Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I don't even like peas and carrots

Shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Ring Peabody Essex museum
Trousers Gap
Shoes Nine West
Sweater Target
Belt Target
Nothing is new so I can't link you to any of it.
Top detail
IMG_8331red leather clogs vintage america nine west

In the interest of full disclosure this photo is photoshopped. See below it for the before
I did a very quick hack healing brush under my eyes. My "natural" undereye stuff looks fine in normal light but under the flash makes me look qwaaaazy. Did you know Adobe doesn't want me to say I photoshopped it? They don't want people using it as a verb. They are kinda jerks about it. So I am kinda a jerk and keep saying it.

It in now light outside in the morning I MIGHT be able to take pictures outside again! eeek! Today it was raining and snowing at the same time.

Do you have anythings you say or do that you know is wrong but frankly don't care?

I have a few. Some that come to mind is using Photoshop as a verb. I say pref-orated instead of perforated. People who correct IN GENERAL. Caputer for computer there are dozens more I am sure I just can't think of them right now.


Erin said...

I did bright orange and green yesterday and felt very carrot-like myself, but I do think it's a lovely combo- esp. on you!

As for things I say that I know are wrong: I can not for the life of me pronounce 'integral' correctly. I also pronounce 'wash' with an "r" (sounds like "worsh")- blame it on my Pennsylvania dad. Oh, and instead of running errands, I run "erins," but that's just to be cheeky! :)

Marianna said...

Ooh I love that top!

EvaNadine said...

despite having been an english major on college, i almost always type in lower case with lazy, incorrect punctuation. i figure i know HOW to do it correctly, when necessary, so i can slack of when i see fit.

i remember growing up, i couldnt say "World War" so instead i always said "war-war one" and "war-war two"

Jane W. said...

That sweater, blouse and belt look stunning together--love the contrast of the ruffle with the woven belt.

I only like candy peas and carrots.

Suz said...

You look great! You are the queen of color mixing and awesome nail color. I like your hairstyle too - is it a high pony?

Shouldn't Adobe be happy that their product has made it to verb status? It's like Google or Kleenex. I would be totally pumped if someone "verbed" me!

Erin said...

That is one big-ass ring! So bright and do you type with it on? Hmm...what do I do wrong? I secretly judge people as soon as I meet them. Oh, wait, you meant this in a different way! Umm, frequent use of the portamanteau (which spellcheck doesn't seem to think is a word in and of itself) adorkable. And various Joss Whedon-isms.

hillary said...

It doesn't not effect your typing in the least. Your fingers go down to type. It only appears like it would interfere but it doesn't at all.

hillary said...

Suz you'd think they liked it and not be assholes about it. I mean REALLY? Your gonna dictate how people use the title of your product in daily talking? I don't think so.

For my hair it was a giant knot today and still wet so I put a ponytail on top of my head and then only pulled it halfway thru with the end pointing forward.

Sal said...

I adore that vibrant orange. And you're making me wish I had some ruffles in my repertoire.

KayeStar said...

Love that ruffle on the shirt! And the ring is gorgeous!

Instead of saying person, I usually add a "t" to the end of it so it sounds like persent. I dont know why I ever started saying it like that and I recently have been good at correcting myself.

Oh and I like peas and carrots.

Moni said...

Love this outfit! The sweater, shirt and belt look perfect together!

As for the whole Photoshop thing, the last thing Adobe (or any company) wants is for their trademark to become a verb, because if a word becomes too widespread as a common noun/verb (as opposed to a specific company trademark) than the company can lose trademark protection. That means that anyone can use the word Photoshop in any way they want, same as any other noun/verb, and Adobe can't do anything about it. Since trademarks can be worth millions or even billions (think of the Coke brand), that's a big deal to companies.

Anonymous said...

I use the phrase "babydaddy" OFTEN, and almost exclusively refer to my daughters father as such. And many many people tell me this is "wrong", as in it offends their sensibilities. I try not to be crassy and trashy most of the time but that one I just don't give a fuck. Oh look, I'm crass and trashy anyways.

Emily Kennedy said...

It's just plain ridiculous that Adobe doesn't want photoshop to be used as a verb. Enhance? Enhance is a euphemism. Photoshopping is to digital photography as Kleenex is to tissue. They need to just deal with it and quit their b**chin'

Lorena said...

Hillary me encanta este look !
(haha just a little spanish to make you wonder what i said... just joking... )
Hillary, I love/adore this look !

miss ruta said...

you look totally adorbs!!! i saw the thumbnail and loved the hair, the pose, and the colors. seeing it up close=even BETTER!

Kelly said...

I really like the ruffles peeking out of your V-neck like that.

I'm with Erin, I saw "worsh" instead of "wash" (and that expands into "worshington" instead of "Washington") but I also say "torlet" instead of "toilet." And I say "fur" instead of "for." But I do actually care about those things, because I feel like a hick when I say them, but it just comes out without my thinking about it.

On my blog I know I use terrible grammar, use words incorrectly, etc. At my job all I do is write things or proofread things other people have written, so I'm checking for grammar all day long. I see my blog as one of the few places that I can just "let my hair down" and write how I talk without feeling the pressure to go in and edit it all. So I don't care that it is error-riddled.

hillary said...

Moni I know WHY. I mean really come on after 20 years you are not going to get people to change their lexicon. Also it is one thing to ask advertisers to not use it. It is a whole other to tell everyday people not to. FOOLISH.

My job is dealing with licenses and copyright ALL DAY.

hillary said...

Kelly I see my blog as an escape too and that is why I wrote that post two years ago (the one I linked in comments) I was so tired of know it alls correcting me. This is not my business it's my personal blog! My job is making sure everything is correct and perfect I am not about to do it when I get home!

Beck, At Her Best said...

The ruffles and colors are great in this, but honestly the only thing I see is the ring - in an "ooh shiny, magpie wants" kind of way. I love big rings.

I'm sure there's lots of things I say wrong/can't pronounce properly, but the only things I intentionally "do" wrong is normally I write nite instead of night, and I dont dot my i's. I think they're superfluous, and I usually write in architectural printing so I dont need them anyways.

hillary said...

Beck that is me to a T

Actually that used to be my blog heading "ooh something shiny"
I don't ask for things often from Dave (I say from but it is OUR money) but I saw this and said BUY ME THIS RING It is abalone and it was under 20 bucks. It broke twice but he superglued it back together the other night.

BAM said...

I say suppossibly instead of suppossidly. I never knew it was supposed to be a D, not a B.

I'm pretty sure I don't know how to spell it either way!

Clare said...

This is one of my favorite outfits of yours ever. The colors, the shapes, it's all perfect, and SO flattering on you!