Saturday, March 20, 2010

Telling you what I did on a Saturday

outfitphotomarc202010 006
Shirt Target yesterday! It is brown cotton button up with ruffle along front. I think I need more of it.
Jeans and earrings H&M 2008
Born Sandals 2009
Men's Tank Target 2008?
Purse Coach 2010
outfitphotomarc202010 007
Old shoe photo with my RHONJ pedicure. I have to say I still kinda love it in that tracky-tastic way. I love ridiculous nails. I had never had it except that one time. I just wanted to TRY IT.
suede flower born sandals dsw
It was an absolutely amazing weather day here. The sun was shining it was 70 and just a twing of a cool breeze off the ocean. Totally not normal March New England weather. It was my toe's first outing of the year. (Well except for the one time I got a pedicure and walked home in flipflops. But that was only for about 2 minutes as I basically ran home.)

We rented a sleek new Subaru last night and got cupcakes and pizza and went to Target to check out the Liberty of London stuff. I bought a present for a friend's baby and myself a wallet and plastic box. I also got this shirt and some lilac suede flats with cutouts that fulfilled the "purple shoes" and "comfy flats" fashion wish list items. I totally plan to wear this shirt with a high waisted skirt and flats.

I am in mad love with my purse. This is it's blog debut. I got it a few weeks ago with Dave's 25% off coupon. It filled my "cross shoulder bag" and "black bag" wish list items. I really need to put more things in life on my wish list because I have noticed when I extremely specific and write it down on my list I end up finding it. (The whole realization thing I guess) It has a shorter strap to tuck it under your arm too. Thank you mister tax man. I ended up giving the gray bag to my mom for her birthday that is quickly approaching. She knows I carried it for 4 days and it is gently loved. Long story but she will appreciate it much more than I ever would.

Today we went to lunch and spent two Christmas gift cards, one for PF Changs and one for Barnes and Noble. If it had been my Barnes and Noble gift card it would of been spent on December 26th. My boy he is not a reader. We are also such thrifty eaters we have enough on the card from one and a half more meals there! (Our most expensive meal we have ever had was $59. and that included dessert. As a Celiac we just find it hard to spend money on a meal that could make him sick)

Do you write down physical wish lists?
I have a fashion one. It has things like Nude Pumps, Black waterproof fancy trench that isn't stiff and hot, Brown high waist full skirt, Silver leather belt...etc. I am very picky so these items tend to be hard to please me.


Lemondrop Marie said...

I do have a wish list for my wardrobe, and I can be picky but occasionally I can also be distracted by something "close" and end up in disappointment and irritation with myself and the item in question.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Anonymous said...

i wish my feet resembled yours even a little bit. you have the nicest mani/pedis, Hillary.

Jess said...

I am so jealous of the gorgeous weather you got to enjoy! This morning it rained so hard our windows leaked, and now it is SNOWING. In Dallas, TX. On the first day of spring. WTF?!?!?!

I have a wishlist for my wardrobe, including things like a bigger crossbody purse (I have a Coach one that is small but holds a lot, but i want a medium-to-large size one), nude pumps, a leather jacket that doesn't look like something I owned in the 90s, the perfect pair of black flats, a classic trench coat, a pair of comfortable but sexy black heels (my old perfect ones from Nine West died in such a way that they could not be fixed by a cobbler), a pair of perfectly broken in cowboy boots, a vintage Esther Williams style swimsuit in bright lipstick red, the perfect big cocktail-style turquoise ring, a well-tailored white blouse, trouser jeans that don't look like mom jeans on me, etc. etc. I could go on forever!

Lisa said...

I've written a list of things I want to do in life, and since writing that list (it was about 25 items long) I've done three. I'm not sure if I would have done them if I didn't write it down or not.

My fiance and I also made a list of places we want to travel to, so we'll see how that works out. I do think having a physical/visual reminder makes it more real.

Candycane said...

Looksw like you had a lovely day!

Loving the manicure - so cute! I haven't managed to get my tootsies out yet so far this year!

I too write down wish lists for items I want to buy - then tick them off when and if I do :D

CC xXx

Anonymous said...

I don't have a physical wish list. It's a pretty good idea though. That's a cool new shirt. On Saturday we dropped off my car to be painted and then sat around while our furnace was installed. Hooray for whole house heat!

Kristen said...

I have that top, and I adore it! I have it in the grey too, but the chocolate polka-dot is a better pattern. It looks fab on you!

I have a wish list of big pieces -- white trench, ankle boots, etc -- but I don't have them written down.

EvaNadine said...

i definitely have a fashion wish list. if there are things that i keep thinking to myself that i want, i will write it down (some of my fashion ones are listed in the sidebar on my blog). that way, i can know exactly what i have been coveting, and it actually helps me rein in my spending sometimes. if something isnt on "the list" it doesnt get much money put toward it.

Kelly said...

I love that top! It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend!

I don't have a physical wishlist. For a while I would bookmark things I liked so I could watch them to go on sale, but in the end I spent even more money because things that I would have forgotten about otherwise stayed on the list. I just sort of have general ideas of what I want. Sometimes they're specific (I'm in need of a black cross-body bag myself right now) but usually it's just "I need something I could wear to work then out to dinner" or "I need a top with an interesting neckline for underneath a jacket" or something. Things that I don't really know what I'm looking for until I find it!

Lorena said...

No, I don't have a physical wish list.
However, I do have a physical to do list.... :(

Anonymous said...

He he....another Steve Burns reference!

I don't write down physical wish lists, I keep them in my head. Fashion wise it changes every season, of course. Right now I want a polka-dot vintage cut bathing suit, a high waisted pencil skirt, and a pair of red patent peep toe heels that are comfortable.