Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grey day

This pose was all dave. Put your right foot on the step. Pick your head up. Smile like you mean it.

This was how I was posing.

Then I ripped off the headband because I felt like a damn fool.

Puff sleeve coat Banana Republic (2008)
Black top Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Denim trousers Gap (2010)
Shoes Aldo (2009)

Here are the lemon shoes.
yellow aldo heels lemon
It is cold and raining and I just don't care what I look like. This is Kasmira's lazy girl updo. I love it because I literally don't have to brush my hair. I just put it in pony and twist with the stick. Done.

I am trying to not be Debbie Downer on here. I am more trying to celebrate and remember him. This is the last photo I can think of us together in.
RIP pop
We had just gone to my Uncle Paul's funeral. I buried Pop in that suit. I thought he looked so damn handsome in it. I paired it with a light blue shirt and blue and grey striped tie. We talked about putting a hat on him because he was known for his hats. More than one person said "where is his hat?"

The sun needs to come out. This rain is making everyone in a very foul mood.


Erin said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss, Hillary. Your pop seems like he was an incredible man- and what a sense of style (I see where you get it from!). I hope you get some sunny skies soon- and in the meantime, I like that you're starting with sunshine on your feet at least.

Sending lots of love to you!!!

Heather said...

Sending you a hug. Time passes but it doesn't matter - I know.

On an outfit note - I'm glad that Dave told you to put your foot up on the step because those shoes are so great.

hillary said...

What do you mean time passes? It has only been days!

hillary said...

You do realize I just lost him right? I hadn't talked to you so I don't know you even knew.

Jane W. said...

that's a wonderful photo of you and your pop...and you look like someone out of John Singer Sargent painting in the third picture from the top.

Chloe said...

You have every right to be a Debbie Downer now, or for however long it takes! Grief is always hard, but I think even harder when the death is a shock. I still have my moments of getting reeeally angry over my cousin's death, and we're a good seven months past the whole ordeal. And right when you think you're good, and you're done being mad (or sad or upset), pow! There it is again!

Someone left a piece of advice for me on my blog when I was going through everything, and they said "Death might end a life, but it doesn't have to end a relationship". I think about that phrase almost daily, and it's really helped me, so I'll pass it along to you. Your pop seemed like a great guy (and what a darling pic- so dapper in his hat!), and you can take all the time you need to right now to grieve however you feeling like grieving.

Do take care of yourself, though. Stress is *the worst* for our physical issues, as you probably know. If you can take some time from work to recoop a bit, or whatever you need to do- do it. I didn't, and it bit me in the butt (hard!).


hillary said...

Thank you. I think I need to go home from work today. I am rageful and I think it isn't doing me any good. I will save what you wrote because I think it will help to look at again. I honestly haven't had my breakdown yet. I have been "putting on a brave face" and it has just left me so tired.

Sal said...

Go home, kitten. Rest and let things run their course. Love to you.

C Lo said...

That's funny.....when I got your tweet about him, that photo popped into my head. I remember when you posted about the uncles funeral. That photo is awesome.


Lorena said...

Very pretty set.
I love how that yellow pops all the outfit.
For some reason I also feel like a fool when I feel my headbands are getting too much attention.... :(

Emily Kennedy said...

Oh lady. I still really want to hug you and give my condolences for your loss. At least you were able to perk up with gray with some lemon yellow. That's something for getting through the down days.

Clare said...

Those lemon shoes are incredible.

And I've been thinking about you and your family lately. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that kind of loss. My thoughts are with you.

Candycane said...

I love those shoes!!

I tried to post before now to tell you how sorry I was to hear of your loss - but for some reason everytime i opened up the comment box it crashed my laptop!!

That is a lovely picture of you and your pop - my deepest condolances and my thoughts have been and are with you!!

Sal xXx

hillary said...

candycane thank you. blogger was broken yesterday. The whole site was being a bitch and I saw dozens of people tweeting about it.

Kelly said...

That is such a great picture of you two.

I really liked the headband. Maybe try it on a weekend? I could see how you might feel weird wearing it to work.

Work With What You've Got said...

Your Pop looks very handsome, indeed.

As do you, if I can say that to a lady. I love those drak colors with the yellow heels. Pop!~