Friday, March 19, 2010

Just like a dream you are not what you seem

Shirt Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Tank Men's dept Target (2009)
Belt Target (2009)
Stirrup tights Target (2008)
Shoes Aldo (2009)
Skirt Kohls (2009)
Earrings H&M (2004)
Ring gift (2007?)

I changed out of the stirrup tights into black lacey ones.

I wanted to do something a bit Zooey D. All week I have worn brown, peach and pink eyeshadow instead of my normal brights and I kinda dig it. I have never really liked that subtle makeup look.
In the top pic I hadn't put lipstick or accessories on. I had to run out before dave had to leave for work. See below for lips. It is a soft goopy pink
makeup detail closed eyes march 19
My first spinning picture of the season. I have hundreds of me spinning over the years. I have one I want to track down of me that is a black and white picture of spinning in my antiprom dress in dave's driveway at his childhood home.

What are your plans for this weekend?
Dave and I took Monday off. He doesn't have school next week but he does have an insane project. They don't believe in having a week of no homework apparently instead they give him triple. But we are going to have a lovely 3 day weekend this weekend and I am uber excited because it should be 70 and sunny tomorrow. A normal high this time of year is low 40's.

Another question is How do sales people treat you in general?
For example sales people love my mom. They fawn over her. She and I look alike and act very alike BUT... I have always been the one they ignore and run and hide when I actually want help. or in the case of H&M get shoved by. Which pisses me off because I am no pushover, lordy I am not. It isn't in my head people who have shopped with me have seen it. I try and act like I am rich or I act friendly, etc. nothing seems to change it. If 3 people walk in with me all 3 will get a greeting and I don't. I know some people would say it is how I behave but my husband has witnessed it with me acting all sorts of ways. I just really want to "fix" it because it is kinda annoying. Especially when you go in wanting help with something. Now I have a few places where I go and have great service I am more generalizing my experiences over all. I went to MAC counter last night, not my usual one where they know me. The woman seemed actively BORED by me. She was looking anywhere but at me while she was standing there. I asked her true opinion and I feel like she was telling me what I wanted to hear. (Unlike my normal MAC on Newbury where they tell it to you straight) I have worked the retail, sales, door to door sales etc industry. I always tried to walk the line of helpful without being annoying.

On the other end in the library industry (ha) people always have liked me and been helpful. What does that say about me. (that is rhetorical)

I am being greedy pants again but I am allowed. It's my space.

Are you on Facebook? Want to help me win a trip to NYC? YOU DO? awww so sweet.
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This is me So is this (this is my favorite) and this
So if you would be so kind as to vote for me I would totally vote for you as well.

OK that is not all. I am just getting uber greedy now. If your bored and a Lucky Style Spotter member already (cough*whenyoujoinedlastyeartovoteforme*cough) could you vote for me to win a Loft card? Hilly need some new dresses. (My body has shifted some. grr)
My entry is here.

Thank you! I feel greedy asking but dude I want to win! I don't make much money! (no really I am not just saying that I REALLY don't!)


Anonymous said...

People generally treat me like I'm stupid. I get talked down to a lot in public especially by people who don't really know me. I've never been able to figure out quite why....but yeah........people meet me and seem to assume I'm stupid and I usually get treated that way.

hillary said...

me too but I always chalked it up to Dave wearing the "I'm with stupid" tshirt.

Chelsea said...

that outfit is very zooey and of course adorable :) love the polka dots and the b/w shoes especially. and the stirrups are awesome (even if you didn't end up wearing them).

this weekend I'm going for a hike, attending a little get together at a friend's house, and hitting up a vintage fashion expo (oh my!) with another pal. exciting shit, I tell you!

sales people treat me differently at different places. sometimes they love me when I ask them a million questions, sometimes they're annoyed, etc. not a helpful tidbit to share I suppose, but you asked :)

Kelly said...

I think you pull off all-black (well, almost all black!) looks really well because your hair is such a pretty color. And that ring is too cool. And your earrings!

This weekend BF and I are having dinner with one of his coworkers and her fiance. I'm really looking forward to it, because from everything I've heard she sounds awesome. We are going to be totally white and have a vegetarian meal and play Scrabble. Ca-razy!

As for sales associates...I usually just get the regular canned "hi welcome to x store/let me know if you need anything." Admittedly I don't really like having the help of SAs very much and don't usually ask them for anything, but I do usually want/need help when I'm shopping for makeup because I feel really unsure when I'm picking out colors, etc. And I've only had a "good" experience once (if you count good as "she was friendly and helpful BUT she kept trying to like sneak things into my order, while she was ringing things up I kept saying 'no I didn't want that' and 'I didn't want that either' and she would act all surprised"). Almost without fail, whenever I ask "can you help me pick out a face mask" or "I'm not really sure if my skin is cool or warm, can you help me pick out a lipstick" they will act like I am doing them a HUGE DISSERVICE by asking them to do their job. So it makes me scared to ask people in the future.

Lorena said...

This weekend I will once take my car to the shop and go home with empty pockets. Good thing I am in a shopping ban or I would have hung myself.
In regards to people at stores it depends... I think I have pretty much had it all too.
But, most of the time its an "ok treatment" - however i do notice that if I walk in smiling and saying hello it works better.
My dermatologist once said to me that I had an "angry look " (that bald SOB!)- that the expression in my face was as if I were snobby and angry. He recommended I put botox on my forehead. I know, what an ass.
After he said that I commented it to friends and some of them agreed with him.
They said that when they met me - or saw me - at first they thought I was different than what I am. But different in a negative way. So now I TRY to smile more and I did not get the botox.

Candycane said...

I love this outfit :D

CC xXx