Thursday, February 04, 2010


Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts for Den.
I can finally catch my breath for a minute. He pulled through surgery well. They think they might have fixed his back problems. Lets hope the poor thing has been in pain for all my life (this is his 3rd surgery since he broke his back in the late 70's) I don't know if he would mind if I posted his photo so instead I will post a Den inspired photo.
ode to Den
He won't eat yellow M&M's he says they are poisoned and they "taste nasty". He also feels the same way about white gum balls. So you always find bowls of yellow M&M's and white gum balls in their house because he picked the others out.


chunkstyle said...

So glad he is okay, must be a relief. My mom went through a few back surgeries, it's scary to think about it :( Yay for recovery!

Emily B. said...

I am so, so glad. Also, I think your dad is my kind of man because back in the day when I could still eat smarties I used to pick the pink ones and eat those first, and then I would always leave the blue ones because I thought they were too weird.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Oh, I'm so glad he's okay! I save the red skittles for last because they are the best.

Emily Kennedy said...

Maybe he would eat my husband's purple skittles. Oh the purple ones are always the only thing left in the dish.

I am glad Den is doing well.