Monday, March 01, 2010

I’m just trying really hard to make you notice me being around

I really love this dress. It has extremely low cut top (well that is a down side to me) and it has ruching on both sides of the waist. It has an added panel ruffle off center on the left side and on the back it has one off center on the right. The back is also comes to a point where it is longer.
Nanette Lepore 75% off sale at (summer 2009)
Brown Super Opaques Hue Tights Macys
Michael Kors shoes 6pm (Just checked and they are sold out)
Turtleneck Target (2007)
Sweater Gap (summer 2009)
Bangle gift from Lucky Magazine and the Loft. It isn't out yet so it isn't on the site.

Old detail photo of dress
keep nanette detail

Picture 442

michael kors olive suede wood platforms 6pm

Picture 440
For makeup I have on the Alice in Wonderland Palette again. Eat me Drink me all over lid and Mad Hatter in the crease and outer corner. A tish of white rabbit on the inner corner of eye. I have on Coralista blush by Benefit and Smile Dazzleglass by MAC

What did you do this weekend?
Friday night we chilled at home. Watched What Not to Wear and ate leftovers. Well I ate leftovers and Dave had a tatertot and bacon sandwich. He also made cupcakes. On Saturday Dave had a deep tissue massage appointment. (I had bought him a session for Christmas) He talked me into getting a pedicure. I wasn't sure how people to it in winter so I went to the place by my house and wore flip flops home. I have them use "you don't know Jacques" by OPI because I like to only get mani and pedi with colors I don't own. The woman noticed it matched my nails almost exactly. I had done them at home with Essie Mink Muff. I am pretty anti foot person and I have never done this before but. I wanted to show you the similarities and they are fresh from the salon so they look their best. ha.
Picture 428
We then went for a drive had lunch and got a ton of necessary items for the house at Target. I hate when you don't get anything fun. But I will be glad I have Febreeze and Clorox wipes. I did get the girls and Easter themed mat and put their Valentines one away. They are having quite the collection. Sunday I didn't leave the house. I read my book and watched Arrested Development and Dave did a Starbucks run and he spent the day on homework.

Edited to add. A few of my friends are really into "Happy Bench Monday" where basically you stand on something you are meant to sit on. (loosely) So today I did one just for them. It's a conference room table. My city isn't big on benches.


Dave77459 said...

Friday night went the World Championship BBQ Cookoff at the rodeo. Freakin' cold, so we didn't last long.

Saturday. It looked to be glorious, but I sat inside and worked from early o'clock to nearly midnight.

Sunday. Worked until noon, then we rode in glorious weather to an icehouse in the country. That ended the weekend on an up-note.

Thanks for asking.

Sal said...

That dress is so pretty I'm hurting a little. And beyond flattering, lady. Love how you winterized it!

Kelly said...

I always love this dress on you. It is just so incredibly perfect.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever done a make up tutorial video? If not you should.

I had a baby shower on Saturday, and drove two hours to go to it, set it up, run the shower, clean up, drove two hours home, went straight to the theatre, my show got cancelled for lack of audience, so we went out and had a working liquid dinner, and then I came home and CRASHED. Brunch yesterday w/ my boyfriend before the matinee and then came home and cleaned like a fool.

hillary said...

Not going to happen. I don't have a space to do it in and I have no techniques.

Chelsea said...

Ooooooh that dress is lovely! This outfit is great because it incorporates a spring vibe with the floral, but a little more muted with the browns for the winter weather. Also those shoes are just amazing on you... love them!

And you're making me REALLY WANT the Alice in Wonderland palette. Those colors are so pretty!!!

This weekend I went shopping with my boo on Saturday in preparation for our Miami trip this weekend. Nic was so patient (a rarity while shopping) and totally let me be my indecisive fretting self while picking out some cute tops on clearance and a regularly (cheaply) priced denim skirt from Old Navy.

Sunday I got a pedicure (we're on the same pedi wavelength), which was amazing because my toes were looking extra craptastic with about half an inch of grown out polish on them... ewwww! I love pedicures... my feet feel pretty again! Reborn even! After the pedi Nic and I went to her aunt's house to celebrate her grandma's bday. Grammy loved our gift to her the most of the bunch (African mumu), so I felt proud (I picked it out for her at my boss' clothing swap!).

Okay that's probably more than you wanted to know :)

Lorena said...

What a pretty dress, I remember last time you wore it - because I thought the cut was perfect.
That color on your nails.... l love it !
Spent the weekend traveling from Marrakech to home.
Over 10+ hours....

Anonymous said...

That dress looks gorgeous on you! I love how you winterized, but still made it pop.


♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

Your eye shadow and shoes make me wish I could be half as cool. Seriously...between you and Kimberly, I shouldn't have trouble learning to be stylish...
Jeez...such a great look today.

My city, as I'm sure you know, isn't big on benches either. The table shot is awesome.

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

PS I agree with C Lo. Makeup tutorial?

hillary said...

Kenz I like to say it is because we don't want you to get comfortable and stay! haaaaa.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Often watch WNTW on Fridays too, wish I had the cupcakes. Thanks for the shoe info though, I have never shopped that site and found some great stuff I am still considering.
Pretty floral print! So artistic.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

That dress is so flattering and gorgeous. Love how you styled it! Your nail polish is a great color too!

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

alltumbledown said...

that dress is amazing. so pretty and flattering on you! loving the shoes, too... in fact, I've been contemplating buying them for the past few days since you posted them!

Clare said...

I am KICKING myself for not buying those shoes. And I LOVELOVELOVE the print on that dress!

hillary said...

Thanks guys. You should of bit last week they are sold out! Hey $26 (87% off) was too much for most people to pass up apparently.

I won't be doing any makeup tutorials. They take forever and when I did them in the past to be honest they didn't garner any feedback or commentary so it isn't worth it. I have so many other things on my to do list. Not to mention I don't have anywhere to film it in my 300 sq foot apartment and I'd have to put up lights.

and I have no skill. I just read blogs. I just slap one color on my lid and another in the crease. viola that's it.

Work With What You've Got said...

That dress is AMAZING. Really amazing.

And "a tatertot and bacon sandwich" I...whut? I mean...amazing. Just amazing. I cannot allow myself to try it as I know it would be amazing (with cheese!) but I applaud the idea of it.

Kasmira said...

I STILL love that dress! I like how you've winterized it here.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That dress is just gorgeous! I am seriously experiencing dress envy over here! Argh!

Abartholome said...

Love your Lemonheads lyric... I just rediscovered a mix tape from highschool that features LOTS of Lemonheads!