Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poor little match girl

Dress Ann Taylor
Boots Clarks
Lace cami Old Navy
Jacket Rodarte Target

I normally really dislike when people take pics with sunglasses indoors. Mine were serving a purpose though and that purpose was not fashion.

Dave "This isn't the outfit we preapproved last night"
Me "That outfit decided it was gonna be a biotch this morning. I gave it a good talking to and grabbed this"

Few minutes later....

Dave "You aren't gonna like your photos today"
Me "Oh I figured. I didn't brush my hair. My eyes are swollen from kitten kisses and I have a migraine"
Dave "and your dress is kinda doing a weird hangy thing you don't like"
Me "Reh"

Clarks Jan 2008 Got for a STEAL!
Someone. I won't name names. Dave. Didn't get me up on time this morning. (I don't use alarm clocks. Everyone in my household is safer because of it) and instead I felt a tiny wet furry nose and mouth on my face giving me little kitten kisses to try and wake me up. Nothing like opening your eyes to see a kitten face about 1/2 an inch away. While I normally love stinky kisses she must of been next to my eyes because they were all red and swollen. My hair was still damp from the night before and I was kinda digging it so I just flat ironed the bangs that were standing on end..

I eventually got enough allergy Visine in my eye to get it to call down and look halfway normal. I can't take an allergy medicine for a few hours because I took my migraine stuff and they both make me twitchy and I feared the result. I am feeling better now. Twitchy but better.

I am wearing this dress
giant cookie

For as puffy as my cats can make me I love them more than anything in the world.
Last night when I got home Waffle climbed right up on me and passed out. It was like she was waiting for me.
my little lover
Now if she only wouldn't get any bigger....

Yesterday I asked you about listening to music at work. It made me sad how many of you wanted to but couldn't. I have a desk job so I can sit an listen to headphones all day. I just have to remember to not sing a long. No matter how quiet I think I am being. We don't listen at home too often because if I am not reading I am rotting my head with tv. We don't have a stereo set up anymore. I just plug my iPhone into the entertainment center thingy.
OK I take that back we totally have an entire stereo setup. All the 84397289432 speakers that came with it aren't hooked up. I don't put cds on a stereo anymore. They are all either in another state in storage or on a bookcase packed tight. I have almost everything on a computer. I live in such a small space that I don't mind not buying physical cds anymore. I don't have the room!

So in that vein....

What was the last concert you went to?

Ours was Mike Doughty. If you ask us again in a few months it will probably be Mike Doughty again. The last concert before that was Gwen Stefani or the Lemonheads. Dave always has class when the good shows are in town.


Dave77459 said...


Funny how your hair looks darker at the ends than up top.

The dialog was funny to read.

I am totally allergic to my cat. He too loves to give me kisses, which is a problem because all the cat allergens are in the saliva. I didn't know that until I watched Cats 101 this week. (Yes, I am considering a kitten) When you see me wearing glasses, it is because my eyes have glazed over so much that my contacts are cloudy.

BTW, I am digging the hat and admit more openly that you were right.

Hair of glory. *sigh*


The last concert I went to was at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo last year--Brooks and Dunn. We also saw Toby Keith and are going to see him again this year on March 12. The HLSR is so much fun.

hillary said...

gag I hope it isn't! That is a hair nightmare. My hairdresser even said how she was impressed because I had no lines of demarcation (darker ends and lighter top)

shush. I KNEW You'd say something.

GET THE KITTEN they are worth all the trouble! oh kitten smooches are the best. Yes my contact refuse to go in my eyes lately. Especially since Waffle sleeps under the covers with us. I am much less allergic to her than Daisy. Daisy is wicked fluffy and grooms a lot. Waffle is sleek and takes a little longer contact to make me all puffy. I touch daisy and I itch.

Our new way of describing waffle is that she is one magnificent bastard. It describes her pretty accurately. She was sitting in the mirror staring the other day and I had dave in stitches going "who is that MAGNIFICENT bastard??"

Erin said...

I am positively obsessed with the photo of you with your bob and bangs- so much so that I am saving it so I can later hold it up to my stylist and say: "This! Make me look like THIS!"

For all the trouble they are, kittens are totally worth it. That picture of you and Waffle is absolutely precious!

Okay, and last concert I went to: The Weakerthans, a.k.a. my favorite BAND (I make this distinction because I have several music faves, but they are solo artists.). They are relatively obscure, so everyone at the show were uber-fans like me and sang along to every song. It was awesomeness.

Diana said...

Your kitty is so cute! That sucks that you had such a lousy morning, but at least it gave you an excuse to wear some gorgeous sunglasses :)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing today. This is going to be an outfit I quasi-copy.

I work at home and I just bought myself an iPod dock for the living room so I can have it in there and not have to rely on the laptop/iTunes all the time. And I sing along. And dance.

The last concert I went to was The Pouges I bought my (soon to be ex) husband tickets for his birthday, and we went last October. I live an hour (on a good day) from San Francisco and most major acts play LA or Portland on weekends, which gives SF Thursday nights and it's hard to get to the city on Thursday nights. We have a slew of small acts that come through here so I'll go to small shows occasionally. Yeah.

Kelly said...

I think that is quickly becoming Hillary's Signature Pose!

Last concert was the Avett Brothers in Nashville on Halloween.

Kelly said...

I am commenting again because I like to subscribe to your comments but I forgot to do that :-p

Chelsea said...

Awww... kitty kisses are lovely, up to a point anyway :) Sorry about the swollen eyes, but I love the glasses! With your little boufant, I can't help but think of Jackie-O.

And your outfit is adorable! I love the little pop of lavendar and the interesting pendent.

The last concert I went to was... hmm... oh! I went to a free thingy in Golden Gate Park sometime over the Summer to see Dashboard Confessional (g/f's favorite).

Emily Kennedy said...

Cute! My sweetie and I are both allergic to our cat, but we can't help ourselves!

Also, I want the cookie in that picture. And did I mention: cute! The dress is rockin' on you. Especially with boots.

evanadine said...

the last concert i went to was actually just a week ago! i saw my most favoritestestest band ever (who broke up several years ago + do mini reunion tours every few years) 2 Skinnee J's do an all acoustic show! oh, it was SOOOOO good!

and just a few months ago, we caught the Pixies. my first time seeing them, and they did not disappoint!

Jane W. said...

The buckles on those boots are great! Would you share a close-up of the pendant?

The last concert I went to was KD Lang in Santa Fe, and I got to meet her!

hillary said...


The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

I really like the color of that dress and it paired with the jacket. I don't have a great denim jacket and I am starting to feel the hole.

The last concert I went to (if we're not talking bands at a bar) was Train. Before that I think was Billy Joel/Elton John. The next one I'll be going to is Train again. Love them!

Anonymous said...

We have one cat who didn't grow much after her kitten stage. She's soon to be 8 and she looks like she could be 2. Waffle does look like she needs to grow into those ears some more.

The last concert I went to was Depeche Mode at Red Rocks. It was awesome and the second time that month we saw them. Hopefully after they recover from this tour they'll make another album.

hillary said...

thanks peeps! For stopping buy and leaving some wordage!

Depeche mode. Color me swooning. Were they as good as they were in say 90? Because I don't know that I dig their new stuff but violator is in my top albums of all times.