Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Hillary Day

Hey I deserve a holiday too you know!
I don't know why but I am making a face in every picture this morning. I thought this was "smiling" I look like I am about to burst.

I liked this one better but I cut my head off. Does that bother people? It was an immediate disqualification in my mind.

But you can see that it is black eyelet with white under it better here.

Dress Gift from the amazing Beckdress
Sweater New York and Co.(2009) Last time I wore it I complained how I accidentally dried it and the sleeves were too short. My friend Emily said how she shrinks her sleeves on purpose! I was shocked. I hate short sleeves because to be frank they make me feel like a fat kid squeezing into too small clothes. But if Emily did it on purpose then I could rock it. So I took her suggestion and cuffed them to exaggerate the shortness.
Bracelet gift (2002)
Watch (2007) store in my neighborhood. It is a costume jewelry place. This was a Chanel "inspired" piece.
Earrings I made
Shoes Charlotte Russe (2007)

IMG_8705watch white

My skin has been terrible lately but I think I found my combo.
I was using a ton of concealer and it just wasn't working out. So I tried adding foundation something I like to skip because of my freckles and it makes me look fake. The past few days I have been doing the old mositurizer and foundation mixed on my hand and put on with a sponge trick THEN applying concealer where I need it. I think it worked out great because you can't really tell where I am broken out.
Because my rosacea has been acting up some I changed to peach and mocha blush the last few days and it is agreeing with me more than my usual pinks. I was looking splotchy.

I can tell you now. Dave is at right this moment giving a presentation to Harvard's board of directors. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. My fancy boy. He gave a talk at the Architecture graduate school in 2008. He looked so cute in his new shirt and tie I bought for him today. His suits weren't fitting right. He never wears them so today he is wearing his wedding suit. Which I found a bit hard to swallow. I mean I am not going to pull out my wedding dress from it's sealed box. But it really looks nice on him and it is just a suit.
Very big barbie box

What are your plans for today? Are you wearing green?

I have no St.Patrick's Day plans. Living where I do it is a bit crazy. I have no tolerance for drunks. NONE. I will be home and in my pjs and hopefully nomming on a shamrock shake and Japanese food.


Sal said...

Green and black never looked so fresh! The eyelet is just marvelous.

Kasmira said...

I also disqualify head-cut-off pics, but I admire them on others' blogs. I posted one myself the other day, and I think the result was more artsy.

I'm glad you didn't give up on the sweater. It looks adorable with the shorter sleeves.

Becky said...

I really like your white watch! I'm celebrating St. Patty's day by staying in with my boyfriend and ordering sushi from our favorite sushi place. Quite the different St. Patrick's Day than I used to have back in college. Geez I used to be such a lush!

Lorena said...

I have a thing for eyelet... this dress does the trick for me.
I think your make up looks flawless, had no idea you had rosacea... I do too :( , it showed up about 3 years ago and refuses to leave... I use a cream called Elidel that has done wonders...!

hillary said...

Lorena mine showed up a few years ago too. It comes in waves it is all in like a muzzle shape around my nose and mouth.

EvaNadine said...

i am wearing some green today for St Pats, but green is my favorite color, so its not so obvious when i wear it specifically for the holiday. todays outfit probably wont be posted until tomorrow anyway.

i also DQ the photos where any part of my is chopped off, but i really love the "artsy" images on other peoples blogs. maybe its because i assume they did it intentionally, whereas i know mine was an accident...
i tried to get artsy with the photos in the post im putting up today, so we shall see how that goes...

Beck, At Her Best said...

Love the dress and the green and black look so great together! I like the first photo your face makes it seem like you've got a secret you aren't going to tell.

The cutoff photo doesn't seem like a problem to me - I usually try not to do that to myself, but if it makes the outfit look great I use it as a "alternate".

I'm wearing lots of green even though I'm not Irish, but I'm not going out - I might get a corned beef sandwich for lunch and have a Guinness if my boyfriend didn't drink them all on me :)

Chelsea said...

adorable green ensemble! i feel like your smile in the first shot is kinda "come hither"-like :) or at least when I try to do a come hither face it sometimes looks like that!

I have no plans but work and then figuring out what to eat for dinner. I can't drink on weeknights and function at work the next day, nor do I enjoy drunk dudes, which there are a lot of on St. Pat's Day, so I have no problem staying in and watching "Outrage" with my boo!

Lorena said...

WOW, I would have never known you have it.... and now I am looking at your pics in the areas you mention... and see nothing ! :o)
Mine are in my upper cheeks... :(

hillary said...

Lorena it is a very mild case. I just look like I had a cold when it gets bad.

Kelly said...

Hillary I LOVE this. Love love love. Everything works so perfectly together.

To answer your question yes when I chop off part of my head it's usually a disqualification. I'll use it as a last resort but I really try not to.

I am wearing green, and hopefully I can get the pics up before the day is totally over...but that depends on if I have a lull at work today ;-) I don't know what I'm doing tonight. I would LIKE to go out to eat or at least get a beer or something, but BF gets to freaking drink at work this afternoon to celebrate and when that happens he's usually not in the mood to go out anymore once we get home. Maybe if I pounce before he's walked in the door and tell him we're going out ;-)

Anonymous said...

your sweater makes me green with envy. that has to be the ideal shade of green.

thanks for your kind words about my outfit today. :D

Candycane said...

The cardigan and the dress is super cute!

And you just reminded me that I REALLY need to get my wedding dress cleaned and boxed up properly!

CC xXx