangest storm. a HAIL storm! we had hail the size of golf balls, i kid you not. it was a tad frightening but i get a strange thrill from storms as well.

the most typical storms we have here are tornados. i've never seen one or had one hit where i live but lots of sirens and warnings.

Rachel said...

Love the nail art!

I live in FL so you already know what kind of inclement weather we get here. I too get a thrill from a hurricane - the 5 we had in 2004 were amazing! One came right across the top of my house, I went outside and literally stood in the eye of the storm but could see the wind whipping things around 50 yards from me. Such an amazing feeling! Of course the damage is devastating, but the awesome power of nature is an amazing thing to behold.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I love the periwinkle nail polish, and I love China Glaze. I used to love their color called High Maintenance. I don't think they make it anymore was super red anyway.

I want you to know that I bought "Leaf Him At The Alter" OPI from Sephora. I can't wait to use it, but I had to use Ocean Potion first...I love nail polish, and you totally help support my habit. Ha

I live in NY now, but I grew up in tornado alley...quite literally. I've been through an F5 tornado, the toughest on record. And I have to say that I'm happy to live in a city in which that's not really an issue now.

Love the dress too, by the way...

KayeStar said...

I have lived most of my life in southern and central florida- with exception of a few years outside of DC. i LOVE thunderstorms.. lovelovelove them. ANd i like hurricanes too. i know what you mean about getting a thrill out of them, and teh energy in the air of the eye of a hurrican. though really strong ones, like Andrew (seeing the all the damage after the fact) or three pretty strong ones in a row (central florida a few years back) takes the excitement out of it. But i do love me a daily summer florida thunderstorm!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love them as long as I am home.

That dress looks really good on you. Like it was made for you. I love the boho feel.

LisaJ said...

I love the leaf nails! I actually just had gotten that plate too-was going to do in shades of green but good to see it looks awesome in blue as well!

I live north of Kimberly of FabFinds and it is the same thing here. We have regular tornado drills and siren testing on the first Wednesday of the month. It's always a little scary when the sirens go off but to be honest my first instinct is not to go run for shelter but to go outside and have a look. I guess that totally defeats the purpose of the sirens for me.