Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm gonna write a tear stained letter

Shirt, Trousers, Sweater H&M (nothing recent)
Purple cami Old Navy (2008)
Weird orangey cami Limited (2002)
Necklace mark by AVON (2008)
Earrings Marc Jacobs (2010)
Shoes Clarks (2010)
It is very cold and rainy today. Come on New England ENOUGH ALREADY. I am tired of being cold this year. This outfit was a thrown on one this morning. I stupidly didn't pre-plan so this morning I was running around trying to get dresses. I went with Kasmira's Lazy Girl Updo because it is literally the easiest hairstyle. Even when I go with just a pony I redo it about 5 times. This one I almost always get it first try. Also Dave made the glass hair stick back in his glass blowing days.

Someone complained at work I don't say hi often enough. It actually came up in my annual review. I am less than pleased. WHO complains about that? It was also mentioned that I listen to my iphone on the way into and out of work. UMMM hello that is MY TIME. Most the time if I am on it and walking to and from it is talking to my gram. I talk to her every single day. Sometimes more than once. I said too "I am kinda going through some personal stuff right now. I come into work. I do my job. I talk to all my coworkers in my actual office all through out the day. I go home. I don't think OH I DIDN'T say hi to so and so today." Sorry I am really bothered by this. I have been called a LOT of things in my life but snobby wasn't one of them. My mother and husband and coworker all were in shock and awe because they spend more time with me than anyone. My Gram even said "oh people need lives" yes. yes they do.

How are you today?
I am so excited my friend is currently in labor! She tweeted it last night! By the end of the day she will have a beautiful baby girl! eeeeeeeeeeee! Her website is already ready!


EvaNadine said...

seriously? that came up in your REVIEW?? not that youre not friendly (because thats not what im saying) but show me where in any job description it reads "must say hello to all coworkers and not listen to iphone when on own PERSONAL TIME."
if that weighed negatively on your review at all, thats a HR suit waiting to happen.

i agree with your gram. shes one smart cookie!

Sal said...

That is truly, truly bizarre. And utterly inappropriate. If you're doing your job well, they have no right to comment on your habits entering and exiting the workplace. WTF?!??

Those layered camis are really fun. Such a cool way to play off the print on the tee.

Jessica said...

I just can't believe that people are complaining that you don't say hi enough or that you listen to your iphone. WHAT? Seriously? Give me a break.

I can say that this is an issue that I worry about some. I don't go out of my way to chit-chat with my colleagues everyday and I am not one of those people who has ever been much with "Good Morning" rolling off my tongue each day either. I find it annoying actually. But I make a conscious effort to try to look pleasant and be pleasant when approached or whatever. But I don't go out of my way to do it. And, unless I were being a complete jerk, I am pretty sure it would never come up in a performanc review.

I just think it's appalling that it came up in your performance review. I mean, if you weren't doing a good job and that came up, it would make more sense.

LaShaune said...

Call me Frank...screw that review!

I really like the layers and colors in the shirt. The necklace is a lot of fun.

Congrats to your friend and her soon-to-be born new baby.

hillary said...

It wasn't IN my review it was mentioned while she was doing my review.

The things is I talk to EVERYONE in my office it's the "colleagues" in the rest of the building I think who snitched like babies on me. I work in a particular office in a library know what i mean?

It has NOTHING to do with my job performance it is not in a job description and it doesn't affect ANYONE I work with. I don't know who a big ol tattle tale but I have my theories and honestly it only makes me want to ignore them totally. As it is I say hi to every last person I see everyday. I wave and everything.

hillary said...

Jessica. It wasn't in my review it was mentioned during the meeting. "While you are here I need to mention something some people have complained to me...."

I think shes OBLIGATED to tell me. I think it is my old supervisor who did it. She sits behind me and she has no social skills. When my grandfather(different one in 2007) passed away I came into work and said "I am going to need the next three days off to go to funeral out of state" she says and I am not kidding "that isn't covered" not sorry for your loss. that isn't covered. BUT IT IS COVERED she was WRONG. That sums her up. She is rude and has no social skills. She also is NOSY

Oh you were sick yesterday
me. yup i was
oh so what kind of sick was it.
me. well i feel better today
was it stomach sick or flu sick
me. SICK.

Dave77459 said...

I have a non-review question:

Is your hair held by that one stick?

Review-related question:

Did you make a point of being gabby today?

Yes, I too am nosy!

hillary said...

I did what I always do. WHen I ran to bathroom if the librarian was working the desk I said HI like i do EVERYDAY

Dave well you put a hairtie in it in a loose pony and then twist up and put the stick in so yes the stick is holding the look up but if i took it out I would have a loose messy pony still

Lorena said...

I cannot believe this came up in your review.
It's plain nonsense, says A LOT about her person reviewing you......
Anyways I really like that up do, i never tried it.. just the regular bun.

hillary said...

see commments above. it wasn't IN the physical review it was mentioned during it as a complaint had been made. It says nothing on my boss it isn't her fault.

Dave77459 said...

Clark's Third Law States:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

I feel the same way about lady's fashion (and men's too, to be honest). You do things that seem like magic.

Thank you.

EvaNadine said...

glad to hear it wasnt a part of your official review. and i see what you mean about your manager feeling obligated to pass it along...
but still. some people just need to worry about their own business.
you just keep on keepin on, hillary!

Jess said...

Wow, your co-workers need to get over themselves...what a ridiculous thing to say about a colleague! Ugh.

I really love that gray sweater. The shoulders are so great!!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I prob hav the same "don't say hi" note in my files. I cannot believe that. Tres silly.
LOVE that sweater and hairdo.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kelly said...

I love your hair. Erik has been meaning to get back into glass blowing, maybe I will have him make me one as his "dip my toe back in the water" project ;-)

Also, people are retarded. I cannot even believe they would complain about that. I am totally flabbergasted!

Kelly said...

Oh and I just now went through and read all the other comments and - I HATE when people ask me to specify what kind of sick I am. "I'm sick" should be enough. I'll tell you more than that if a) you live with me and it affects you b) I'm contagious and don't want to give it to you or c) you are my doctor. Other than that it is NO ONES BUSINESS what kind of sick. But everyone seems to think it is. Ugh!

The Patersons said...

Hi there,

I don't think I've commented before and I should have recently to say I'm sorry for your loss. Anyway, in response to your post, I love the hairstick and also, can't believe the nosy people in this world who don't think for two secs that someone might be having a bad day, or a rough patch.

Good thing you have a good boss now. Don't worry about the haters, just keep on keeping on and ignore them.

I hope that the sense of grief is lessened over time and that the great memories are more overwhelming than the loss.

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

Love the hair! Now I wish I had a hair stick so I could wear mine like that to my job interview this afternoon.

As for not saying hello, obviously they're just jealous because you're so awesome. Or they're petty and have nothing else going on in their lives. Take your pick really. :)

hillary said...

I am glad people agree with my thinking that they are just totally insane to complain about that. My review itself went well so it obviously doesn't effect my job performance! Thanks everyone and to all the new faces... HI! welcome.