Thursday, March 04, 2010

I need a reason, lets not be friends.

Sweater Limited Christmas 1997 from my dad
Shirt Old Navy a few years ago
Olive cord blazer Fall 09 H&M
Boots Clarks Jan 2008
Wideleg pleated jeans Summer 2008 H&M
Watch Kenneth Cole Easter 2008
automatic watch kenneth cole
clark boots english saddle
Makeup look down
Makeup looking up

Dave said I looked like a HAHVAHD profesah to today. (That is exactly how he said it.) he would know too because he has been a guest lecturer at Harvard. I know I have told you that before but hey I can brag I am proud of him. I only have terrible photos from it. It was weird enough I was there I was scared the camera would draw more attention to how I wasn't in the class.
they came up after to talk to him!

I told him I was going for edumacated looking. I feel a bit of a hot mess with the two patterns. I am not a huge pattern person. It has to WOW me. I am certainly not into mixing patterns either. So I feel a bit off and uncomfortable to be honest. Eh it was clean. It is also snowing like mad outside but not accumulating.

Would you guys be interested in me writing up a post about my new color shampoo? It will probably make hair dressers cringe but these photos tell me it is working well! It really only works for people who dye their hair deposit darker. red, brown, purple etc.... It doesn't work on any "lifted" color (when you dye it lighter... lighter brown, red or blonde. Anything involving lightening)


C Lo said...

1) You look very clean and put-together today. And tiny....have you lost more weight? (Hope thats not tacky to don't have to've been lookin' tiny lately though!)

2) YES! I always do a deposit color. I currently use Pureology but sometimes I like to change up my shampoos so yes I'd read it. :)

hillary said...

Nope I've gained. :) Only 3 lbs but when you've weighed the same 3 years it feels like a lot.

Pureology is good but INSANELY over priced. Mine is only initially expensive and you can use it for a year at least. I need to take photos. I will do it tonight!

Becky said...

I really like the pattern mixing! I feel weird doing pattern mixing, too, and have only tried it once, and even then, it was only worn in front of one other person, BUT I like yours! It's not all, "SEE? Look at me pattern mixing!" I think it looks great. :)

Chelsea said...

um, yes! i would totally read it. and I love this outfit... with the mixed patterns and that sweet sweater vest! but if you feel uncomfy, then it sure doesn't matter what I think :)

Jane W. said...

That is a goregous shade of nailpolish!

EvaNadine said...

it may be out of your comfort zone, but i really love this outfit!

and i had been noticing your hair lately -- did you recolor it?

hillary said...

Yes I did. I redyed it the same color about two weeks ago.

Kelly said...

I would love to hear about your color shampoo! Since I got my red highlights I'm trying to soak up all the info I can, because frankly dying my hair a darker brown never required much upkeep. Now I am paranoid about fading. I bought some Aveda stuff the other day but it's the first color depositing stuff I've tried so I'd love to hear about other options.

And FWIW my hair dresser was the first to suggest color-depositing shampoo to me, so I don't think they would *all* cringe ;-)

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

I definitely want to hear about the shampoo.

Moni said...

It is very professorial, but I like it! You've inspired me to wear my vintage tweed blazer (complete with elbow patches) tomorrow. It's one of those items that I love but always forget I have.

hillary said...

kelly mine is a homebrewed color deposit. They will cringe. ha. But it WORKS.

Clare said...

Um, holy crap I love this. LIke seriously love it. Professah Hillary.