Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please vote for me? :D

Are you on Facebook? Want to help me win a trip to NYC? YOU DO? awww so sweet.
Hey it is my blog. I can ask you to vote for me.
Lucky and H&M are having a contest here.

Click the Gallery to see mine and vote on it.
This is me
So is this (this is my favorite)
and this
I always have such issues about what I should or shouldn't enter and add the wrong ones. Luckily they let you add a few. So if you would be so kind as to vote for me I would totally vote for you as well.

That is all.


OK that is not all. I am just getting greedy now. If your bored and a Lucky Style Spotter member already (cough*whenyoujoinedlastyeartovoteforme*cough) could you vote for me to win a Loft card? Hilly need some new dresses. (My body has shifted some. grr)
My entry is here.

Thank you! I feel greedy asking but dude I want to win! I don't make much money! (no really I am not just saying that I REALLY don't!)


LaShaune said...

Done! Good luck!!!

LaShaune said...

and from the looks of the "competition" that's an easy win!!!

EvaNadine said...


hillary said...

you guys are AWESOME! Thank you. I entered a contest last year to beat a blogger I didn't like and I won and my entry was TERRIBLE but my awesome friends all got together and clicked YES.MWAHh!
All I wanted to do was beat her and I did. ha. evil

Dave77459 said...


Heather said...

Wish I could vote for you! Not on Facebook though - am I the only one? Likely. Anyway if you win then I am sooooo going to go to New York and meet you!

hillary said...

I don't KNOW you have to be on facebook but I think so.

Facebook is how I talk to most my family. ha. I have had an account for 6 years though my old job (3 jobs ago) was a test school.

Beatrice said...

Done, done, and done. I sent you a message through Facebook so you can add me if you want. I am under a family nickname!