Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chanel Nail Varnish in Nouvelle Vague REVIEW


OK I am going to make this quick. I LOVE this polish. I have told you I have a thing for blue polish. It just makes me HAPPY. When I saw this polish on another blog a few weeks ago I have been stalking the Chanel website to see when it came out. I kinda forgot about it for a few weeks with life being a bit hectic and yesterday I remembered and checked the site. IT WAS THERE. Right there on the Chanel site. I instantly called my local Chanel and asked if they had it in stock. They did! (I am more about instant gratification) I then called husband and said "would you be mad if I spent $23 on a Chanel polish?" Not only did he say no he said "well you never did get the green one from them you wanted!" What did I do to deserve this man? Seriously?
Please pardon my rough hands. I've been hard on them lately.
I tell myself OH it can't be that special, OPI is great and what is the big deal. Then I use a Chanel polish and I remember... it really is better. You know why? The one BIG reason I love it so much? IT IS SELF LEVELING. Slop on too much color and it looks streaky? Give it a minute and it all smooths out to a perfect covering. It wears really well too. It wears down on your tips before it chips. When you do have a chip you can actually slap a little paint over the chip and because it levels it is barely noticeable. Not like other polishes.

So if you have an extra $23 bucks kicking around and are looking for the perfect blue green I highly recommend Nouvelle Vague by Chanel.

I ain't gonna lie(front, what have you) I totally posted this hoping Chanel will find it and simply insist I try something of theirs.


Lorena said...

I am hyperventilating... I was looking for this a few weeks back and it was nowhere to be found.
Last year I hated myself for not getting my little fingers on JADE.... Tell me Hillary is it any like the Apple Mint from Essie ?? Tell mEEEEEEE

Distractedly Yours said...

Yeah, now I think I need that. It's LOVELY. :)

hillary said...

Lorena essie mint candy is a bit more minty green whole this leans a bit more blue. They are close though. This has a slight shimmer while mint candy has none.

Distractedly Yours said...

Okay, so I bought it on the way home from work tonight. I haven't tried it on yet, because I just did a fresh manicure last night. In the bottle, it looks similar to China Glaze's "for Audrey." I'll have to do a test run on my nails with both the next time I do them.

Melissa said...

Ahhh! I loved it so much that I went straight to the mall after reading this and bought it! I'm terrible at painting my nails (really--I do go slow! It takes forever to "tidy" everything up and I inevitably smudge a nail or two) so I'm excited to see how this self-leveling thing works! Thanks for the review!

hillary said... do it at night when your not apt to use your hands as much.
Moistuise your hands before.
Make sure to wipe off nails. Paint slowly then use a quick dry top coat. Like Orly in a snap or seche vite.
Then hours or next day when you shower after you've been in a few minutes and your skin is soft gently scrap off the excess. I use a finger nail or a rough wash cloth.
And practice helps. I've gotten better since I started changing it so often.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I really didn't expect this polish to be so dark on. I love it!

I saw your comment on WIW2Day and I wanted to say that I honestly don't know how to change it. If you or someone knows how to change the settings so that it will not truncate in google reader, I'd be happy to change the settings. I'm not in it for the money or the hits, and I'm happy to try to make reading the blog easier.

hillary said...

Oh hun please know I didn't mean you. You are obviously in it for the love of fashion. I was talking about a certain person that it is VERY obvious she is in it for the money and it is sad really beacuse she used to be in it for the love of fashion.

I can look at the settings and see if I can find it.

hillary said...

Ok are you on blogger? If so I found it.

Go to
site feed
and change Allow site feeds to

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Ok, I did that. Hopefully, it won't truncate anymore. Thanks for helping!

I haven't visited there regularly since the comments controversy....

hillary said...

Moisturize your hands first. Helps keep the polish from adhering to skin.
paint them and use a fast dry top coat like seche. Something that drys them in about 5 minutes and then next time you take a shower and its hot and your skin is soft gently scrap the excess off.
or qtip dipped in remover but my hands arent steady so that isn't what I do often.

hillary said...

pssssssssssssst it is currently in stock on chanel site. SOLD OUT in stores.