Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday doesn't even start

My boss is out of town. You know what that means? I can wear Orange and Black without the dreaded Halloween comments. (EVERYTIME) I actually told her once that I save it for when she isn't there because of that. heee. It's also a secret spicy outfit because I have my I<3 Norwegian Wood harness on! But most people will only think it is a belt. See below for what coworkers will see. Dave took my pics this morning before he left because my situation has been lately that I just don't have a spot at work. So I had to make a compromise and I took it pre makeup and accessories because he leaves before I do. I added additional makeup and accessories pics below.

Skirt American Apparel
Tights Ann Taylor
Harness I <3 Norwegian Wood
Turtleneck H&M
Sweater NY and Co
Shabooties Nine West
Earrings gift
Bracelet Gap
Its like a secret surprise. Because this is what people will see at work all day.
Upclose of it
Makeup and earrings
use this one
red gap pink orange bead bracelet
teal essie
black hair clip

Thanks for your kind words on yesterdays mad woman rantings post. I feel much better. MUCH. At this very moment my dad is in surgery so please pray to who ever you pray to that he comes through quick and painless and has a speedy recovery.

What are you wearing today? What are you having for lunch? Dinner?


Becky said...

Oooh your belt/harness is very bustier-esque! Hot-to-trot! I'm wearing another "blah" outfit today. We'll see if I put it up on the blog. I'll be having a pb&j sammich for lunch, and dinner is to be determined. Great nail color!

Anonymous said...

Thats the cardi I got at NY&CO!!! They are on sale for 19.99. I bought the charteuse-y/yellowy one but I'm thinking of going back for the royal blue one as well. I was so excited because there was a similar chartreuse cardi at JCrew last season (sans the flowers) that I waited till it was on sale and then of course there were no more in my size. And I swear when I walked into NY&Co I thought "Hillary would approve". I wonder if I subliminally remembered you had it? :P

I am wearing a slouchy super deep v neck grey sweater (thrifted, but it's from JC Penney) with a black gap perfect t under it, my Hillary trouser jeans (also thrifted, also from JC Penney), and grey and black plaid ballet flats (I think they are rocket dogs, too lazy to take my damn shoe off and look).

Will keep your pa in my thoughts today!

hillary said...

Well I have three of them and have had them a couple months now. I lurrrrrrrve them. I have worn this orange one twice a week I can't get enough of it.

I have yellow and green but the green is mia... hrm wonder where it is.. gonna bother me until I find it.

Anonymous said...

I probably won't eat lunch, if I do it will be a protein bar. I just got asked to dinner with some friends at this amazing restaurant down the street so I will probably have a whiskey burger with fries.

evanadine said...

i might need to remember to snap a photo of my outfit today for my blog (i havent posted any outfit photos since the move for numerous reasons!) -- ive got on a purple turtleneck, brown floy skirt with brown tights, and teal mary-jane pumps. earrings, purse, and bracelets are teal, and necklace is teal and brown.
and im gettin mah hurr did tonight! w00t!

as for lunch, tomato basil bisque with root beer + a chocolate chip cliff bar. dinner is TBD. probably fast food. :/

BTW, love that nail color. :)

Sal said...

Every time? For really? One Halloween joke is more than enough.

That harness is super sassy, doll!

Suz said...

This is an incredible outfit. And let's be honest, you don't look Halloween-y at all, you look super chic. I think your nails add a nice contrasting color.

Chelsea said...

you are totally a redhead/clothed version of betty page today! I am LOVING your hair, and that harness is spicy, indeed! and I'm loving the fresh faced look... it's fun to see before and after makeup looks (even if the before was only circumstantial!). oh, and your outfit is lovely... the shabooties are the perfect footwear for it!

hillary said...

chelsea. honest truth? I photoshopped the hell out of my before face. I used the healing brush heavily.

TexNYQueen said...

I hope your father recovers very quickly.

Really diggin that harness!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Orange- it's not just for Halloween anymore! I can't believe she says it every time.
Love that sweater, best wishes for dad!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Emily Kennedy said...

The accessories and nails really rock this to the next level.

Kelly said...

Thinking of your dad! Best wishes for him!

(and less importantly: I really like that skirt on you! and your "secret surprise" cracks me up)

Adeline said...

love the nail polish! could you tell me what color that is? and what you think of it? is it really opaque?, cause I'm looking for like an opaque powder blue...-Adeline

Clare said...

Orange and black is actually one of my favorite color combos, but I rarely wear it because of the "halloweeny" implications. I do love it, though.

hillary said...

adeline. It is very much teal.
See this photo. it is the middle one
BUT the one next to it is blue. Both are from Essie and with Essie you always need 3 coats but it looks wonderful and opaque
The three of them are all essie and
The teal is

the blue is
Shelter Isalnd

The mint green is
mint candy apple

Kelly Well I can't give it all away right. ha. I doubt anyone noticed it all day.

Lemondrop and Sal she says it EVERYSINGLETIME seriously. So annoying.

Thanks everyone. You all so made my day. It was a rough rough day especially since I couldn't be there for my mom who is all alone while he is in hospital.

Kasmira said...

Oh, I LOVE that first pose. So sassy! You should add it to your regular rotation. :)

hillary said...

it's very strawberry kitten no?

Also its this stupid stair covers my feet so LOOK AT MY SHOES LOOK AT THEM