Thursday, March 11, 2010

I forgot to put in a title. Leopard and Red, oh great title. urg.


Someone had a meeting and had to go to work early so they couldn't take my picture. Then I forgot my tripod. I went with camera balanced on dictionary in cubicle. I kept seeing people coming. My camera fell twice. I liked this outfit though so after 36 pictures of me looking around I just decided to pretend it was a theme. (But I just gave it away now didn't I?)

Dress Target (2006)
Ring Marc Jacobs gift from inlaws Oh hey let me link them too. You can check out my inlaws here.
Shoes Marc Jacobs (2008)
Tight Target
Sweater NY and Co (2009)
Belt Target (2008)
Glasses that keep falling down they are so stretched out by my melon Chanel (2008)

mebe dis
I want red ones, red red ones with a bow

Today my nails are painted red. It is Kennebunk Port by OPI. Last night my mom and I were talking on twitter. Hello modern technology! and we decided to both paint our nails the same color.


My pop has a few "rules" in life:
Wash your face before dinner.
Put on some rouge before going out.
Keep your shoes shined.
Take off your hat indoors.
Dress for the occasion.
and young ladies don't wear red nail polish!


Of course that always made me want to do it more. But I also like to be good in my pop's eye. He is 83 and grew up in a working class Irish neighborhood of South Boston. He is VERY proud of his heritage and always insisted my cousin and I be too and that we tell people and wear our shamrock necklaces. It makes us look trust worthy. ha. But now in my AHEM 30's I don't think pop would mind if I wore red polish.

Did you have any fashion rules growing up that you still catch yourself now and again thinking about?

and bonus question. Hey I have an audience why not use them!
I am looking for new ways to style my hair and I am open to suggestions. Please no hair cut suggestions. Just ways of styling. I am not going to cut it but the flat everyday is getting a bit boring.

Edited to add. My mom just posted her red nails on twitter so I totally ganked it so you could see.


Erin said...

Leopard+ Red+ Denim= LOVE!!! You look so, so cute! Oh, and I love your Pop. Love him!

The only fashion rule we had in my house (and still have long-distance) is no fake eyelashes. My mom started wearing them at 17 and has worn them for so long she no longer has any of her own and therefore has forbidden me to ever wear them. (I may still give it a shot someday, but will remember to let my real lashes breathe.)

Jac said...

I think your Pop is adorable!! I love his rules (although I don't adhere to them myself)!!!
As for your hair, how about integrating braids somehow? That is a very popular style right now.

hillary said...

Jac. I like braids.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love leopard and red together!

I agree about braids. Also what about a messy bun or just adding a few curls and raking through them with your fingers for a sort of wavy look?

hillary said...

historiadora see above for my braid comment.

you like buns like this?

or this kind?

the second kind hurts more but I think that is more fun like you mean?

I totally forgot about messy curls. My hair takes them well.

you guys are helping me remember things I've done and totally forgot about. This is fun!

Lorena said...

Your grandpa is so cute and stylish !
My grandmother still tells me things I should do or shouldn't... here's a few:
- walk up straight
- don't leave the house with your hair wet, you will look like a maid (?!)
- never wear anything too tight, you will look like your aunt (?!)
-put some make up on
- pull your hair back, must show your eyes

Heather said...

Yes - curls!!

Rules - There aren't any rules I can think of that I was told except the classic - not white shoes or purses after labour day and before May 24th.

Rules I've made up for myself somehow...I have a horrible time if I don't match my shoes and purse. I honestly worry about it the whole day. Last summer I bought a bright raspberry pink purse and have been eyeballing pink shoes ever since. Totally ridiculous.

Kelly said...

I so love that ring. You've given me the MJ bug, I think.

ahhh your mom's nails are lovely!!!

fashion rules - well, while it wasn't a "rule" my dad vehemently hates anything "unnatural" like dyed hair or pierced ears. If god didn't give you that color or that hole, then you shouldn't have it! Obviously I haven't followed those two, but every time I'd bring home another box of dye he would give me the "I'm disappointed in you" look.

And my mom always yelled at me if my hair wasn't tucked behind my ears. Like, I wasn't allowed to go out unless it was tucked or pinned back because then it was considered "in my face." I hate it like that because my ears look big and goofy that way. I need some pieces out, or all of it pulled up. She still tries to tuck it behind my ears sometimes now.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Your mom's nails are the BOMB! We have a special redhead vibe I think, I am wearing a cheetah cardi right now as I am reading this! But I don't have cutre red flats on.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Candycane said...

Aww your pop is too cute!

My mum always insisted that I couldn't brush my hair in public - I do it all the time now though!!!

CC xXx

Kristen said...

Kennebunkport is one of my favorite OPI colors; tell your dad it's wine, not red. :)

hillary said...

Oh no! That's my grandfather, My dad is 52! My dad doesn't have rules luckily. His is much more zen his philosophy is "if it makes you happy that is all that matters"

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Love the the your mother...and your grandpa...soooo cute!

brittneynikkole said...

Loving the red details. Just the right amount. Sassy!

Fashion Rule from Dad - Line the buttons up.
Whenever I tuck a shirt in the buttons have to line up with the buttons on my bottoms.

Clare said...

The leopard and red looks SOOOO good with the denim/chambray dress!

Emily Kennedy said...

I LOVE leopard and red together! I'm just the type of hussy that your Irish pop feared when it comes to red nails and dirty dinner face.