Monday, March 08, 2010

I don't know where the sun beams end and the star lights begins it's all a mystery

Shirt Ann Taylor Loft $3
Hip Slung Trousers Gap $38 I will explain why below
Shoes Clarks Narita
Vest H&M
Picnik collage
Gap is having a sale right now if you bring in an old pair of jeans, ANY BRAND you can get 30% off any new pair of jeans and they will recycle your old ones into home insulation! I jumped at the chance because I needed new wideleg trousers. These are a bit different than my other pairs. They need to be hemmed too. I think I will do that tonight because in the full length photos they completely cover my heels.
I didn't tweak this photo because I didn't like it as an outfit one. I instead chose the nontraditional one above because I felt a bit more like myself in it.

For makeup today it is all MAC stuff. If you are interested in the specific colors I can look when I get home. I know the blush is Mocha and the lips Dazzleglass in Smile, the others I am drawing a blank on.

This weekend Dave had to survey a site for one of his classes so I went with him while he ran around Cleveland Circle in Brookline. It was a spectacular day out. It seriously was the best day all year weather wise. I kinda dug it there and possibly wouldn't mind living there. (I doubt it though because I am very anti-green line. It is the worst T line and I avoid it like the plague) Dave got a couple shots of me when I thought he was taking pics of other things.
Cleveland Circle 071
Cleveland Circle 074

Urg I need new glasses really something severe.

What did you do this weekend?

Dave and I took a giant 3 hour nap on Saturday which is worth mentioning because it doesn't happen often. Daisyboo went to the vet. (running total for those playing at home is $1,900 gag. urg. sniffle) we are waiting on the results to see what they think we should do now about her Diabetes. I didn't go and I am glad that I didn't. Dave thought I might of lost it when they did an ultrasound as they put the needle into her bladder to get a sample. My poor little girl!

We also had an Oscar party. By Oscar party I mean we ate a bunch of appetizers and drank soda and talked about the fashion.
Dave's commentary:
Charlize's dress looked like a frowning alien.
Amanada S' was cute but the top looked too severe for Lily. (yes he calls her Lily. Veronica Mars is probably one of his all time fave shows)
Zoe S' dress "it reminds me of those shirts at tjmaxx that were tiny and crinkly and you put it on and it's still ugly"
He asked me 3 times what Anna K was in that he has seen. Twilight hun. Twilight. We both agreed that her dress was amazing.
He also tried to find the show in HD because he was convinced Cameron Diaz did "something to her face she looks WEIRD!"

And the best sentence of the night.
"Waffle found ham in the trash should I let her eat it?"


EvaNadine said...

i really like your glasses!

Erin said...

The hair/ blouse/ vest combo is absolutely GORGEOUS! And you nailed the make-up for this look. LOVE IT! And, I have to ask- Did you let Waffle eat the trash ham?

hillary said...

I did not. I had dave cut up fresh ham for her that wasn't touching icky poopoo stuff. He was going to let her eat it! I mean I know he just threw it away but we can afford to feed her fresh ham!

hillary said...

I like them too but they are completely stretched out and SOMEONE chewed up the temple pieces. (It was actually Daisyboo which is a shocker)

I am going to see if I can get a near identical pair this time. Also my rx needs updating BAD

Jane W. said...

Beautiful outfit--love the different textures of deep purple. Your eyes look so green!

hillary said...

That is because they ARE so green ha. My mom calls me green eyed monster. I didn't get them from her!

Lisa said...

I love the colors in your outfit!

I live right near Cleveland Circle and take the C line all the time, in terms of the green line the B is the worst, you should avoid that like ebola.

hillary said...

Lisa OH I KNOW. In my 8 years living here I have worked on every line except blue and I HATE THE GREEN LINE. I take the orange at all times if possible.
Dave and I purposefully live where we do because we have options.
I hate everything about the green
how small the trains are
that fenway dumps on it
the commuter crowd
the drunk crowd
the tourists

Lorena said...

Had my laugh reading your Oscar comments... I totally forgot about the Oscars, I guess I will watch the re run...
I spent part of my weekend - 6 hours sitting at the car shop waiting for them to fix my window .... and now I have no money left until payday :/

Clare said...

I love the simplicity of this outfit. Only a few key pieces, but it looks so polished and beautiful!

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love the color of your top - its so rich! and I'm not usually a fan of purple. That was a great deal you got on it, too.

I was completely oblivious to the Oscars until seeing all the reviews today. Saturday morning I did a charity walk for heart disease and the rest of my weekend was spent doing ten million loads of laundry at my moms. Ok, not ten million, but definitely 2 months worth.

I like your glasses, too. My Rx is definitely changed recently and I think I need to update the old metal frames I have.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Brave Waffle, always on the hunt.
I have those trousers from Gap and I LOVE them. I almost feel of average height in them- your purple is so pretty on you.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Anonymous said...

The vest is fantastic! On Saturday I did an event at the library where some people from work go and do small science experiments with kids. That night my husband and I went to an anniversary party for a car club. Sunday we didn't do anything, I didn't even leave the house!