Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stars shining right above you.

Dress and sweatshirt Target (2008 and 2009)
Flower H&M (2007?)
Shoes Michael Kors 2010 from (they aren't on the site anymore)
Sweater tights Ann Taylor loft (2010)
Earrings gift


Flowers and dress detail


Makeup I think I look evil in the photo on the right

Picnik collage


michael kors olive suede wood platforms 6pm

Last night my computer pooped itself. Technically I dropped it and it landed on the edge of the top of the screen. I knew before I picked it up that it was a goner. I felt it.


So I sat there and freaked out for half and hour swearing up a storm waiting for Dave to get home. I only got it for Christmas last year. Yeah like 14 months ago. It is still "newish" Also this past weekend we dropped a ton of money at the vet. When Dave came home he was insanely cool about it. He immediately tried to get it to work. He got it hooked up to an old monitor and started copying over the harddrive to a removable drive just in case. An hour or so later I got this email.

Hello from FixxYur Computer Services Inc.
We here at FixxYur know how exciting technology is and how attached we can get to our computers and electronic devices. Unfortunately, accidents and incidents are a part of life with technology and it can be really traumatic when a computer that you know and love gets sick. But don't stress, there's hope!
Our technicians have been notified and they have already been able to identify the problem, order the necessary replacement parts, and locate repair instructions. The parts should arrive by the end of the week and we will work as hard as we can to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need reassurance from our counseling department in the meantime.
Regards, FixxYur!
FixYa is an independent service provider focused on customer service and electronics repair. FixxYur will make every effort to repair your electronics in an efficient and cost effective manner, but sometimes situations arise that are beyond our control and this email is not to be construed as a guarantee of success and FixxYur can not be held liable for an inability to make successful repairs. Upon completion of said services you will be in debt to FixxYur Computer Services Inc. for a yet to be determined fee. Big time.

The worst part is the computer was a surprise gift from Dave. He had got a nice bonus that year and so he got me my very own pink sparkle computer (that's how I knew it was mine and he wouldn't take it) I still have my macbook but it is kinda old and it doesn't have photoshop on it. I was actually in the middle of editing photos I had taken for a review for the blog when I dropped it. I don't even know what happened. I was sitting on couch then it went ass over teacups. Dave is gonna crack it open and someone how teach himself how to replace the screen and hope that fixes it. Technically it is Dave's turn for a new computer his Dell we got when he started school crapped itself about a year ago and the macbook can't run Revit and he has done all his homework on a borrowed computer. (His cost a mighty chunk of cheddar because it has to run Revit. Mine is a interweb and potatoshop computer)

Have you ever broken a computer?
It is pretty unusal that I break my own device. I am klutzy and drop stuff all the time but never break it. Usually people break mine for me. The first week I had my sidekick (hello 2004!) Dave dropped a bowl on it and killed it. (broke the screen funnily) and then in 2008 Dave was plugging in my HTC phone the thing inside snapped out and the phone self combusted. (His broke the same week) we took that as a sign and got iphones. ha. My flat iron died recently too. I had a chi for 6 months and one day when I plugged it in NADA. Dave took that apart but he couldn't get it to work.

On a serious note I am VERY sad to hear about Corey Haim. I know he had fallen on hard times the past few years but I was a UBER fan since I was little. I have seen Dream a Little Dream over 150 times (I stopped counting eventually) It is mine and Dave's song too. If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug problem. Please get help. Hell email me if you just need to. Don't be too scared or shamed to admit you have a problem and seek outside help. Too many young, talented, amazing people are dying and we need to put a stop to this.

Edited to add. This was a joke email and just humorous and a fake company my husband was making up in an attempt at a joke. A company contacted me calling him fraud I changed the fake name to a faker name. I am tempted to post it because it was so silly. It was just a joke people!


Sal said...

Oh lady, SO sorry about the 'puter. How incredibly frustrating!

Jane W. said...

Ah, modern technology. At least you look lovely!

That print! Those pins! I swoon.

Heather said...

Corey dying has thrown me for a loop too. I knew he had drug problems but I always just believed he would pull out of it somehow or go on one of Dr. Drew's shows. I don't know.

Regarding your computer - sad, sad, sad. I've dropped my blackberry a few times and it is fine (thank god) but for computers. Up until now I've only ever had desktops so no dropping. The laptop I got a couple of months ago - I hang onto that thing for dear life and have been thinking about jury-rigging something to keep it attached to me and hanging from around my neck or something!

Work With What You've Got said...

My condolences on your computer. I hope you can revive it.

I love a good dress and sweatshirt combo! This is a great one!

Erin said...

Oh bummer! I have absolutely no clue what I'd do with a broken computer... probably just cry and ask my husband to get it fixed. I'm so, so sorry!

On the bright side, you look fabulous!

D'Et said...

My sweet honey fed my Macbook an entire can of Squirt without knowing it and when I tried to turn it on a few days later it was totally dead.I took it all apart and "de-gunked" it with rubbing alcohol and everything except the screen worked. You can replace just the LCD screen on a laptop and it's actually not hard at all.

It will probably cost you about $200 I'd imagine, but on a machine that you love so much, it's worth it. I can tell you more if you're interested.

It's such a bummer when something like that happens. Sorry to hear. :(

hillary said...

D'et. It isn't a easy fix. My husband works IT and knows what he is doing and he isn't sure he can but he is going to try and the LCD was only $40. It is a netbook so its a funky size not a regular laptop it doesn't have an easy accessible case like our other laptops. He also isn't sure it is just the screen that was damaged.

It was only a $400 machine I would never pay $200 to repair it.

Lorena said...

I am usually not a breaker. My brother is. He will break the unbreakable. Ask my mom.
I was really sad to heat about Corey Haim... I had a crush on him years ago, it's so sad to see how talented young people are leaving way ahead of their time...

Kelly said...

Oh man that SUCKS! I hope it works out without too much grief.

On a totally different note, I like your flower pins a lot!

Kelly said...

Oh and I don't think I've ever broken a computer *knock on wood*

Kasmira said...

Sorry to hear of your computer woes!

I like your eyeliner today. You look good with your entire eye rimmed in dark liner. I wish I could rock that look!

hillary said...

I don't see why you can't. it is just finding your color.
I look like a hooker in most colors if I line my whole eye. I can only wear this light brown. The trick is to not line you top eyelash line but to line IN it. Yes right against your eye. I am sure my eye doctor is cringing. If I line my top line I look like I got droopy huckleberry hound eyes.

Rachael said...

I broke my computer once. The monitor. When I was in university, a girl in my dorm was killed in a car accident, and a few of the other girls in the dorm took up a collection to help her family with expenses as best we could. When they came to my place, I was writing a paper in the living room area (we had apartment style dorms, complete with kitchen), and very carefully set my laptop on the end table, hopped up to go to my room to get my wallet, and tripped over the cord, pulling my computer down to the floor and me in a big heap on the floor. I managed not to cry until I had given my donation and the collecting girls had left, then I had a good old fashioned pity party. I then had to deal with the broken screen I could only see half of for nearly a year because I couldn't afford to get it fixed or buy a new one.

Moni said...

I hope your laptop can be saved! I'm not usually a breaker, but about a year and a half ago I left my laptop on the ground (so stupid) and accidentally stepped on it! The LCD was completely kaput, and they quoted around $1,000 to replace it! I ended up just getting a new computer. :( Of course, I am now hyper vigilant about where I leave my laptop.

BAM said...

Bummer about the purty computer and I'm just now hearing about Corey Haim. Crazy. I mean, you know people aren't well, but it's still a surprise...

hmm...changing subjects, makeup looks great.

Kristen said...

I love the way you restyle that dress every time you wear it, and this is my most favorite of all of the stylings. Those clogs are so GREAT.

Sorry about your computer! We don't often physically break ours, but now I am going to be more careful when I handle mine.