Monday, February 15, 2010

Nars Nail Polish in Purple Rain REVIEW

Cupid gave me a fancy polish for Valentine's Day and I thought I would share my thoughts on it. Holidays in our house are always time to be a bit frivolous so Dave got me a very fancy nail polish because he knows I would never spend $16 bucks on a polish!(That said after having tried this I might rethink that!) Also purple is his favorite color. (shhh I didn't tell you that)

Nars Nail Polish in Purple Rain retails for $16 and can be found on the Nars site or Sephora.

From the Nars site:
"An exclusive formula with technology designed to improve flexibility, durability, wear and gloss properties. This long wearing formula provides a tough, durable chip-resistant finish and also has added UV protection to prevent polish discoloration."

I am a OPI and Essie fan normally. I hate to say it but when it comes to polish you get what you pay for. (I know there are always exceptions to that.)I am speaking from my 20 plus years experience in painting my nails. Cheap polish tends to chip, take too many coats and my biggest pet peeve... STAIN YOUR NAILS. I hate nothing more than taking off a blue polish and turning into a Smurf. OPI and Essie tend to go on smooth and resist chipping longer.
The Nars polish is AWESOME. I was truly impressed and a bit blown away. First the color is amazing. I don't have any colors like this. It is a deep purple with a bit of a blue sparkle in direct light. It has the dimension that hot rod paint does. You know when you see a car with a sweet paint job that shimmer and sparkles and looks glossy to the touch and changes color ever so much as you walk by? Yeah that. It has a nice thicker "gel" consistency. It isn't gel but it goes on smooth and kinda self levels (Chanel is the only other polish I have seen do this.) I am hard as hell on my nails and get chips on my pointer fingers almost instantly. This one wears away gently on the ends like when you have acrylics. I actually took these pictures on the second day after painting. I would seriously consider buying one from them again. Just think of it as the cost of one manicure but you get to KEEP the polish. (validation enough for you?) It is a bit out of my budget though so maybe I will save up instead of two OPIs.

Waffle really loves it too.

Now here is a question for you. I have a nail breakage issue. I have tried vitamins, hoof cream (yes for horses) hardeners and creams. I can't seem to stop it but I want to be able to at least repair it. When it breaks it hurts like a MOFO. I usually get them on my thumbs but I have one on my middle finger this time. Glue doesn't seem to do anything. It holds it for maybe 3o minutes. Does anyone else have this problem.

Any suggestions?

Disclaimer. These are my thoughts. I am not paid for or compensated in anyway. Products were bought with my own money. I review things because I know that I like to read reviews on products because nothing sucks more than wasting your money on something. When I get a product for free I clearly state so but I will never give something a positive review if I don't like it.


Beatrice said...

OMFG, I had a polish orgasm with that color! And I thought Lincoln Park After Dark was my badass color!

As a matter of fact, I had the same problem you did---nail breakage way up high on the nail. No, glues don't work. Finally I decided to reassess my budget and see a manicurist on a semi-regular basis. She told me I had options: Get a inlay, get gel nails on all 10 nails, or get grow it out while getting regular manicures (like regular hair trims) for several weeks. I opted for the latter, and I am so glad I did. My nails are so strong now. Since I detest long nails, I keep them fairly short, but they grow fast and they grown strong!

Boutique Girl said...

I love that colour - I have a similar one but it is from the budget range Barry M.

I also have my nails break way down. A tip i got years ago that does work pretty well is to soak a tiny piece of tissue/toilet tissue in nail glue and lay over the break. when dry gently buff and smooth over then paint. It lets the break grow up rather than breaking/splitting further!

Lisa said...

I love that polish! Normally I would never buy a $16 polish either, but when you think of like the cost of a manicure . . . you're totally right!

As for the nail breakage, I don't really know. I take vitamins (I know you said you tried that), and my nails are pretty tough. I wash my hands (or use hand sanitizer) at least 5 times a day, and don't have problems. I do try and use lotion, and when I feel like my cuticles are getting dry I put vaseline on them. Hope you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

I take prenatals and my hair and nails are always amazing. I had horrible nail problems before taking them.

hillary said...

CLO I have for years. Hadn't helped.

Kimberly said...

This color is phenomenal!!! Must go to Nars counter ASAP!

hillary said...

Kimberly I hear it is selling out so if Nars doesn't have it Sephora carries it!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Haha! I love that Waffle also gives the polish a rave review!

The color is seriously gorgeous. I, alas, have no nail breaking advice to give.

Work With What You've Got said...

I love OPI and Essie as well. I hate MAC, and I get good results from Sallie Hansen!

That nail breakage looks BAD. Ouch. I have no wisdom to offer but I'm sorry kid.

Buffalo Girl said...

Wow that color is so fantastic, I might have to go buy it.

I use Nailtiques Nail Protein
Formula 2 Plus on my nails esp. in the winter or I get the same breakage problem as you or they just snap off. It has helped me.

jesse.anne.o said...

That color is great.

Candycane said...

What a stunning colour!

I too get nail breakages like that - so can feel and share your pain - however I dont really know how to stop it - so if you find a good way - be a doll and pass it on :D

CC xXx

Buffalo Girl said...

so your blog not only made me comment, not once but now twice - as I generally never comment online. I just like to read what the author has to say.

I also stopped by my local Sephora a store I kinda hate because it sends my allergies off the charts as soon as I walk in and bought that nail polish in that color.

IT IS AWESOME and so many people complimented me on it and it really didn't chip, it sort of wore itself away at the tips.

crazy expensive yes but so worth it