Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gloss Flu De Chanel in Laser REVIEW

OK this will be brief(ish) I wanted to write this before my lunch was over! Let me preface this by saying I think Chanel makeup is EXPENSIVE. I don't usually partake in it because I would rather by 2 or 3 things at MAC for the same price.
But I have my exceptions....(don't we all?)

Remember how a few weeks ago I went and bought the Nouvelle Vague polish? (review here) Well I saw this gloss in the makeup display the polish was in. I REALLY wanted to try it but the Chanel I was at was kinda SMANCY and I was embarrassed to pick it up and sniff it. I mean this is the store where they don't even ring you up on the floor. They do behind a secret mirror door to do it.
chanel lipgloss
Fast forward to last weekend Dave and I were at Saks, I was hitting up MAC because it was the annual Friends and Family sale. As we are walking about I say "Can I just look at Chanel for a second" I wanted to see if they had the polish because my spidey sense was telling me it was sold out. It totally was but I saw the neon gloss! Chanel Brilliant Lip Shine in Laser. (pewww peww robot laser noise) I said "That's the insane gloss I told you about" Dave said "try it!" so I did. And I loved it. I checked my wallet and I had the exact right amount left in cash. (Dave and I each have a budgeted "allowance" and we are supposed to use it for lunches, coffees and any trinket we want. I was out of work two days and I had left over! Shush with your saving it speech. I do save. WEEKLY. This is budgeted fun) So I bought it AND it was on sale AND it was the last one in the store! ahahahaa She said "That's it you got the last one of the line"
Happy Dance. It is sold out in that particular Saks and on Chanel's website but if you are interested your local counter might have it still!

Oh this isn't brief at all. My review. I almost forgot that bit.
It has absolutely no smell at all. It goes on really smooth and it isn't sticky. It is the neat smooth texture some new glosses are coming out with. I used to think is it wasn't sticky it wasn't for me. The color is subtle but fun. It looks like it is going to be knock your socks off bright but it is actually soft.
chanel lipgloss
It retails for a whopping $27.00. Do I think it is worth it. Well yeah I do. But I admit I get a sick thrill reaching in my bag and pulling our a neon lipgloss with that Chanel logo on it. (I know I am supposed to be above the label things. I KNOW I KNOW.)


mamichan said...

i LOVE chanel gloss. glossimers are my favorite.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

There's nothing wrong with buying it if you can afford it. I love looks ahhhhmazing on you (much softer, yes.)

I spend about the same on YLS from time to time though I'm into Bare Minerals lip color lately..It's inexpensive, but it goes on smoothly...

hillary said...

I have nosy family that reads this so I need to spell things out from time to time to keep the gossip down. :)

Lisa said...

It looks so bright and glowy in the tube, and so good on you. It was definitely a worthwhile investment.

LisaJ said...

I totally want to buy it just for the cool color factor!

hillary said...

lisaj ME TOO! it's all blleeep sleep orppp