Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't call it a comeback, errr I mean Orange

Because it's red. The dress and the coat are both RED. Got down to my photo taking spot and I had forgotten the camera's chip in the computer. Again. iPhone pics it was. Apparently Ms. iPhone wigs the hell out when looking at vibrant red in an overcast sky. ooooh nelly.

photo 3.jpg
Coat Old Navy (2008)
Dress Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Boots Clarks (2006)
Scarf H&M (2010)
Black jackety thing Calvin Klein (2010)
photo 4.jpg
The little 3/4 sleeve jackety thing has rouched bits all over the bottom of it and on the sleeves. I thought it would be a nice layer piece for summer. That is the name of the game for April dressing actually. Lots of little layers. It is 50 degrees out and might heat up to 60 today. Which is boots but not tights weather (or tights and flats but I prefer boots without tights honestly)
photo 2.jpg
black and white butterfly scarf
clark black boots white stitching

What did you do this weekend? Any good meals?

We stayed home this weekend. Friday night we went out to the Prudential center (or The Pru is what we locals call it) and we went out to dinner at PF Changs and went to Saks and hit up Chanel and MAC counters because it was Saks annual Friends and Family sale. I got the LAST ONE of a Chanel lipgloss. They are totally sold out online and in stores locally so I felt pretty fancy getting the LAST ONE and on sale!
We stopped at Starbucks on the way home (about 8:30 pm) and stupidly ordered caffeinated coffee instead of the decaf we thought we ordered. So we stayed up late watching wedding shows.

Saturday I had an ice latte waiting for me when I woke up. Dave got up early because he had to work and went to Dunkin. I could get used to that! We went out for Thai food and went to Target. I tried on a few Posen things. I am sorry I am only 5'3" and the dress was so short I literally couldn't come out of the dressing room. I am "short" so WTF?! Not impressed. I liked the black skirt but it had to weigh two lbs. It would be wicked hot. (oven not sexy hot) It was nice to get out because it had been over a month since we'd been home on a weekend and since we'd sat in a restaurant together in the city.

Yesterday was a lazy homework for him, Stephanie Plum novel book day for me. We made two batches of cookies. The first was so terrible we threw the entire thing again and went to the store and started over. The second batch was delicious. OH we also saw the first two episodes of Season 5 of Doctor Who. Lordy I love that show. As a kid I was obsessed. I watched Scarf Doctor version. (I think he was the 4th Doctor) We loved Season 5 so much we started on Season 1 last night on Netflix Streaming for the Wii and we plan to catch up.

Oh meals. Welp Friday I had ground chicken and eggplant. Saturday we had Pad Thai and Frisco Melts with Parmesan potatoes. Sunday we had French Toast and sweet potato home fries and homemade chicken fingers and fries for dinner. And of course M&M cookies!!!!

An extra treat. A video of Waffle making herself dizzy.


Karlee said...

Those rouching details are great on that jacket. I love Doctor Who. My husband and I have been going back and watching from the very beginning back in the sixties.

This weekend was the first VW show of the season on Saturday. It was fun, especially once the sun came out. Then on Sunday Rick went to a Pinball thing while I did housework and then we had poker night here.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I totally thought we were going to be orange trench twins until I read that what you are wearing is actually red.

I had a delicious meal on Saturday night: caesar salad, chicken and avocado pizza, red wine, and ice cream for dessert.

Sal said...

Dang, iPhone, WTF? Have you got something against the color red?

Orange, red, whatever, it's a fantastic look on ya, doll.

C Lo said...

My dog was MAJORLY "woof" ing at the video. Hahahaha.

I had a BBQ last night and ate delicious bratwurst. Saturday night was my daughters birthday party so I had disgusting pizza.

Trish said...

I checked out the Posen stuff yesterday, too! Sooo agree about the length -- made me feel kinda old! I had the same reaction to some of the Converse OneStar dresses -- I checked the label because I thought "oh surely it's a tunic not a dress" and the label said DRESS, and I thought "not for this old lady!"

That was kind of the highlight of my weekend. That and watching hulu in bed with my cat. Wow, that sounds even more old lady!

Clare said...

Your list of food is making me HUNGRY. Joe and I had lots of birthday deliciousness, but the highlight was definitely lemon ricotta and blueberry pancakes with brown sugar and gingerbread butter. YUM.

Glad you guys had a nice weekend!

christine said...

i am on a diet so nothing i eat is especially delicious or exciting.

i really like that you shop at target. i've always just walked past their clothing section, and even now i find myself really unable to find anything that i think would fit/work for me. i didn't realize you are about the same height as i am! i am used to assuming everyone is taller, so that makes me feel more hopeful about those cute dresses and tops you always seem to have from target.