Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too much candys gonna rot your soul

The outfit photos were taken indoors with a flash the makeup was taken in natural light no flash. What a difference!

Shirt Banana Republic
Vest H&M
Pocket Watch taken from husband
Shoes Naughty Monkey
Wool lined dress pants Gap (hello HOT. Oven hot that is)

Shirt and vest detail

use purple suede heel naughty monkey shoe

Picnik collage

Today I am wearing Underland as eyeliner, Curiouser on lid and Queen in the crease all from the Alice in Wonderland palette from Urban Decay. I have on Mocha blush by MAC and NC15 concealer and Studio Fix from MAC. I had Smile Dazzleglass but it was all over my coffee cup by the time I took makeup details.

I repaired my nail. I took a couple of photos but not enough of the process. It is so easy. My mom taught me it in highschool and then I completely forgot about it. (My mom used to do nails a million years ago. Mostly fiberglass)
Take a tissue and cut small piece, nail glue and a nail buffer. Put the small piece of tissue over the crack and dot glue on it. Let it dry and BUFF BUFF BUFF and viola fixed nail. My nails look TERRIBLE they are so stained so I won't post those photos. They just look too reh.

I have a HUGE giveaway coming up this week. (I know I hate when people say they have news then they don't tell you for days. IRKS ME. Ha. But I want to keep you on your toes coming back for more!)

I wish I could put a stipulation in the giveaway that you must return the prize if you ONLY comment on giveaway posts. ha. Sorry but it is annoying and you KNOW IT.

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your get motivated music? Or your get lost in your work music?

Lady Gaga always gets me in a good mood. I always get jazzed up at work after I listen to it. French music does that too. Someone made me two French mixed cds a few weeks ago and OMG they are so amazing. Mike Doughty is good get lost in my work music. I can tune it out because I know it all by heart. I had to stop listening to Danger Mouse at work because it had a angering effect on me. I would get all agitated and twitchy. It got so bad my husband threatened to take it off my iPhone all together.


Lorena said...

Pretty, pretty, perfect pretty! Lovely colors on you :)
I listen to music at work sometimes... I can jump from Britney's Womanizer (shhh don´t tell anyone) to Frank Sinatra's My Way down to Aerosmith and Coldplay... when I am feeling kinda down I put on some reggae - wakes me up, makes me dance and my boss peeks in and laughs.

Sal said...

Those shoes are to die for. Swooooon.

evanadine said...

awesome heads-up on the nail fix!
my nails are ALWAYS splitting this time of year (in fact, i pretty much have no thumb nails right now since they broke + im a biter) so that fix will be super-handy for me!

D'Et said...

The shirt and the shoes are both to die for. Soooo pretty. I had some really rad gray Naughty Monkeys that fell apart after, like, 3 wears. It was so tragic.

You look great. :)

I usually bring my nano to work. Since people are *always* in my office, I have to keep it appropriate and low-key. Pandora is my fallback when I can't make up my mind.

Lisa said...

Love your outfit today!

The kids always ask me if I'll play their music, but I'm not into gangster rap (nor is it appropriate for me to play). I did briefly experiment with playing classical music (I heard it was calming for the students) instead they just whined about it. So in conclusion, no I don't listen to music at work. Although sometimes I hear my neighbor's Journey playing during his free period, does that count?

Becky said...

Another great shiny top and vest combo! I WISH I could listen to music at work, but they frown upon general happiness in my office in general :p I listen to podcasts in the morning while I get ready though. Does that count?

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Love those shoes! Really like it paired with the purple too. I know you've been saying you feel weird about that pose but I really do like it. It's great that you can see the shoes right with the rest of the outfit.

Boutique Girl said...

Great shoes.

I am glad that the tissue glue trick has helped repair your nail!

Heather said...

Clever trick for the nails! I quite like your blush colour.

Music - hmm well it is pretty rare that I listen to music at work besides the ringing of my phone but when I do it has to be something really mello to combat the work stress.

Clare said...

Hillary, I would just like to stop by and tell you how hard you are rocking the fancy shirt + vest look. Today and the other day as well. Huzzah, my dear. Huz-zah.

(seriously, I LOVE this!)

hillary said...

to those who can't listen to music at work, not even with headphones? Because that is what I do. The only problem is they are inear noise canceling so I don't hear when people are at the end of my cube blabbing away. Wait no I take it back that is a plus.