Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You should still believe in an endless world and Konad nails 19

I have an excessive amount of photos today because I feel like it was hard to get everything.
Full body,
Shirt and skirt detail
Closed coat detail
Makeup detail
Side view of hairdo detail
Skirt New York and Co (2009)
Hoodie Marc Jacobs
Shirt H&M (2004)
Bangles H&M (2006)
Shabooties Nine West(2009)
Tights Hue super opaques
nine west shabooties grey suede gray

I got this hoodie coat off Gilt last week. After the mishap TWICE with Gilt where the sizing on the Marc stuff was wacky I erred on the side of caution and got it up a size. Now it is too big. I don't think it looks bad too big. I think it works and it is 100% cotton so I might shrink it. Previously I had got a dress from them and for sizing it said "runs a little large" and I thought OH IT IS DESIGNER and still ordered up a size. It fit like it was 3 sizes too small. I normally wear a 8 in Marc stuff (and they said it was running largeish) so I thought 10 would be safe and I could possibly take it in. It literally fit like a very small 6. I kept it(long story. I didn't mean to) And I have yet to wear it. urg.

This is Konad nails attempt 19. I liked how this one came out. I had already had the putty colored nails for a few days so I did the slate blue which is Mount Royal by American Apparel over it. This is a second day photo. Sorry my hands are shredded. I am covered in little cuts and scrapes I think I have been paper pushing in my sleep.

I asked a very similar question about your neurosis a few weeks ago but I want to get more specific. Do you have any bad habits?

I pick food off Dave's plate. Sometimes I just take his plate and give him mine because I like the shape of his better. I leave wet towels on the bed. I put ice cube trays back empty. I don't say hi. I forget to ask how your day was. I take way too long showers. I play with my iphone an obscene amount.


Lorena said...

Oh man, I wish we were a little closer so I could beg you to do my nails.... they are sooooo amazing !
Hmm, in regards to bad habits..
- I wait until my gas car light turns on before I get gasoline.
- I am really, extremely strict
- No patience at all
- I am a criticizer, i honestly think its genetic
- Stubborn

EvaNadine said...

im a nail biter/picker. i pop zits and pick at scabs. i am way too quick to point out the negative. i dont tell my fiance i love him nearly enough. i hate the weight i have put on, but im too lazy to work out and have been eating really crappy food.

hillary said...

ha I am as stubborn as all get out.
I have little patience and I criticize a lot. I also am self deprecating.

Kelly said...

Oh I love that skirt!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the skirt!

I also leave wet towels on the bed. I often forget to clean the coffee pot. I almost never remember to take the box with my leftovers. I sometime interrupt people.

Lisa said...

I'm crazy about that skirt!

My bad habits:
- chewing gum, I would do it constantly
- picking at myself (like my lips when they're chapped, pimples, scabs, my nails)
- leaving knitting everywhere
- writing in cursive (this is a student complaint, I think it's lovely)

BAM said...

I'm the first to admit that I can be a bit of a sloppy drunk. I just get sooo excited that I tend to not count the drinks. Drinks + giddiness = me actin' a fool. But I'm not boring!

My car tends to smell like a gym bag (it's from leaving cleats in the trunk).

In my effort to compost more, I actually have two of my apple rinds hanging out in the gymbag car. I"m pretty sure that isn't helping!