Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring flats

I have needed some new flats for awhile now. I got rid of a couple pairs that had basically self imploded recently and desperately needed something to wear to run around in and feel cute. I have a problem of not feeling as pretty in flats. I just feel more confidant in a heel. It forces me to stand up straighter and pay attention when I walk. We have cobblestone sidewalks where I live so I usually wear flats to run errands and to go to and from work. Zooey D is wearing little black flats in her new video and she looks so insanely cute so I decided I was going to wear them and I was gonna feel confidant!

I hadn't intended on finding shoes this weekend. I wasn't even actively looking and I ended up with 3 pairs!

The first pair Dave found while standing around waiting for me at Target.
lilac suede flats target
Lavender suede flats by Merona. They were $19.99. Dave has this thing for picking out purple items for me which is funny because I never gravitated to purple. Purple was my mom's color. Things have changed though and I now appreciate how lovely purple is. They are comfy but I think they need a little insole just to give me some extra support if I am going to wear them all day.

The next pair we got at Clarks. I was trying to get Dave to pick out new shoes but his foot is still hurting him really bad so he wouldn't even look. So I did a quick run through and these pewter beauties jumped out at me.
Pewter flats
Book Pumps in Pewter by Clarks. They retail for $60 and they are totally worth every penny. I paid $35 because I had a frequent buyer punch card filled up and ready to turn in. I have no idea why they call them pumps. Zappos says they have a 3/8 inch heel. Clearly they are more accurately described as flats. These are insanely comfortable. They say Soft on the inside, they aren't foolin. I have been wearing them around the house in my pajamas. I have a weakness for all thing silver leather. I see them as a neutral as it looks equally as good with brown or black.

The last pair came from a road trip up to L.L.Bean in Freeport Maine.
brown suede flats llbean
Bean's Suede Skimmers in Chocolate Brown. They retail for $64. While it is a bit more than I would want to spend remember they are guaranteed for LIFE. They are also insanely comfortable and again Dave picked them out. He is also sucker for a bow. (On me. Not for himself. ha) I was looking at the flip flops with cherries or lobsters on them and he spied these. They run a bit big. I normally wear a 7 in most stores and I have some 7.5 in shoes with no give. I had to get these in a 6.5.

I got all three pairs of $109 which while is not my cheapest finds by far but I have two top qualities pairs they are COMFORTABLE and supportive and one fun pair I don't expect to last more than a year. (I mean they are lavender suede...)


Barking Dog Shoes said...

Hi Hillary,

I saw those Book flats by Clark's online and their simplicity caught my eye. I love French Sole flats but my feet don't, so wondering about comfort level. I see you like them! I might have to tell my readers about them.

Marianna said...

All three are super cute! I love flats... I couldn't live without them!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I adore a pretty flat, but I don't feel as confident in them either- I am tres short and I like the line of just about everything I wear better if I have a heel on. These are lovely, I love the color of the LL Beans.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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EvaNadine said...

those purple flats are to die for! did they come in any other colors? i am always on the lookout for a cute pair of flats.

Boutique Girl said...

Ooooh - I need the purple flats from target!

Lorena said...

The Clarks are my pick !!
They look sooo comfortable and I love that thin bronze lining.
One of the things I miss the most from my shopping ban is buying shoes...

Anonymous said...

I've been eyeballing that first pair every time I go to Target, I think I'm getting them in yellow.

Kelly said...

Cute! I especially love those top purple ones. I love purple too much.

EvaNadine said...

I have awarded you the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award!
See my post for details:

J. said...

I love all these, but the lavender ones are the cutest!

Lisa said...

I'm a big fan of flats since I stand all day. I have a bad habit of buying cheap flats though which usually give me blisters or hurt, so it would probably be worth it to invest a bit more. I love those Clarks!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I love the silver leather...I mean, I'd take them all for sure, but those might be my favorite because they're so cute and versatile...and definitely flat..

hillary said...

Thanks everyone.

Update on the shoes. I have not worn the lilac ones out because it has been cold and raining. I had taken the pictures and scheduled this post and it actually went live the same minute my dad called me. All three shoes were out in the living room and I grabbed the silver shoes and I had to wear them all week as they were all I brought. They were INSANELY comfortable and they looked nice all week and there was absolutely no breakin what so ever. My mom and gram really liked them too. They looked nice with jeans and a dress equally. I think I might go get another pair in another color before they sell out.

I wore the brown ones today and they were a bit stiff in the morning but my this afternoon they were already breaking in.