Thursday, March 18, 2010

And then she ranted.

It just isn't doing it for me. A week ago it was in the 30's here. Today rumor is it will be 70. I didn't plan an outfit last night. I threw this together. I am not pleased.
Shirt and tights and Necklace Ann Taylor Loft (2010)
Skirt Ann Taylor Loft (2009)
Wrap sweater mark by AVON (2008)
Shoes Gap (2009)
Earrings Dominique Cohen (2008)

Shirt detail
Shirt detail grey circles loft beading

Makeup detail

Hair detail

urg. argh. It needs a belt for starters. No tights, different shoes. OK just a whole new outfit. I need more comfy go with anything shoes. I can't run around the city all day in heels as much as I'd like to my body can't take it.

I added white swirls to yesterday's manicure for Konad nails attempt 21

What did you wear on your last job interview? What do you think is appropriate interview attire?'

Last night Dave and I were discussing interview attire. Dave works for a prestigious company and they are also VERY old. One of the oldest in the country. He was telling me about two girls who came in to interview. One wore a corset the other wore a completely backless shirt. Both were applying for Junior Architect positions. Now I know you should be yourself BLAH BLAH BLAH but there is also a time and a place for being appropriate and backless shirts are not office attire. How did she think that was OK? She is still talked about in the office. I always wore suits to interviews. Except two times. One went horrible and one went well. To my most current job (4 years ago) I wore a blouse, sweater vest and dress pants. I had gained some weight and it was middle of winter. Up until then I'd always been very stodgy. This time I was a bit more ME and it worked out well they liked me.

Dave dressed up for his presentation yesterday and people gave him crap at the office all day.
He teased that he had a job interview to shut them up. Why do people think it is OK to openly ridicule others on their clothing attire? You can dislike it all you want by why do you feel you need to tell the person? Especially when they are CURRENTLY wearing the item. I was so mad at his coworkers.

The other day someone commented about my sweater being like a bodily function and I was LIVID. To be fair I don't think they meant anything by it and that they were being witty. But honestly why would you say that? Not OK. I sat there for the next 12 hours EMBARRASSED by what I had on. Mind you I am not talking constructive criticism I am talking just plain ol rude comments for no reason. If you say "I think that color isn't the most flattering for you skin color" is one thing. "You look like vomit" is another.

Before you say something to people about their outfit. Think for a second, would I say this to my mom or my little sister. Would I want someone to say it to them? If not you might want to keep it to yourself or if you are so compelled to say it, do it in a constructive way. I mean I want to know if something isn't good on me. I just don't want you to be a jerk about it.

FYI if my outfit ever reminds you of a bodily function again... Lets just say you can stick it in a sack. (my coworker says "stick your sorrys in a sack all the time and it just is absolutly hilarious to hear)


david said...

it's funny (annoying) to me because while some people are complaining about the lack of professionalism in the way people dress other people (usually higher in rank) are commenting (picking on) people when they dress up.
some days you feel like you just cant win. i want apple pie.

Lorena said...

If you are going to say something that is that rude, I just don't think it should be said - at least not in this situation. What an ass.
Anyways, last time I went to an interview I wore a black "Chanelesque" eyelet dress. I did not get the job and I am glad.
I usually wear SUITS, pant suits, either BLUE or BLACK and I am VERY CAREFUL about anything being tight or showing any form of cleavage. There is no space for that in an interview unless you are applying for ... another type of job.
What Dave mentioned to you about people showing up dressed as if they were going to a club happens a lot. It happens too much.
I would say being well put for an interview is common sense, they see you a way they treat you that way.
There is no second chance to give a good first impression.

Emily Kennedy said...

I think I always wear a button-down shirt, slacks, and close-toed heels on interviews. Staid, but dependable. And since I'm covered in tattoos, it's nice to go in drag at times.

Sal said...

Ugh. That is such a bully tactic. People put others down to make themselves feel better and it makes my blood boil. I'm so sorry that happened to you, H. That person just burned up some karma right there.

Becky said...

Oh man. There was a round of interviews for interns at my law firm last summer and I COULD NOT believe some of the things the girls would come in. Gladiator sandals at an interview? I know it's summer, but inappropriate! The first interview I went to for a "real" job was for the Florida House of Reps, so I wore a conservative black pants suit with kitten heels. For the job I have now, I wore a skirt suit, but the jacket was really was a peplum jacket. And for the last interview I went on at Penguin Group (the job I didn't get) I wore a grey career dress with a cropped black cardigan. More "me", but still VERY professional. I don't know about these people who didn't get the memo on dressing for an interview! Oh, and Dave looks very handsome! They were picking on him because they were obviously jealous. :)

alltumbledown said...

I actually like this outfit a whole lot. You look comfortable and I love the detailing at the top, between the shirt applique and the necklace.

I haven't been on too many interviews, but working in the museum/non-corporate nonprofit world, I've only ever worn a more conservative version of my daily outfits: skirt, blouse, cardigan, making sure to mute the colors slightly so as not to offend. I think the industry does play a role in interview outfit choice, though clearly a corset won't get you a job outside of Vogue or the strip club.

hillary said...

Thanks everyone. The post was more meant as a rant about Dave's coworkers more than the bodily function comment. On mine I don't think they meant anything by it but it really kinda hurt my feelings especially since it was a comment on a post where I had sent the post to Ann Taylor corporate. I don't need them seeing people thing their sweaters look like periods. I was really thankful to them for their gift. I also felt really beautiful up until that point and now I won't be able to look at it and not think that. Same reason I unfollow any blog that post gross photos about dead animals.(it was a terrible trend for awhile people posting pics of like birds they found dead) I can't think about it.

You are all wonderful.

hillary said...

Emily I need to see those tattoos.

Kelly said...

I've been on exactly one interview in my life, so I don't exactly have a wealth of experience to draw from here, but I don't think I would feel comfortable or prepared going to an interview without wearing a suit. Maybe a nice cardigan and skirt if I knew the office was casual.

I hate rude comments on outfits. It's ridiculous at any time but particularly mind-boggling when people tease someone for being dressed up. What? That's like ragging on someone for being too professional or taking things too seriously or being too polite. It just doesn't make sense. Of course I know all too well that it can happen, but it still doesn't make any sense.

hillary said...

Kelly I've been on over 20. I only got like 4 jobs out of that.

Dave has gotten every job he has ever interviewed for in the past 17 years.

Oh and at the presentation? EVERYONE was dressed up so if Dave hadn't worn a suit he would of looked stupid so people are just annoying!

Marianna said...

You have nothing to worry about, your outfit looks completely adorable today!

Sorry about the rude comment. Really unkind. :(

Chelsea said...

I need to get a suit one of these days... maybe. To my last interview I wore gray worky pants, flats, an elbow length white tee, and blue chunky necklace over the tee, and a velvet blazer. Pseudo-professional, but the perfect attire for the department I interviewed for. Still at the job 3 years later!

Oranges And Apples said...

sorry about the rudeness. Some people just don't think!

I will always wear a suit to interviews now after the woman giving me feedback on my second to last assessment center interview told me that I looked like I wasn't taking it seriously when wearing black trousers and a smart shirt. I got the promotion though, so it obviously wasn't *that* bad! And the feedback lady has got weird opinions anyway. She told me to wear a skirt suit because 'it makes you sit better', and then she told my friend to avoid wearing a skirt suit. So I'm not going to worry about it, but now I have a (trouser) suit I might as well wear it.

hillary said...

I don't even own a suit anymore! They are all 12/14s
Crap now I got myself thinking I need one JIC

Lisa said...

I always wear a suit to interviews. I've only been to four, but twice I've gotten the job. As a young female who is looking for a high school teaching job I think it's really important to look put together and older, so I distinguish myself from a student.

Also, as a high school teacher I'm used to the students commenting on my clothes, but I do think it's rude when colleagues say anything besides, "You look nice" or "I like your skirt."

Clare said...

Rant away, lady, although I kind of love this outfit.

Also, wtf is up with people and their weird/mean/bitchtastic comments?? You could always use the classic standby comeback: "your mom looks like vomit".

Bianca said...

I think the outfit is pretty.

Also, I read the comment yesterday, but I didn't understand? I have no idea why it would bring a monthly cycle to mind. I promise you, there is no one else on earth that looked at that sweater and thought that! I wondered if the guy just said the most offensive thing he could think of to keep the girl from shopping? Anyways, you had no reason to feel self conscious about it. Just one of those weird things that happen in bloggyland. :-)

Bianca said...

Oh, and suit wearing - I used to always wear them, but since moving to Eastern NC, it felt like the culture out there was wrong for that. I moved to suit separates, and felt better received.

A backless top and a corset are only appropriate if you are interviewing for a position that requires pole work.

PS> I think you hubby looked dapper. Whenever the one of the guys dress up at my job, there is plenty of ribbing from coworkers - i think its insecurity here. However, the women do not get teased. I dunno what the difference is.

hillary said...

We are also uptight northerners and people don't say stuff like that and I had already mailed a link to Ann Taylor! I'm trying to look good dude!

And this was not the first time someone compared something to bodyfunction. Insane right? The other one was vomit.