Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If Christopher Robin was a girl

(That is my pants button doing that to my shirt)
Electric blue shirt H&M (2008?)
Sweater Forever 21 (2009) I don't think this needs to be said but I can button the sweater I just feel so stodgy like that.
Boots Kenneth Cole (2006)
Denim Hipslung fit Gap (2010) I heard they already discontinued it. Finally find a fit I like and they discontinue it! Typical. I am always scared to like a TV show or pants for that reason.
Tiffany Bracelet with heart (2002)
Turquoise Bracelet Celiac Conference (2007)
Glass ring MFA store (2009)
Earrings I made (2007)
Necklace It's all about the print Etsy (2010)
Makeup detail 4.28.2010
Kenneth Cole Jan 2006 (200 plus marked down to 10!!! going out of business sale)
chanel nouvelle vague polish, blue and green glass ring from MFA turquoise from CSA
Green earrings I made
Doesn't the necklace look like my blog header but with a cat?!!! I saw it and HAD TO HAVE IT. Dave created my blog header from a photo of me and made the balloons himself after I insisted I needed heart balloons. He even made the shoes because he didn't like the ones in the original photo.
Necklace from Etsy that looks like me. got a makeover

OK lets get all deep(eye roll) and talk about Self Esteem.
What gives you good self esteem/ what makes you feel confidant?
I have come a long way in not despising myself anymore but I am still working on the not only being good about myself but SHOWING it. I was wondering if you all had things you do or wear or say that make you feel more confidant. Maybe I am just missing the things that are right there and I just need an outside perspective. I know if my hair looks good I instantly feel better about how I look.

PS I am getting back into my tumblr after abandoning it for about a year. It's a nice place to dump random stuff I liked.


Work With What You've Got said...

So your make-up looks really amazing today. I know you weren't really talking about that but it does, so I just thought I'd say.

OH MY GAH. My self esteem is at a low right now. Not all time, but a low none-the-less. I don't really have any idea what to do about it to be honest. I hate all my blog pictures lately and I feel fat all the time and blah blah blah. You kno how ladies can do. It's pointless and I want to stop, but so far no luck...

Sal said...

That cardigan is so fun. And flattering. Just a big old win all-around.

I feel most confident when I wear really big full skirts. That sounds totally bizarre, I know, but something about them makes me feel poised and ladylike, but also powerful, balanced, and grounded. They feel good, they look good on me, and that just resonates.

Lemondrop Marie said...

That does look just like your header, totally perfect for you. I agree, lovely makeup colors!
Self esteem is up and down for me- but up on days I wear a pretty dress that makes me feel taller and ladylike, most pants make me feel extremely short. Well. It's not the pants fault.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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EvaNadine said...

i agree with erin that your makeup looks particularly bangin today, and with sal that this cardi is a total win for you!

as for me, i have no surefire equation for feeling confident. most days, a good outfit/hair/skin day makes me feel great, but other things can always ruin it. the other day, i got a 95% on a practice quiz for a certification i am hoping to get, so that made me feel pretty awesome. i guess looking good and having a feeling of accomplishment are two pretty good tactics...

Jess said...

When my hair is in good shape (recently cut/colored, styled straight) and my skin/makeup is good it makes me feel super good about myself. Lately I feel horrible all around--my hair needs to be done SO badly, I pretty much need to buy all new clothes because what I have I HATE, and my skin is freaking out because I'm out of my expensive moisturizer and payday isn't until Friday.

Rachel said...

Totally agree that your makeup looks great today! The green eyeliner is really making everything pop.

This is a hard question, I'm up and down so much lately. New dresses have really lifted my spirits so I've been buying them but they've all been bargains (thrifted or majorly on sale) so the spending too much depression hasn't been an issue. Something about wearing a new dress for the first time makes me feel great!

All of it's really superficial, I wish I had some deep, internal mantra that I repeat to feel better, but I just don't. Most of it has to do with how I feel emotionally and physically.

Over the last few years I've learned to be more confident and less socially awkward by simply faking it. I would pretend I was the most beautiful, intelligent, charming, interesting person wherever I was (total opposite of how I actually felt) and eventually I started feeling like that's who I really was and stopped disliking myself so much. In order to change your state of mind you sometimes have to change the way you act first and the state of mind will follow. I've found that if my peers, family, employees, etc perceive that I am confident and in control then I will actually feel that way! After struggling for a long time with almost crippling social anxiety, pretending to act confident and in control really changed situations for me. This may not be a good solution for you, or for anyone for that matter, it's simply how I learned to deal with feeling inadequate.

Chelsea said...

I loooove that color blue on you. Gorgeous! And usually I stray away from keeping my eye makeup in the same color scheme as my outfit, but you have now shown me the error of my ways! I love how your blue eye makeup plays off your blue top... just gorgeous.

The self-esteem/confidence issue is something I care a lot about for myself and for others. I find blogging about my style to be a big confidence-booster... it has helped me to come out of my style-shell and feel good about myself not only for how I look, but for the fact that what I write and wear and talk about touches other people. Like recently I've put on a little weight and it's starting to make me feel like crap... which sucks. But blogging and keeping up with trying to feel pretty regardless of the scale number helps a bit. I'm all for hearing from others about this too though... cause despite the helpfulness of blogging, I'm still kinda down on myself lately and wanna get over it!

Lorena said...

That picture of your earring shows how very nice your skin is !
Hmmm, one of the things that makes me feel good is doing a great job, being as honest as possible.
Now another thing is wearing Bulgari perfume, the original one - I can be barefoot and in a crappy T shirt... that makes me feel like a queen.

Adeline said...

Heeeyy, I think I know who got you back into tumblr....:D -Adeline

P.S. what color polish are you wearing? I love it!

hillary said...

You can share the credit if you want with Megan. See all the posts from last week with the music videos. She brought me back you pushed me over the edge. :0

hillary said...

Oh the polish is Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Lisa said...

I love the polish!

Lately I feel pretty good about myself, but if I'm feeling unsure, or like I need an extra burst of confidence wearing something fancier than I usually wear with a pair of (comfy) heels, and some awesome accessories always makes me feel amazing.

LisaJ said...

Love the look today!

For the self esteem/confidence thing-right now I am in a weird place with this topic myself. I am normally the kind of person who has a higher level of self esteem and I am fairly confident in myself in most aspects of my life. But right now, I am definitely in a funk. I am doubting everything that I say or do and I don't feel like myself in a way.
I do agree with you on the hair thing. I have recently colored my hair dark (it was pretty light) and am making an effort to straighten my kinky curly hair daily-it does make me feel better. I feel like I at least look confident even if I'm not exactly feeling it. ;)

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

It's funny that I'm only seeing this now. My latest blog post was about how I've come so far yet I still feel the need to explain myself - almost apologetically - to strangers. What's that about?

I instantly feel pretty when I have a fresh mani/pedi so I do that once a week. I did it today...and I feel prettier in dresses (though NY weather needs to start cooperating a bit more..) I also love how I feel when I'm wearing wedges or my Tory Burch flats..and a nice bag to compliment everything makes me walk with better posture. Maybe it's vain? I don't think so..I just think my outside needs more time to catch up with my the mean time, I'll keep doing whatever I can to feel a little prettier and more confident..

hillary said...

thanks so much guys. This was all very helpful

I do like to be matchy matchy at times and the blue eyeliner matching was done intentionally. I don't always match my makeup but sometimes i really feel like wearing purple eyes with purple clothes@

Clare said...

Holy balls (and i don't say that lightly)! This color combo is incredible on you. The vibrant blues bring out your skin tone and hair color so well; you look crazy beautiful!

Kasmira said...

That's a perfect necklace for you.

And don't try to pass off that bump as your pant's button. We all know you have a ferocious outy.

hillary said...

not only do I not have an outtie I was probably 5 before I realized that not all boys had an outtie and all girls had an innie BELLYBUTTON