Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update is a coming..

I am not going to apologize for not posting because that always strikes me as odd when people do it. Unless it is your job or you have a set schedule, post on your timetable! It is fun! I can explain though so I don't get more emails wondering if I disappeared. :) I had a doctor's appointment this morning so I didn't get a chance to take an outfit photo. It is just a variation on one anyways.

But with new jeans and my clark boots. Oh and a side braid and this time I buttoned one button. TRE ORIGINAL.

Since I last saw you all Dave fixed my computer with parts off Ebay.
He fixed it!
He has worked IT for the past 10 years and he can fix many things. I have screwed up computers lots of fun ways in that time and he always fixed it. But it was always softwareish , physically taking apart was a bit of uncharted territory. He has taken apart every toaster all his life so he felt up to it. Once he got it apart he commented it was more complicated than he anticipated. I vomited a little but he got it back up and running and it was a beautiful new LCD. He then proceeded to take apart the old one and it was pretty neat. There are a ton of layers to it and they are all transparent and are wiggy to look through. We were running our hands under them and seeing trails. FUN TIMES!

And because life is like that about 20 minutes after he got my computer completely fixed he dropped THIS on his foot. It weighs 15 lbs. When I bought it in 2002 it showed up by itself on the doorstep with a completely destroyed box laying next to it. I don't think UPS new how to handle it. It is worth every penny and we use it daily but it destroys counters. At first he thought it was broken. Thru the screams I deciphered that he couldn't feel his toes. I put him on the couch and put a coolwhip tub on it while I tracked down ice. (It was the only thing frozen!) It is swollen and mangled but not broken. Where he was standing there was a bag of potatoes on the floor and a few potatoes were smashed to Smithereens so I think that is what saved him from breaking his foot in half. The worst part? He wasn't even supposed to be home. His classes were canceled due to the storms and flooding. Poor thing. Next time his class is canceled he will probably hang out in the library.

Of course he was making pie when this all happened. I attempted to finish it for him. I totally screwed it up. I have the right ingredients in the wrong order. Luckily he had cooked the apples when he was making dinner so we kinda had mush and apples with butter. This is why I don't cook. I am an amazing cook but not consistent. I can create the most complex amazing things from little ingredients but there is no consistency and I can't do it again. It also always look like a bomb went off. I also say this often "I can't remember if that was the 2nd cup or 3rd" or "did I already put the butter in" and my favorite "where did x go" I tend to put fridge things in cabinet and cabinet stuff in freezer. I can't tell you how many times I have stuck remote in freezer when I get up to get ice.

The girls updated their blog yesterday too.

Tonight I am doing in a purse content post. I haven't had a computer for a week and I wanted to do one mostly because I want YOU to do one. I am feeling the nosy pants itch.

So how are you today?

My mom cut her hair off. The only person more impulsive than me when it comes to hair is her. I never make appointments. I do it now or not at all.

OH and someone from a local Loft was so kind to contact me last night and tell me that those amazing cookies I told you about yesterday? They are from Cheryl and Co. If you want me to love you forever. Those cookies. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

I love this outfit on you! You look so pretty in purple...and those shoes are tres amazing!!

Hope all went well at the doctor's today...



Emily Kennedy said...

I agree. Folks should not apologize for not posting unless they're getting paid to post. But, who am I to say such things? The demands of internet friendship are quite significant I understand.

Candycane said...

I am loving those shoes :D

Hope Dave's foot gets better soonies :D

CC xXx

Lisa said...

I agree with you about the posting. I am one of those people who is notorious for apologizing for things I'm not really sorry for, so maybe others are like me and that's why they do it.

I know you said you're wearing different shoes today, but I seriously love the ones you're wearing in the picture.

And I'm doing well today, thank you!

hillary said...

Lisa I've done it on here. I'm trying to stop. In general. I use it as a conversational crutch and I feel I look weak so I'm kicking it's ass outta my life.

hillary said...

Lisa I've done it on here. I'm trying to stop. In general. I use it as a conversational crutch and I feel I look weak so I'm kicking it's ass outta my life.

BAM said...

yea for Dave fixing the pink computer! That is one handy man!

Too bad about the toe though, hopefully it won't discourage future electronic repairs.

Farmgirl said...

Ouchie on the toe~ Cheers to Dave for fixing the computer!

hillary said...

I wish it was just a toe it was the whole damn foot! He says it hurts like hell but doesn't think it is broken. He did when he did it though. I had him ice it immediately which helped. 

hillary said...

Dave got home 3 hours early last night totally didn't do purse picture. Oops.

Thanks so much everyone!

Heather said...

1. OMG! Poor Dave!!! Hope the talk is going well. I suggest going for an xray in case there is a hairline fracture.

2. OMG I love your mom's new hair!! I think the shorter cut really suits her!!

3. I hear you about the pjs tonight. I might have some whiskey while wearing mine.