Friday, April 09, 2010

Do you love me enough to let me go?

Denim trousers Gap (I have at least 4 pair at this point. Possibly more)
Silver bow flats Clarks 2008
Cropped cotton moto jacket Forever 21 2009
Brown and white polka dot top Target 2010
Pop's Navy dog tags
Heidi Klum earrings
Pandora bracelet
Ruffle front shirt close up

Jacket closed close up
Silver bow flats
silver clarks flats bow
Dave gets total credit for introducing me to this eye look. Years ago we were watching SATC and he paused it on carrie wearing a thin eyewing of turquoise eyeliner on top. He goes I LOVE THAT. To this day when I wear it he goes OH ITS LIKE CARRIES.

I am just really run down from the back and forth and everything. We are leaving again after work.. I can see it on my face. The tired. I have no glow to my skin right now.
I didn't even try to brush my hair today. I flat ironed the bangs and went out with slept on hair.

Do you look up people and "snoop" on them on Facebook?

I totally do. I looked up and friended some OLD friends yesterday. One I have known for 25 years (we met in first grade) and the other I met in 1990. (when did I become old enough to know anyone over 20 years?) One was a really good friend of mine all through school. We were both wicked social outcasts. He would always sit with me on the school band trips when my real "friends" wouldn't sit with me and I would get stuck with the smelly kids. Steve would step in. The entire ride back from Niagra Fallas Canada one year we listened to Madonna and TMBG on repeat for HOURS. He would dance with me at school dances because the boys didn't want to dance with either of us. (We both liked boys. ha) We stayed friends even after I moved to Florida. But we kinda drifted apart when we both went off to college. I looked up a few old boyfriends and then promptly deleted them all. They sucked there is a reason we broke up. I deleted all the people who never replied to emails. I deleted the people I never should of added. People who were asses to me in school. Why did I approve their request? no way jose. Well maybe for a minute so I can snoop over your private profile. ha!

The only real down side to finding old people? They HAVE PHOTOS and they tag you in them. OY my hair!!

Me at 14
8th grade graduation
That is me, brandon and pop.


Work With What You've Got said...

I do love that turquoise wing! Too cool!

I do facebook stalk people. I also unfriended a BUNCH of like mean girls recently. I was like "why did I say yes to this?" I have become the mater of "ignore" I've even had people message me and ask why I unfriended them, and I ignore that too!

Kelly said...

I love so much about this! Your eyeliner, your top, your jacket, your hair, they way you showed your jewelry! I know you said you didn't do much with your hair but I really like the wave of it.

I facebook stalk now and then. Ex boyfriends or college friends that I haven't heard from in a while. It's nice to see when they're doing alright!

Rachel said...

Really like your hair wavy! And the electric teal eyeliner is so cute for spring! I remember that look from a few years ago and am really glad it's back again

No, I don't Facebook stalk, I actually don't even Facebook and I'm probably the only person under 45 in this country who doesn't. I know this sounds awful, but I just don't care about all those people that I used to know. If they had any meaning in my life, then they are still in it.

Ok, I have to admit, I did start Facebook, but I got a slew of ex's wanting to be friends and I just don't want to open my life back up to that. My marriage is good and solid and I don't need to introduce insecurity into it by talking to people I once had a relationship with. The first message I got from an ex asking to have lunch was it - I closed my account immediately. I know - very weird, but I never claimed to be anything but!

Quick question -sorry so long - is Gap the best place for trouser jeans? Been looking for some in a very small petites size (won't tell you how small, people tend to get mad) and can't find any small enough! I know Gap carries small sizes, but I hardly ever shop there so any advice about their trouser jeans would be great!

hillary said...

Kelly I am the saw way. College friends and NH or FL or university friends. Having lived on opposite sides of country and at 3 universities I have friends from all over and it's hard to stay in touch and facebook makes it easy. I don't remember to tell them all I am moving every time!

I have never had an ex friend request me so that is so not an issue. I am not "friends" with any exs. I frankly think it is weird when people are.
The "they'd still be in my life" doesn't work in my mind for me. I moved cross country 3 times. If I lived in the same place all the time maybe...

You aren't the only one. My husband has never had an account and never will. I have had an account since before the public because I worked at a test school.

Can't help you in very small petites. I am not a very small petite. The whole people get mad thing is weird. People probably wouldn't make any issue of it if you didn't. If it is really that small than maybe the kids department? I just keep buying the same pants over and over from Gap. I don't shop there except to go and get a new pair of trousers.

Work with. I unfriended a ton of people and I put people into categories at my mom's suggestion. I have "family who doesn't really like me" and "friend"S who dont' really like me" and I can eliminate them from posts! ha.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Lovely pic of you all there at post end.
I really like those Heidi earrings!
And I have coveted the blouse before!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Heather said...

FAB eyeliner. Also the sholder pads in grade eight? I really need to post a picture of my grad dress - 2x the size of those shoulder pads and a cross over style top part which just made the pads worse. Oh I loved that dress! hehe

Lorena said...

SO much fun how you presented your accessories... very clever and creative !
Mmmm yes, I must confess i do look people up on the internet... on FB... hell, I even google myself.
I know it's snooping and if anyone caught me doing it I would beeee so totally embarrassed !

Kristen said...

Oh, pairing that brown polka-dot top with bright blue is genius! I have the same one, and I will be stealing that look, with credit of course. Thanks! :)

I just found a ton of old gradeschool friends on FB through seeing our kindergarten picture posted by one of them. I added them all instead of lurking, and I am glad I did. We've been emailing back and forth and reconnecting. So cool!

Trish said...

I LOVE how your husband notices stuff like eyeliner :)

I keep my Facebook circle pretty small -- I just ignore requests from people I wasn't even friends with in high school and work colleagues (actually, work people I will friend and then quietly unfriend and I don't think they notice). I want it to just be people I actually care about and want to talk to. I do like the categories idea -- that is smart.

And I have to confess, I re-met my boyfriend on Facebook. We were high school sweethearts, broke up in college, and now we've been back together for more than two years.

julie mack said...

I'm eight billion years behind on pretty much everything on the internets but I wanted to say how much i love your hair like this!