Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Left here looking for girls that glow in the dark

Sweater Cynthia Rowley
White Tshirt Ann Taylor Loft
Blue Cami H&M
Navy pants Gap (haha they aren't jeans! They aren't even denim!)
Shoes Cynthia Vincent for Target
Earrings Marc Jacbos (You can only buy in a Marc Store. Oh would something like this be something that you'd be interested for a Giveaway? I know Marc isn't in every city)
Necklace and ring Gehry for Tiffanys
Ring Paloma Picasso for Tiffanys
Heart Bracelet Tiffanys similar but different clasp
Bangle Custom made on Etsy by Metal Pressions
Grandfathers Navy Dog Tag
Polish Nouvelle Vague from Chanel (I just KNOW someone would ask)
Sweater and shirts detail
When I asked what people would like to see more of, more product linking was a request. I gotta be honest sometimes I just don't think of it. But I really like when people link so if I like something I can track it down for myself. So if the product is still made I will make an effort to link. I won't promise I will find something similar because I just don't have the patience for that honestly.

I love today's outfit. It's comfy and easy but not casual. I kinda don't like casual on myself and it gets my nerves all twitchy when people say "oh that's a nice casual look" I don't want to look causal most the time. I feel very much like my great aunts today in the outfit. Not that any of them would wear it. (well except for the shoes Cecile would.) They were a big role in my growing up. I had 13 on one side of my family. I grew up with the 7 of the 8 sisters in particular. They are all very different but alike in some ways. I went to the beach with them every Wednesday for the first 19 years of my life. We'd go to the beach and play cards and at night we'd walk downtown and go out to dinner. We've lost 3 of them but most them still get together and raise hell. They all dress for the occasion. Matching watches and purses. You name it.

Actually the first week Dave met me he met the sisters. Family by fire. If you can survive them you can handle the rest of my family. Poor kid I am surprised he didn't run for the hills. Well he was dating my friend then so they weren't too bad but usually they are RUTHLESS. You gained weight they will tell you. You beat them at rummikub they will accuse you of cheating and saving the gibbou (they're name for the joker)

Do you have anyone in your family that played a big role in your style?

I get the manicured nails at all times from gram. My dapper dan tendencies and always polishing my shoes from my pop. I got the snobby love of Chanel and Tiffany from my great aunt Cecile. My mom gave me my quirky dressing tendencies. My dad taught me to buy what I like in multiples.

Oh this is funny. If there was very a test to prove I am my mother's child. This is it. Her purse contents.


Jane said...

Love the sweater!!!!! When and where did you purchase it? Oh, please do tell........ :)

BTW, sandals are AWESOME too!

hillary said...

TJMaxx Saturday. I can't find it online anywhere.

Kelly said...

Your hair looks great today! And I love that you have sentimental dog tags like that that you can wear on your daily life.

And yes any giveaway from you is one I would be interested in, you have great taste! ;-)

The people in my family that influence my style the most are probably two of my cousins. They are brother and sister. Honestly I don't think either of them puts a ton of thought into their appearance, and they're both very casual, but they just end up looking cool every single day. I want to be that effortlessly cool. Although you probably couldn't see their influence a whole lot anymore because the older I get, the less casual I get. But sometimes I'll still put on an outfit and it will remind me of one of them and I am suddenly very satisfied with whatever I've put on!

Emily Kennedy said...

Is your post title a song lyric? By Dylan? I love it... but I know I haven't heard this song.

Lorena said...

I am just back from your mom's blog - yes you have got to be her daughter ! :o)
This is such a pretty look on you, I will not call it casual, it's very put together and has a lot of details.
I adore that cardi, that has got to be one of my favorite color combinations.

hillary said...

yes to lyric no to dylan. ;0

Clare said...

That cardi is nothing short of super special. I love it!

Bridgett said...

love your sweater! i <3 tj maxx.

Jane said...

Thank you for the info Hillary. :)

Lisa said...

I love that cardigan! Those shoes are pretty rad too.

I think people in my family played a big role in being horrible fashion warnings. Most of my family is from Jersey, they're fans of big hair, long acrylic nails, and heavy make-up. At least most of them don't tan.