Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun stuff to click on

Or as they say in training sessions "drill down on" . I have to say I want to kick someone in the shin when they use that phrase. That and "in my copious free time" and "my only caveat". Ha sorry I hadn't intended to make this a post about "phrases that make hillary stabby" .

I am home. I have a fever and it hurts to swallow so no outfit today. I have a cat on my lap and I have on hot pink and red flannel pants and a tshirt with a bunny on it. HOT. Instead I give you things I clicked on and like this week.

My mom's blog post about us painting our nails. Hey who doesn't like to hear their parents say something nice? Also you can check out her awesome Konad manicure and UGLY ring. It's hideous right? She should take it off RIGHT THIS MINUTE and give it to me right? We don't normally communicate via twitter we save that for Facebook.

Kimberly's daily outfit here. It is 1960's hot secretary/modern sexy. Can we just give an amen to how great she looks in red?

Do you read Cute with Chris? He is a cute smart mouthed Canadian that used to do these hilarious video pod casts about cute kittens. His archives of podcasts are worth downloading. He will have you in stitches. Oh so yeah, Waffle was on his site this week!!!!

Who what wear tells you to go buy clogs! I have 3, no 5, no probably 7 pairs.

This Scottish Fold
on Cute Overload reignited my Scottish Fold obsession. I actually found some monks that breed them pretty close to me and for awhile obsessively checked their site. I still want one. Preferably a really smooshy faced one.


Lady Gaga's Telephone video featuring Beyonce. Did you watch it last night? We did and I loved it in all it's head scratching oddity.

MAC's Liberty of London collection came out. What do you think about the hot pink lipstick for me? A summer WHABAM of color.

Ann Taylor Loft
has a Spring Styling Event yesterday, I went as a guest of Lucky and Loft. The event is tomorrow in most cities. I am in mad love with all the peach, pink and gray shades. I picked up a few things last night. GORGEOUS I got this in Coastal Fog. I can never wear it in my apartment. Waffle would eat it.

Any fun links you want to show me? Leave them in the comments. (I am always looking for new sites to follow)


Chelsea said...

OMG how much I adore Zooey! I love her voice and her style and her acting and her hair and and and...

C Lo said...

Aw.....feel better.

EvaNadine said...

i found this video quite interesting, so you may dig it.

and if you wanna watch me (and my dance team) kickin it with some hip hop, lemme know. it will probably horrifically embarrass me, but it would probably entertain you...

paisleyapron said...

Sorry you are feeling so sick. Hope you get better soon. Loved the links.

Kelly said...

In that Lady Gaga video, when she is on the phone with coke cans in her hair (or maybe it's right after that when there's a fight? I forget) there's a gaga-esque brunette in sunglasses. I just learned that the brunette is her baby sister!

Kimberly said...

Oooh, Kelly, good info!

Feel better, sweetpea and thanks for the linky love!

v said...

Feel better! Incase you didn't get my comment (my link was wrong on my site, whoops!) my new design blog is


Tina said...

i was just reading Cute with Chris and I saw Waffle and thought to myself "Doesn't Hillary have a cat named Waffle" so I looked at the submitters name and it was you! It made me smile that I just stumbled upon it. Small blog world.

hillary said...

Thanks for the well wishes peeps.

Tina that is HILARIOUS. My daisyboo has been on icanhascheezburger too!