Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got sunshine on a cloudy day

ORANGE corduroy dress Anthropologie (2008?)
Kenneth Cole boots Filene's going out of business sale (2006)
Brown tights Target
orange anthropologie dress
Kenneth Cole Jan 2006 (200 plus marked down to 10!!! going out of business sale)
I am trying to trick the weather. It is doom and gloom so I am wearing the dress that requires it's own power supply. I am wearing my silver bracelets too. I forgot to take a picture. I should because Dave got me a shamrock to add to my Pandora in honor of pop.

I ended up going home early yesterday. I just crawled into bed and went to sleep. Waffle nuzzled up under the covers next to me. Then she started chewing my leg. Brat. Dave came home a little early and made dinner and corn bread.

How is your week shaping up? What is for dinner?

It is Wagamama Wednesday in our house. So chicken katsu and edamame for me. Chicken Itame soup for Dave.


Anonymous said...

We have Wagamama in the states!? Dang, I bet it's only back east.

Tonight I have a production meeting and allegedly there will be pizza. I will be good and bring a salad.

This weekend is going to be crazy. On Friday my friend Mindy and I are going out on the town and pretending to be cougars. On Saturday is the final show of the play I'm working on and then the cast party, at my house. And then Sunday I'm going to have an Easter Brunch for anyone who's still here from the party/people who don't have anywhere to go for Easter/people who would rather avoid their family on Easter. Somewhere in there, I have to go get my brakes done.

hillary said...

we(boston) are the test market. We have 3 total. It came about 4 years ago and it has grown. The second town to get it was going to be DC

EvaNadine said...

tell me about wagamama? im in the dc area, so id love to keep my eyes and ears open for something yummy...

i talked the fiance into getting what i call "crappy chinese takeout" from a place in our town square -- since we just moved here a few weeks ago, im gearing up to try all the restaurants that are in walking distance. he got sweet + sour chicken and i got sesame chicken, but ordered it spicy, which it wasnt. brown rice too. and overall, it was all really good! yay for yummy crappy chinese takeout!

then we have a meeting saturday with out wedding photographer follows up by a girls afternoon and a couples dinner. then sunday is easter, so we will head to church and have dinner with my soon-to-be in-laws. i feel very lucky and blessed to have such great in-laws. :)

hillary said...

according to the website they aren't in DC yet

But on the placemat at the place it says "opening soon in DC"

I haven't had cheap Chinese in 6 years. drooool.

Wagamama is a Japanese noodle restaurant. Big giant bowls of noodles.

D'Rae said...

Since Wednesdays are our bowling night, we are having Tacos. We decided to always have Tacos on bowling night since it is easy to make. But, we may not go tonight because of my homework, but we will still have the tacos!

Jennifer said...

Red is a great color on you. It goes so well with your hair!!

Chelsea said...

oooh that dress is all kinds of gorgeous on you... love the cut, color and shape! oh and the puffed sleeves are so sweet :)

my week has been okay. thinking a lot about my emotional health and how to improve it and not let other people's BS get to me. but then you knew all that :)

tonight I'll probably have a can of beans for dinner because Nic will be away (this was my way too often consumed dinner back as a single lady) in Sac visiting friends and I don't get paid until tomorrow (broke so can't go get something yummy)!

hillary said...

Want to know my "dave's not home" dinner?

A can of little potatoes sliced up in a pan and cooked with olive oil or ghee and then I sprinkle bacon on it and a slice of cheese. Easy, cheap and so darn good.

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health. I have seen so many people get sick because they didn't take care of the emotional and their bodies reacted.

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad day.

The color of that dress is so pretty!

Who knows what's for dinner. I've not had much of a appetite lately during dinnertime, so it might just be soup and sandwiches again. Last night I had tomato bisque and dipped grilled cheese into it and it was soooo good.

Work With What You've Got said...

I'm not sure. We have to go to the vet, AND our appointment at H&R Block (due to Nathan's unemployment and consultant work, we just dont think we can file ourselves). I'm not sure how dinner fits in there.

Those boots!~ I swoon. So distressed and fantastic!~

hillary said...

they are faux distressed. I don't know how they did it. I mean the leather is all mottled but it is pristine. My cobbler loved them. I think it is how they dyed and waxed them.
Don't feel bad using an accountant that is what they are for! I have never done my own taxes my mother in law who used to be an accountant before she opened the mix business. She does everyones.

Lorena said...

This week's been odd.
But, i just have to pull through.
For dinner... probably special K cereal, my clothes are tight and I ATE TOO MUCH AT LUNCH!