Monday, March 29, 2010

Bag flair

This post had been languishing in my cue and I just remembered it.

There has been lots of blog talk about collections and multiples lately. I don't collect a lot of things but one thing I have been collecting the past few years is tiny Hello Kitty charms. I have collected Hello Kitty since 1985 and I finally admitted to myself that a lot of things were going unused so I have started collecting more practical and usable things or tiny things. I love collecting these little charms. I try to get them when I travel when I can find them as a reminder of a place I visit. I like to wear them on my purse as my "bag bling" or as I prefer to say my "flair" it helps me feel a bit more personalized than all the other thousands who have the same purse. I got my first charm like this in Las Vegas in 2003. That one is a little Hello Kitty riding a lion.

These are the current two in my rotation.
This Alice in Wonderland one in L.A. in 2008. I was in mad love with her the second I saw her. I actually made Dave a picture with it when I bought it. She lives on my little pouch I keep my migraine meds, blotting papers and pocket knife in. My mom has a matching pouch. How much you want to bet she will want a charm too once she sees this?
Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

This one I ordered from Japan from Strapya. I honestly got it because I thought it looked like me (hoped?) This one lives on the outside of my purse.
My purse bling. Doesn't she look like me?

If you come across a fun one you think I will love drop me a line! byhillary AT gmail DOT com

I also collect little blind box toys, lipgloss, blue nail polish, red shoes and Marc Jacobs.


C Lo said...

have you ever done a shoe collection post? like all of them lined up? I'd love to see a collection of red shoes.

*hugs* to you. I think of you every darn day.

Erin said...

Everyone needs a little Kitty. These are too, too cute!

Heather said...

I sent you a message before seeing this post!!! :)

Lorena said...

OMG.... Hello Kitty...Hello Kitty.. i have been hypnotized!

Kelly said...

I love these! Stinkin' cute.

I was never really into bag charms but the last couple months I just think they are the best. But first I need to buy a purse that actually would work with bag charms. The one I carry around the most now doesn't even have zippers on it.

Work With What You've Got said...

I like blind box toys, too!~ We have a Kid Robot here and I have to just stay out of it.