Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ann Taylor Loft outfit I can't wear at home (Konad nails 20)

On Thursday Ann Taylor Loft was having a Spring Styling Event at some of their stores (the rest had it Saturday) Lucky and Loft invited me to it and there was a DJ and cookies and treats. (They had these frosted cookies that were soft and buttery and they tasted JUST like a cupcake. OMWORD I need to know who makes them) Loft and Lucky also gave me a gift certificate to try something out from their new Spring line. I got the sweater below. (purchase here) and it paid for half this tank below (purchase here). I paid the rest of the tank and I also got this shirt in zinc gray and this necklace. (hey all spring full price items are 30% off!) I had a hard time restraining myself honestly. The color palette of peach, gray, cream and pinks was just so beautiful and there was petals and beading everywhere. I can see myself going back as soon as the tax man comes to visit.

I feel bad I couldn't get a full body today that did the outfit any justice. It is POURING and dark out and March 15th. I blame that. (no it had nothing to do with it but that is my story and I am sticking to it.)

Sweater and tank Ann Taylor Loft (sweater and half tank gift from Loft and Lucky)
Edited to add. The pink and the ribbons are part of the tank. It is called a necklace tank. It is very very cute and a bit odd. Which is why I love it.
Trousers Gap
Shoes Gap
Ring gift from Megan
Bracelet and Necklace gift from Dave

Because of that I am give you lot of detail photos (I know I hate that but eh. Not one was doing all I wanted it to do)

"necklace" tank (see how the ribbons come out of front of tank.)
Back of it
Not quite accessories or makeup or tank top good detail but I love how awkward my hand is so I am sharing it anyways
Cat ring and bracelet
Actual makeup picture
makeup - ooh this one!
And one more detail of sweater and tank

I am very very happy with my cardigan. The color the soft over the top petals. It just screams spring cupcake kitten love.
I can not wear this sweater in the house. Waffle would destroy it. She would think it was created just for her pleasure. I kept it in the bag when I brought it home and I was telling Dave about I'd have to lock Waffle up to show it to him. I AM NOT KIDDING she was up to her arm pits in the bag as I was saying this. She was yanking on the tissue trying to pull it out.
If you are ever wondering why I put up with her antics? She is only crazy maybe 20-25% the time. The rest she is a cuddly angel.

Nails! It's been awhile since I had a new Konad to share. This is attempt 20. It is Pedal to the Medal by Sally Hansen and the purple is Purple Rain by Nars

Do anything fun this weekend?
It poured all weekend here. We watched 11 episodes of Chuck. I had never seen it before. I adore it. We also rented Couples Retreat. We both really liked it but we both adore Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman. We had pie on Pi day and drove 20 minutes in the pouring rain to get some cupcakes. It was SO worth it. Waffle likes the pink frosting ones. (just a taste!)


Totally Inspired said...

I love your Konad nails.. I sure wish my nail beds were larger so that I could do this. I think they are sooo cute!

EvaNadine said...

i loved this cardi on you when you posted about it last week, and happened to find myself in a Loft this weekend. i found the cardi + asked BF his opinion on it (since he really is the more stylish of the 2 of us).
alas, he took one look at it + said it reminded him "of a period." I utterly disagree with him, but it kind of ruined it for me that day, at least.
mayhaps i will be sneaking back to a Loft to get it anyway. :)

Becky said...

It was gross here, too! Aside from a dinner out with my boyfriend and his brother who was in town, we stayed in and watched Hurt Locker and The Lovely Bones. Nice and relaxing weekend!

V said...

I was at the ATL event on Saturday and got some great things! I also bought online since I wear a 14/16/18 and most of that stuff is only online (at least in my stores)! Loved everything I got. I love your outfit today and your pretty!

Sal said...

Those muted tones look so lovely on you, lady. And the cat ring is a hoot!

hillary said...

So you had to ruin my day? Thanks. If it bothered you don't you think it might bother someone else? Especially someone wearing it.
I don't like to censor people but I did send this post to Loft and Lucky.

Lemondrop Marie said...

We traveled for the first time in forever this weekend but I am glad to be home with my furry kids. Love, love the sweater, it is so sweet.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

alright, well, apparently now i HAVE to go get one of these nail things. even though i don't have the patience to wait for quick-dry polish to set... surely i'm insane... but purple and silver designs on my nails? yes, please. thanks.

hillary said...

You don't have the patience to wait a literal minute? I have ADD and I find that hard to believe. You can do it!!

FYI The codes are no longer good and Konad no longer gives any discounts (none!) :(

Lorena said...

I adore this look!
The cardi, the pink necklace, the heart necklace... it's perfect! These colors really make you glowwwww :)

hillary said...

Lets try all this again.
oh sorry hit the button too quick. That isn't a heart necklace. It's a bean. Like a baked bean! One of my nicknames is hillybean and I live in beantown.

Lorena that pink isn't a necklace! That is the shirt! Neat right?

Emily Kennedy said...

Pedal to the medal is divine! Especially with your new sweater! Super cute!

This past weekend I had one last day at the beach and then Sunday was an all travel day to get back to Kansas. I miss the island!

Kelly said...

Oh I love love love everything here. I can't even stop in ATL if I don't want to end up dropping $50 in five minutes. I just love all the little details they put on everything. AND your makeup shot is so freaking pretty. And your nails. Sigh.

This weekend BF and I went back to Toledo, OH to spend the weekend with his family, as it was his brother's birthday. It was a lot of fun!

Lisa said...

I actually went to the Ann Taylor sale (I didn't realize they were having one, just happened to be in the right place at the right time) and I saw that cardigan and seriously contemplated getting it, but ended up with the blouse I posted on yesterday. It looks great on you! I love that tank too. I did not however see/eat those amazing cookies you mentioned and I'm bummed!

Lorena said...

I am all confused..!
The pink petals are PART of the top ? Really ?
SOrry about the bean - heart confusion, I have really bad eyesight but still refuse to wear glasses, yes i know it makes no sense.

Lorena said...

I am all confused..!
The pink petals are PART of the top ? Really ?
SOrry about the bean - heart confusion, I have really bad eyesight but still refuse to wear glasses, yes i know it makes no sense.

Beck, At Her Best said...

The petals are so sweet - it all looks very pretty on you! Until I clicked the link I didn't realize the flower "necklace" was a part of the shirt either - too clever! All the spring things on the site are making it very hard for me to keep from shopping more of my money away

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the cardi and the nails! The accessories really elevate this outfit to a whole other level.

Bianca said...

oh cute pic! I went to the one on Sat, and got a jacket but that was all. The cookies I have seen them use in both Florida and North Carolina now are Cheryl and Co. :-)

hillary said...

Bianca haha an employee from the local store contacted me last night to tell me about the cookies. Heee I guess they are popular. Hilarious!0

hillary said...

Lorena yup it's sewn onto it. I am wondering how well it will wash now.

Beck I feel the same way. I am all good at saving money and I walk by there and it is all over! I did good though for all the stuff I got I spent $60 bucks!

Lisa you went to the Ann Taylor Sale or the Loft sale? If it was the Ann Taylor sale how was it? Was there anything good? I have been meaning to go by there.

Kelly I know I said it before but seriously it is just practice with the konad because this was the very first time I got them all in one shot bam bam bam. I even said to dave how I was getting better.

Emily it is this bizarre purple silver in person. It is really really interesting. Plus dave liked the name he just kept saying it over and over.

lemondrop Sigh I love my furry kids so damn much. They are the best right?

sal would you believe I avoided them like the plague for YEARS? seriously I was like neutral? YUCK

V whatcha get??

thank you everyone so much. I only just got a computer again last night after a week of not having one so I hope to catch up on commenting.

Beck, At Her Best said...

That's a great deal for all those items.

I also forgot to comment on what a great portrait shot your makeup/detail photo is! You look fabulous!

Kelly said...

I've been practicing! Nothing good enough to blog, or even really wear out, but I can tell that the practice is helping!

hillary said...

Beck you know what it is? This has happened a bunch of times now so I know that this is why.
We have giant windows at work and our conference room is tiny with a big window facing west so it doesn't get direct sun but when it is raining out and kinda weirdly dark if I go in and stand in front of the window with the lights off it gives me the BEST light for face shots. So windows on a rainy day with no flash! ha.

Kelly I bet they look better than you thin.

Tina said...

Love the outfit, want the ring, and I feel you on the cat destruction. It's a good thing cats are cute.

EvaNadine said...

oh no! so many apologies!
i didnt say it to ruin your day!
i love the cardi and i dont think it looks like "what he said" at all!

oh man, now i feel like a hideous commenter. :(

hillary said...

No worries dude. I admit I was hurt for awhile but now I realize you didn't mean any harm. :)

EvaNadine said...

(((many hugs)))
youre one of my favorite bloggers, so i definitely dont wanna end up on your shit list. :)

*must learn to mentally edit posts better*

hillary said...

Hey I have mad respect for anyone who says they are sorry. Seriously.