Friday, February 12, 2010

Small piece of advice

I have some free advice for you. Don't accidentally put your brand new oversized wool and cashmere wrapped sweater with the big loose sleeves in the bag of clothes you drop off at fluff in fold or you will get back a small not so much a wrap anymore sweater with shorter tighter arms. wah. It also felted it some.

Sweater and necklace Banana Republic
Hunter green shirt Gap
Skinny jeans Kohls
Boots Target (I would wear different boots next time)

See at bottom for a BEFORE washing look of the sweater

green silver and blue glass ring

I played with my blog layout for hours last night.(I really put my 1997 HTML class to work!) There is now a handy dandy search box! Now instead of a list of things like contact me and stuff like that down the side they are all linked at the top. I also added a tag cloud with all my tags I use to easily see all posts in a certain category.

Any plans for the weekend?

On an unrelated note check out the window to this art supply store in San Luis California. That is totally me. If you are ever in the area stop in and say hi to the owner Neal!


Becky said...

Oh man! That sucks about your sweater :( Meanwhile, because of that very fear I have a pile of epic proportions of clothes that need to be hung or laid flat to dry because of the shrinkage factor.

I have SO MANY plans this weekend. I'm very excited! Daniel and I are staying in a hotel overlooking Central Park and playing tourists in NYC for the weekend :) We're eating at a schmancy steak house Saturday night and going to see Wicked on Valentine's day (my present to him). Did I mention I was excited?!

Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

cool new layout! wish i was not hopelessly inept at these things...
too bad about the sweater. still looks fine, though!
i am hoping to get some ice skating in during this 3-day weekend, if i can convince my aloof teenager that there might be cute girls there ;)

Anonymous said...

Correction: The town is called San Luis Obispo. And it is loads of fun to hang out in. Google The Madonna Inn (no, not the singer)'s right outside of SLO and if you ever go OMG you have to stay there.

The sweater still looks cute.

My weekend plans? Well, tomorrow is the set build day for the play I'm working on so I'll be busting a$$ at the theatre all day tomorrow. I will spend Valentines w/ my kids and I have Monday off. Three day weekend WOOT!

hillary said...

If you ever feel you want to correct something please feel free to email me.

anna said...

hey girl!
I have the day off, so I actually get to visit your blog without the MAN blocking me from workday research!

Sorry about the fluff n fold- but of course you are wearing it in so much style! And I love that beaded necklace! You are making me rethink a longish belted cardi that I have. (Something similar, nick came to me really sad because he washed and DRIED my favorite anthro dress two nights ago. It was from this season and had dog heads all over it and was like the only cute thing that I have right now that fits and actually has a little edge/fashiony quality to it. I think if i lose 10 pounds, I can get back into it.)

For this weekend, I took the romanctic initiative and I booked us a room at a nice lakefront hotel tonight and tomorrow. We are watching the Opening Ceremonies and getting room service tonight, and tomorrow is museum and gastropub day!

What are YOU doing, pretty lady?

hillary said...

I have NO IDEA dave is the romantic one. It is out 11th shacking up anniversary on Valentimes day (I know how it spell it I will ping ya why)
I am hoping we get to do something. I am sure he has a ton of work and he hasn't clued me into anything. I am assuming it is because we have no plans yet. I don't doubt he will do something though.

I think he has to WORK (like job not homework) sat and sunday. so I dunno. He is gonna read this maybe he will call and give me the whats up.

oh oh those shirts I sent you? It was on an older episode of what not to wear last night in the AFTER section!

Emily Kennedy said...

I LOVE that green necklace! It' so YUM!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout! Aww I am so sorry about your sweater (I hate when that happens), but your sweater still looks cute and I love your gorgeous necklace!

No real plans for the weekend... maybe a nice dinner on Sunday and hopefully doing some DIY projects. I am such a baby when it is comes to the cold and don't want to do anything. Happy Friday!


Kelly said...

Well the good news is that your sweater is still cute! Thank goodness it didn't get warped beyond wearing or something.

This weekend is going to be a couple movies (I want to see an underwater documentary at the omnimax, and I want to see Valentine's Day, which I fully expect to be a cheesy/crappy chick flick but I can't help wanting to see it) and a lot of V-day baking! And Valentine's brunch with my grandma.

ThriftyMomma said...

Hey Hillary! I noticed on one of your post you mentioned wanna-be Frye boots. I happen to sell Vintage, Black label Frye boots on my site. Not sure if your into thrifted or vintage but just in case I thought I'd drop you a note. Thanks

Chelsea said...

Awww... poor sweater. But it still looks smashing on you! Just slightly different...

I'm starting off my weekend with happy hour tonight with a gay boy friend from high school who I haven't seen in YEARS, then dinner with friends tomorrow at this rad place in downtown Oakland followed by a anti-valentine's day party, then Sunday celebrating V-day with my boo somehow! What about YOU?

Lorena said...

Oh... how terrible.... i borrowed a wool sweater from my boss once ( when I did not have heavier garment for winter) and accidentally put it in the dryer... made 3 huge holes. Bought her a new one.... $$ not a good mistake to make.
This weekend I will be home alone :( my H is going to Barcelona for work .. so it sucks... maybe I will read !!

Jane W. said...

First (or maybe second?) time commenter here.

The sweater still looks cute...but no one wants unplanned cashmere alterations, so I feel your pain.
The necklace is fab!

This weekend I will be eating Indian food with Sweetie 1A (husband) and frosting heart-shaped cookies with Sweetie 1B (daughter).

Have fun!

Andrea said...

if I did not mention it already, i LOVE your new haircut :) makes me want to run out & get a cute trim!