Friday, April 02, 2010

groooovin on a friday afternoon

Really couldn't get away too soon.... Over the river and to the woods to grandmother's house I go. It's hard to remember to say Gram's house instead of gramandpop's house. They were always one word. Dave and I are going to spend the weekend with her and help her cook Easter dinner. She is insisting she cooks.
I had an impromptu dance moment.
I feel like a walking H&M ad.
Sweater (unseen) shirt, silver belt, butterfly ring, nail polish and butterfly scarf H&M 2010 Gifts from dad. All bought yesterday. I can't link you sadly.
Wideleg jeans H&M 2008
Pandora bracelet, 2 sets bangles gift, Tiffany bracelet and Pop cuff
Silver flats Clarks
Pewter flats

The scarf has butterfly wings on it.
Ring and nails detail
I am really digging this outfit. Princess sleeves, black white and red and butterflies and silver. I will be sitting in traffic on the highway after work so I wanted to be car comfy as well. I bought all this stuff with some money from my dad I think he will be impressed with the sheer volume. Sometimes you can hit H&M just right. I am in love with the nail polish too. Its called Dollar green which it isn't so much but it's a beautiful spring color. I am thinking of bringing my nail stamping stuff this weekend. My gram has never seen it and I want to bling out her nails.
so cute

What are your plans for this weekend?
like I said before we are going to my grams in New Hampshire. I hope to see my dad and Ivy and have Easter dinner. We will have ham for Easter dinner as that is usual. I am trying to talk Dave into making his pie.

I snuck this picture right infront of coworkers today.
using a typewriter. I had to ask someone how to delete things.
I had to type up a label for a license on a typewriters and it was hilarious I had to go find someone to help me erase. I didn't get a computer until I was 18 but apparently I already am forgetting how to use a typewriter.

Oh just remembered this. Last year gram hid eggs for me and Dave. Yes I am 31 and my gram hides eggs. I love that woman.
and the granddaddy of all easter eggs. The one with money......102/365


Suz said...

The shoulders on that top are so cool and I am always a sucker for a stripe.

And omg, that nail polish is SO AWESOME. I'm tempted to buy it! (Shouldn't though, just had to replace my laptop...eek!)

Would you say those shoes are more of a pewter or a true silver? I've been looking for some flats with decent support and those look preeeetty perfect.

hillary said...

definitely pewter. They are on sale at Clark's stores this week. Maybe online too? They are "book pump"

Kelly said...

I love the pattern on your scarf!

I think a weekend with your grandma will be wonderful. She has lovely nails too - my mom always had long, beautiful nails when I was growing up and they just seem very "classy grown-up woman" to me. Sadly I can't grow mine that long. I can't even get them to your length in that picture without going nuts and chopping them all off.

Plans for the weekend: tonight I am having dinner with a friend. Tomorrow is going to be totally self-indulgent - yoga class in the morning, then a massage, then getting my hair done. I will probably follow the theme of "spending lots of money on myself" by getting sushi for dinner and a trashy movie. Sunday is all Easter stuff - my parents are having a party during the day, then in the evening we are going to my aunt's house.

Lisa said...

Great outfit! I almost got that shirt at H&M today! I'm also still jealous of your flats. I've decided that from here on out I'm only buying quality shoes, and unfortunately that means my shoe purchases must be made less often.

Have fun with your Gram! I don't celebrate Easter, but it seems like such a fun holiday. I did decorate eggs with a friend once and really enjoyed it.

My weekend: It's my fiance's birthday and I'm taking him to Top of the Hub! I'm so excited to get all dressed up.

hillary said...

I don't know if I "celebrate" easter either. I am not but my gram is Catholic and we always have a ham and I love bunnies and candy. I use the day as an excuse to eat lots of candy really. I say BUT IT'S EASTER.

Chelsea said...

bestill my beating heart! that butterfly ring is AWESOME! And I love the red/white/black combo. You look fantastic, woman! and I can't wait to see your grandma's pimped out nails :)

my plans for the weekend include a baseball game and cleaning.

Rachel said...

Just started reading your blog a few days ago, I love your style! Outfit is super cute today. Happy Easter!

Saturday plans are yuk: car to the mechanic and house cleaning.
Sunday: Supposed to be a beautiful day in Central FL so hitting the beach for the first time this year. Can't Wait! Gotta stock up on SPF

Kasmira said...

Love the black and white and red and white together. And the pattern mixing is rockin.

LaShaune said...

I can't believe you still have a typewriter in your office!!! That's hilarious.

When I started in my current position, the previous assistant had a brother. I promptly stuck it outside my door, marked trash!

I recently cleaned out our supply room (I hate clutter at work but can't seem to part with it at home - go figure) and found correct tape and replacement tape - that also got tossed!

Have a safe trip and a good time with your family. Happy Easter.

david said...

The only thing people use the typewriter for is to type up address labels for the big documents we can't fold. It gets used MAYBE once every 4 months if that. I can't get rid of it I work at a university not a normal office.

Work With What You've Got said...

I LOVE THAT BLOUSE. So much. Color me a little jealous. Or a lot.

The composition on that typewriter picture is really nice. I love the colors of the books behind you, it looks so pretty. Also I am a TOTAL spaz with a typewriter at this point. Total.

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone I really appreciate it. The Dave comment above is me I didn't realize I was logged in as him. I should of know I was on his computer.

Lorena said...

Love how you mixed that top with the scarf.. genius !