Monday, April 05, 2010

I can hear the bells are ringing joyful and triumphant

Chambray Dress Gap 2008
Electric blue tank H&M 2007
Sweater with big princess sleeves that aren't really showing up in the black. H&M gift from dad. It is this sweater but in black
Shoes Target 2010
Bangles 2010 gift from Emily
Earrings I made
Scarf H&M 2010 gift from dad
green earring I made
emily pink and gold bangles
secret peri-winkle
This polish color is new, I got it this weekend. Secret Periwinkle by China Glaze 18% of sales goes to Cancer research. I did a small yellow flower. I love how it looked kinda like a plate or pottery. My toes are a fantastic electric teal.

How was your weekend?
I went to my gram's for the weekend up in New Hampshire (and the next few weekends) We had Easter at Gram's house and some how I ended up cooking. People were smart mouthing about the amount of food. My uncle said "what is this war rations gram" I said bluntly.... "I cooked it and I don't ever want to hear this Hillary can't cook bullshit ever again" haaa that shut him up. My dad then goes "YOU COOKED THIS?" and they all ate it and enjoyed it. If pop had been there I would of totally of gotten in trouble for saying that. Ha. I think they all thought the same thing but even my mother in law laughed. I don't think they realized gram wasn't quite up to it all on her own like she usually does. Everyone seemed to like it. I hope not too much or they will make me cook again. It was a spiral ham, roasted potatoes in the oven (sooo good) a pineapple sauce I frankened up and biscuits.
We also went out to breakfast on Saturday which is one of my gram's favorite things to do. We also visited Pop's grave for first time and then got Ice Cream at the stand near the cemetery. Pop ALWAYS stopped there to get ice cream, it was our tradition. The funniest thing of the weekend was yesterday I was showing my 69 year old great aunt my quote in this month's Lucky and she goes "Oh Lucky I subscribe to that!" AWESOME!

and one just because it's funny how I am flapping my arms.


Sal said...

You can fly! And wow, what a scarf!

Sounds like a wonderfully family-centric weekend, lady.

EvaNadine said...

i love when bloggers posts silly pictures!
just dont fly away on us!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love those cardigans!~ Those are so cool!

I had an OK weekend. Church was tough because Easter is all about joy and hope and...I'm not there right now. I've sort of lost hope and I lack much joy these days. Mostly I'm stressed. But my church was really kind and understanding about it. Then Nathan and I went home and made BBQ Chicken pizzas and watched too many DVDs, and that was fun.

hillary said...

Do I feel ya hun! I have been a walking shell of a person for 2 weeks now. I don't give a shit about much of anything. I'd trade anything for my pop. God I miss him.

Jess said...

I love the song you quoted in your makes me think of Veronica Mars (which reminds me, I am due for a re-watch soon). I also love the silhouette of that sweater!

My weekend kind of sucked. I was supposed to have Friday as a holiday, but instead worked until 3 AM on Thursday and 9 PM on Friday, then spent the rest of the weekend stressing myself into an ulcer. I am going to try and rectify that this weekend, because I am taking Friday off and having a fancy date night with my guy.

hillary said...

reminds you of VERONICA MARS?! you're lucky I like you (and veronica mars) because it should remind you of my boyfriend! for shame!

I even put him on your mixed cd. AHEM

Jess said...

I thought it went without saying that it reminded me of your boyfriend, since it IS your boyfriend singing it! LOL

For serious though, it is one of my favorite Doughty tunes.

Lisa said...

Awesome jumping picture!

I'm so impressed that you cooked a whole Easter dinner. I've never made any holiday/special occasion/big meal before so I find the whole idea incredibly intimidating. I'm sure your Gram was really happy too.

This weekend - shopped, got dressed up and went out to dinner for my fiance's bday, played outside, and got sunburned (grr, my only goal for this summer is not to get sunburned and I already failed).

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love your scarf - and the bangles are an armful of fabulous!

Adeline said...

hey, where in new hampshire? I wonder if you were anywhere near me yesterday, ha! Are you still interested in the gluten free bakery my aunt owns? here is the website...

Hope you enjoy it! -Adeline

hillary said...

Adeline email me byhillary AT gmail DOT com

Beck I have the best friends. I mentioned once to someone else I wanted Indian bangles and she sent me 30!!!

Clare said...

I LOVE the arm-flapping picture! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend focusing on all the good stuff, family and ice cream!

And I love that scarf!