Monday, February 01, 2010

Past two weeks outfit round up

Last weeks outfits (everything clickable)

I was a big fan of the first and third outfit. I didn't like how the second one turned out. It was the shoes and skirt. A black skirt next time. Which was too bad because in my head it was really good. The third garnered almost no response in regards to the outfit whatsoever but I felt very cute and sassy in it.(which is a feat) Also it was comfortable for 4 hours worth of meetings.

The week before

I really liked this whole week. I felt a bit too much on the second outfit. I felt a little tarty all day. Also my hair was fresh so it was still VERY dark (The first day or so always is before it washes out a bit more) I really really liked the yellow outfit I got a LOT of comments in real life for a change and none of them good. It just shocked people. ha. I like to keep them on their toes. It was a hit online and Flickr though. You guys know what up.


chunkstyle said...

I really liked the yellow cardi actually. In fact I just got some feather earrings and a yellow handmade t-shirt from a friend and I thought that the earrings look like someone plucked big bird. Don't be mellow, wear yellow!

Kelly said...

I'm surprised a) that you didn't like the second outfit of last week. I know you were a little iffy about the size of the cardi but overall it was one of my favorites and b) that you didn't get a lot of good comments about your yellow cardi outfit. That was also one of my favorites!

The Patersons said...

I can't believe the "real" people were shocked by the yellow cardi - that's my fave and you look awesome - very Kate Spade inspired.

I agree with your take on outfit 2 in the top row - I think the skirt was ok but maybe try less chunky shoes that show more of the tights? Just a suggestion.

Love the colour of the tee and tights though. And that sculptural grey cardi. You rock colour well, love the first outfit with the orange cardi too.

Emily B. said...

I really loved what you were wearing when you picked me up at the airport. That jacket had such adorable details and it looked perfect with your slouchy jeans.

Also I loved your all brown outfit. I thought it was uber-nanette lepore.